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07-10-2006, 09:02 PM
As returning members may recall, our office is often contacted by the county tax office to initiate tax foreclosure proceedings against taxpayers with delinquent accounts. Typically, by the time a file is referred to us, the bill is quite delinquent, or quite high, or the taxpayer has bounced checks and/or made payment arrangements that were not followed through on. Procedure is for us to send what we call a "14 Day Demand Letter", giving the taxpayer two weeks to pay up without attorney's fees, then file the complaint.

Recently, we had a file referred us that the taxpayer had previously contacted the tax office regarding, with an offer of $100/month payments (on a $2000+ account), which offer had been denied. We received this file on I think a Thursday or Friday, but I didn't get the letter out right away. On the following Monday, the tax office called to say they had received a $100 check from the taxpayer, and as they had already told the taxpayer no dice with these $100 payments, they wanted to send the check over to us, and have us send it back with our Demand Letter. I sent the check and letter on Tuesday, the letter noting that this check and any subsequent partial payments would not be accepted. The tax office got another check on Wednesday, which I sent back to the taxpayer on Thursday with a copy of Tuesday's letter, and another letter basically reiterating what had been said in Tuesday's letter.

On the following Monday morning, I checked caller ID when I got into the office, and noticed that a call had come in from the taxpayer's number on Saturday at 11:59 a.m. There was a voicemail from that same time. The voicemail initially was just a heavy sigh/deep breath, and I expected that the taxpayer would get irritated that no one was in (on a Saturday!) to answer his/her call, and hang up. But no, after this big huff of air, our taxpayer spoke.

"You. F'ing. B**tards." he uttered. Then he hang up the phone.

We have not heard from him since. A bit later on Monday, the tax office called to tell me they had another check, postmarked Saturday. This also got sent back.

The checks were a bit odd. Perfectly normal checks, actually, but always remitted in envelopes from some Payment Services company. I asked the tax office, and they said the taxpayer was using online BillPay, so that we can't trace his bank account and attach it. I found this rather amusing; if they don't pay, we're going to "attach" his house. I think I get his anger now though. These aren't checks that he can just void and pretend were never written. He has to try to get his money back from online BillPay. Sucks to be him...

The tax foreclosure should have been filed last Thursday, but I haven't had a chance to do so yet. I expect to file tomorrow, and should have all sorts of fun tales soon.

In the meantime though, I went down to the courthouse today to check judgments, civil actions, and special proceedings. Surprise, surprise, Mr. Swearwords has a bit of an "anger management" problem, with several Protection From Abuse orders filed by his partner, the mother of his two children, who is also a party to this action. Should be fun times ahead.

07-11-2006, 01:44 PM
How good is your security? Because that sounds like the kind of guy to come and make a house visit...

07-11-2006, 07:01 PM
Errr, security? What is this *security* you speak of?

Yeah, not feeling so good about the whole anger management issue thing. Luckily, we are in a larger building of offices, so if I hollered, someone would probably come to my rescue. Our office itself is only the boss and me though (all 5' 0", 95 lbs of me), so not much comfort in that. There are cameras on all the floors, but they aren't going to actually protect me any.

We have had irate taxpayers before. So far nothing more threatening than getting in my face. Here's hoping this ends peacefully too.