View Full Version : self brain burp

08-24-2008, 11:25 AM
OK, so this actually happened about 3 weeks ago (and I didn't post it until now because I didn't want to share my shame) when I was visiting my mother while she was recovering from the hospital. I had to go into downtown Reno and decided that I didn't want to deal with parking and decided to use a park and ride on the bus.
Ok, so the bus pulls up, driver opens his door, I have my bus pass ready, I get on the bus with my bus pass out and the driver is giving me a really strange :wtf: look... then I realized... I had a Utah Transit Authority bus pass and I was attempting to board a Regional Transit Commission of Washoe County bus... oops :ashamed:
yes ladies and gentlemen... I forgot that Reno, being 500 miles away from Salt Lake, would have a different bus system and that my pass for Utah would be useless.

thankfully it was a cool bus driver who realized I was a tourist (which really I'm not, I grew up in Reno, but in this case I welcomed it) and offered to sell me a day pass for use on RTC, which I gladly paid for.