View Full Version : signs are hard, part infinity

09-30-2008, 12:00 PM
I had a customer come through, and on an order that could have gone through the express lane she had 2 pricing issues

my store sells water softener salt, there are 3 colors of bags, each having a different price. I pushed carts for 14 months, meaning I did many carryouts of them, and I saw the prices, they never went on sale while I was a cart pusher. she said her green bags were the price of the yellow bags, so, even though I could have done it, I knew it was wrong, so I didn't. her funny quote was "no, I'm not sure, but it's $5(ish, $4.90 something) you need to get down there and straighten it out". she also had a toy that was ringing up at almost $40, that she said was supposed to be $21, and my supervisor checked and confirmed it was ringing up right. until the toy thing I thought she was a scammer, but after it I think she's just an idiot