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08-29-2008, 11:56 AM
Ok..... I had done the unexpected tonight by making an idotic mistake....

Edible Hat and I am members of a games club here where we live, and tonight we decided to play the cards version of cluedo, the first round was won by another man (three of us was playing it), and the second round was going good as I had all but one suspects on my list marked out, and the transport were obivious to us all, when Edible was gesturing at his cheek, pretending to rub his cheek when he was saying black... I went "ah, blackpool it is then.." in my mind without thinking at all .... and said on my turn that it was professor plum (correct), Car (correct again), Blackpool Tower..... while right there in front of me, in my hand I have the card for...... Blackpool Tower. I didn't even pause to think or check! When both men said no, they dont have any cards to disprove the theory, and I checked the three cards that was set aside, to my horror it was not blackpool! both players looked at me puzzled(and I was puzzled) but then we continuted with me on the sidelines, only showing my cards when needed to as I was disqualifed for getting it wrong, then when Edible won the game I thought "waitamin, if you two didnt have that card.... then..." *looks at her list, then checks her hand* and yep....... I was slapping my hand over my forehead and both men looked up as I held up the card, going "Im an idiot!" the rest of the room heard loud laugher from our corner and probably thought we went crazy... :lol: but man...... :ashamed: I cant believe I did that!

ETA: Edible just had a brain burp moment too, he found the padlock from the post box in his pocket that he had put in his pocket earlier on but forgot about it until just now! :lol:

08-29-2008, 08:53 PM
Actually I've used that technique to try to prove the unknows, I'd use 1 or 2 of the cards in my hand and then try to use the 3rd unknown to make a guess.

that way it limits the variables, kinda like troubleshooting stuff.