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09-29-2008, 11:13 AM
At least I found it humorous, mostly because the guest didn't turn into a SC.

I am putting my decaf out and notice a guest at the desk. I appologize, cuz I didn't hear him or see him approach.

Me: What can I do for ya?
G (guest): Well, I forgot to fix do it yesterday, so it was my mistake but I need the movie (displays receipt) taken off this card because we can't charge movies to the company card. I am sorry, I should have thought about it yesterday.
Me: No, that's okay. Lots of people need that done. (I go around to the computers)
G: (I check the room number and start moving the movie to another reciept, guest displays cash) Yeah, so the movie was more then it said it would be (oh greaat....). The receipt says 15.99, but the tv said it was 12.99.
Me: Well, that is a new one by me (our system has never done an overcharge before....ever). I can go see what the listing says in back and check that out if you want?
G: Oh no no That's okay. It doesn't matter.
Me: Alright.... (give guest his two new receipts and change).
G: Sorry, I should have taken care of the movie yesterday..
Me: That's fine...??? (guest leaves)

Okay so out of curiosity if our system is crapping out, I go look up their room number. This is where things get funny. And, I will be using the actual movie name...hope that is okay with the MODs, if not let me know or feel free to edit.

The movie watched? "Girls Who Like it Thick" I didn't mean to invade pricacy, but I couldn't help but be amused. Firstly, since when is something obviously porn cheap??? Especially in a hotel? I nearly think this man, who was my dad's age or more (60), was so excited to watch it he didn't actually look at the price correctly. Perhaps he has bad vision. I mean...2, 5...the mistake can be made.

What amused me most is that he brought up the price as if wanted it cheaper but if he was trying for a rebate he went horribly wrong because I was willing to check it out. I don't tend to just be brainless and go, "OKAY!" I mean, I could care less if guests watch porn or whatever. I consider it part of my professional job to simply view it as a movie, that's it. But I laughed a little knowing WHY he didn't want me to see if there was a problem. Btw, yes it was listed as 15.99, what he was charged.

09-29-2008, 04:12 PM
Oh yeah, I've had people who get upset when they find out that the desk people can see what any person in any room is watching at any time... when I'm at work I'll admit there have been times when someone has called down from there rooms, I heard something interesting in the background and looked up what they were watching (granted, usually that's when what is on the lobby TV sucks and what was in the room sounds interesting and I need to figure out which channel it is)... You know what though, I would never share that information with another guest. That said, what would I care what someone is watching in there room... while it's not something I'd proud of, but I've seen porn before... hell I know my father watched porn at least once... people watch porn, it's not my place to judge people for watching it.

and FTR, me watching porn falls under the "I'll try almost anything once" catagory, not a regular occurance.

09-30-2008, 05:55 AM
hahaha man I could care less if people have a hobby watching porn as long as they are like "addicted" to it or can't function without watching it or something lol Hell, I own vintage porn from the 20's-60's. But, I have viewed them all like once since I bought them, which was almost 2 years ago now. I am female & 26, and men my dad's age seem ashamed when it comes to that stuff. Me, I could care less.

10-02-2008, 01:55 AM
but I've seen porn before...

Porn is HILARIOUS to watch.

Evil Queen
10-02-2008, 02:00 AM
I agree Becks. It's funny. Which is why I watch it; you can't stop laughing at a lot of it. XD

10-03-2008, 05:50 AM
I agree Becks. It's funny. Which is why I watch it; you can't stop laughing at a lot of it. XD

I am happy there are others like myself. I tend to laugh & say, "What the crap?" while viewing porn.