View Full Version : I got pins! ::dancing::

10-01-2006, 03:00 AM
Today, one of the CSMs told me to turn off my light for my break, but to wait a moment while she ducked into the UPC office because she had something she needed to talk to me about. I finished out my last two customers, worried that I'd done something wrong and would be reprimanded.

The CSM then came out and told me...that she had received compliments from two more customers that day (and at least one the day before) on how friendly and professional I was as a cashier. And the CSM gave me a pair of shiny new pins to wear on my vest. ::dancing around:: Sure, it's not a raise, but it more than made up for Cigarette Princess and getting stuck for 1+ hours on the highway for what should've been a 15-minute drive home yesterday (or what little upset-ness was left after Bruce's customer-whuppin' and my husband's own comforting last night with the help of some frozen yogurt). Besides, I'm rather happy with how quickly I can adopt the attitude of "model associate" after being hired, and rather like making people's days go smoothly.

10-01-2006, 03:17 AM
Congrats on your shiny new pins. I want some pins! :(
I have a vest that looks dirty no matter how many times I wash it, and it is missing a button. *le sigh*