View Full Version : Not a troublemaker...even remotely this time around!!

10-07-2006, 06:58 AM
You guys probably remember that one time where a very big, very Italian father of one of the guests came looking for him last year and I was mildly - natch, VERY - freaked out?

The son of that guy is back. His name is J. And J has given me a major major major boost of morale when some $hit hit the fan at work - see my VERY lengthy post entitled "It's that time again!!!" with updates in comments - by keeping me calm, buckled down and collected. Which is something I can't thank him enough for, I was seriously, seriously TIRED of that day and i needed someone there.

Well, to make it up for being the Day From Hell, we kinda hung out a bit.

Meaning two hours or so. And he was my guest this time and turns out that S., my coworker, and him are old friends so there was a slight reunion joy. Which is always welcome.

No trouble. None whatsoever and he's a spectacular kid...once his phone doesn't die and once his father doesn't look for him.