View Full Version : Not an actual a sighting but close enough

10-02-2006, 03:58 AM
I just recently purchased "Friends with Money" DVD and I tell you it's pretty funny. Well, there is a scene that I thought was kind of hilarous and reminded me of CS.com. Anyway it's when Frances McDormand's character went shopping at Old Navy and stood in line to buy something for her kid. She gets ready to check out a couple from another counter gets there before she did and the cashier starts ringing them up. She didn't like it and made a fuss about it. The cashier tried to calm her down and she did get a manager who sided with the couple. The manager tells her not to come back.

Well, I'm trying to figure if she was an SC or the couple really did cut in line because it did appeared they did at first. I mean we know that some SCs sometimes have a hard to brush off small things and tried to make it into a big deal. Since it's a movie they had to make it interesting and if she let it go it wouldn't be.