View Full Version : That's a horrible way to make an impression...

10-09-2008, 02:44 PM
Especially in the current economy. Yesterday, I went application hunting, since I'm currently in a weird state of joblessness where I do technically have a job (with a store I had three interviews with, but have not been called to be put on the schedule yet...) and wandered into a store my Sister in law turned me on to. I asked the only noticeable worker if they were hiring "Yes and no... we're taking apps..." so I got one from her, and she said, "And my name's Delores," (name changed for various reasons) and I just kind of stared at her. Finally, she prompted, "And you are...?"
Yipe, says I in my head. "Oh, uh, Rubi, sorry." She then pointed at part of the app ad reminded me to fill that out as well, because, apparently, most people forget. And I looked at the front of the app, and wondered aloud, "Did I need your name to fill out on the app?" She gave me a look, and said, "No, just warning you that most people miss that part at the top there."
And I leave, thinking, "Ooo, she was the store manager, too, wasn't she? That'd be just my luck."