View Full Version : Can't wait. Pigs eat me.

08-30-2008, 10:12 PM
So its my friends birthday party today. I've been trying to find a pig pinata, but no luck. So I did one better. I got a blow up doll pig.

Why a pig you ask? Well, bit of a background. Some of you may know that I play Dungeons and Dragons. So does he. Matter of fact, his very FIRST character he ever played with, as all pre-teens are apt to do, got his first character drunk. His stepdad, being the gamemaster, said he had to slept it off in a barn. His first character woke up, next to a pig who had a very happy look, and he feeling cheap. Natuarlly the other players had walked into this.

And so one afterwards, his character has been nicknamed,

Pig Fucker.

So, I'm totally bringing my camcorder for this one!