View Full Version : I Really Dislike Self-Service

10-20-2008, 09:25 PM
Well, not always. When its running smoothly I love it because I can get through without waiting in a queue/making cashiers deal with any more people than they have to. However, last week I went to pick up a birthday card, cake and candles for my mother's birthday. I had 3 cards. One for a friend whose birthday was not long after, a card for me to give to my mother and a card for my father to give to my mother. The one card just would not scan through, so I'm stood there for ages waiting for help. Another customer came up behind me and told me I could enter the code off the back. I did so, still nothing.

Eventually the woman comes up and starts sighing as if I'm an idiot. (I should point out that I did offer the guy to cancel my items and rescan them after he'd gone first, as he'd been so helpful, but he refused and went to a different one when it opened up). Turned out it hadn't been put in the system. So yeah, not so much a brain burp on my part....apart from the fact I'd forgotten to pick up envelopes for the 2 of my mother's birthday cards..... :banghead: and was too embarrassed to return to the shop.