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Casino Jockey
10-05-2006, 02:45 AM
for those that don't know, Krispy kreme only has 2 outlets in my state (Melbourne, Australia). However, they are so well known that when the only outlets were in sydney it was common to see people with the red and green bags taking them on planes and carrying them across the country like some big time contraband, so when a new outlet opens it's big deal.

They just opened there 1st city outlet (the other one is about 1 hr from the city by public transport) and it doesn't have the facilities to make doughnuts there - they are eather made at the factory, or at the other outlet. (i bet you can see where this is going right?)

I went in there about a week after it opened to get my regular order (it's much better they are in the city now - just around the corner from work) of 2 glazed originals and a small caramel latte. well they were out of glazed originals. that was fine with me, they even offered me 2 assorted for the galzed price, which i declined.

But the guy behind me - you'd think they'd just punched his mum in the face, poured sugar in his gas tank and killed his puppy the way he was carrying on.

He was red in the face, going crazy and yelling LOUD.. cos of my autism i had to get outta there, but damn was he nuts.. all cos he couldn't get his doughnuts.

the worst bit was that as i was leaving i saw a KK van pull in.. full of doughnuts. so now the asshat probally thinks if he kicks up a stink they can pull things from there asses or something.

10-05-2006, 06:18 AM
Angry? Over donuts? Over extremely fatty donuts? Dude. :lol:

10-05-2006, 06:36 PM
I can ALMOST understand his frusteration. Krispy Kreme rocks my world. But the lack of doughnuts, no matter how tasty they are, do not equal the end of the world. Someone needs a chill pill and an attitude adjustment.

Y'know, people who get THAT angry over such little things make me wonder if they have some sort of issue they need to take to a therapist's office.