View Full Version : The drive thru ..

08-27-2008, 03:37 AM
So, Hubby and I went to McDonalds Drive through and ordered..All I wanted was a Medium Mocha (a hot one) and said so..I think hubby got some cinnimelts. So we pull up to the 2nd window after paying and the drivethru lady hands us an iced mocha. I say "I wanted a hot mocha with NO ice." She lookes confused. So I repeat "No Ice, please." She took that to mean that I wanted an Iced Mocha without ice...I could hear her discussing that with her coworkers, Id obviously confused her.

The manager sticks her head out the window and tells me "If we make this without ice itll be too thick (or something like that)." I tell her "Thats ok!! I wanted a HOT mocha." Manager looks amused and starts cracking up....turns and tells that to the worker who looks more confused. It just wasnt her day.:p

And the Mocha was Grrreeeaaaaatttt!