View Full Version : Personal brain burps.

10-10-2008, 12:04 PM
More like a "Can't believe I said that..." but anyway. I was doing price changes on gum and mints at the registers and I couldn't see where the Mentos box mints were so I asked my co-worker to help me and the front of the store had been quiet for a while so I wasn't expecting any customers. The mints were right in front of my face (dur) so I said, "Heh, I probably wouldn't have seen them if they danced in front of my face naked!"

Co-worker: "What?!?"

Me: *repeats myself*

Cue co-worker and the customer who snuck up to her register laughing their butts off at me while I turn bright red.

Second brain burp: I cannot, for the LIFE of me, remember people's names too well, and my poor manager was a victim of this just last week. I actually looked at her nametag to get her name and she gave me crap about it. Whoops. I've called my store manager by the assistant manager's name before and BOTH of them gave me flack about it.

I wonder if I'm going senile in my young age. *laugh*