View Full Version : The Heated What?

10-29-2008, 08:00 PM
This isn't really even a brain burp but it's a good example of how creative customers can get. I also think it's a funny story.

On a recent cruise we were talking to one of the staff over drinks. The subject of passenger evaluation cards came up and our companion this to tell.

He was once having a conversation with a passenger who had traveled on many different lines. When asked which was her favorite she named a now defunct but, at the time, very posh name. These ships were the ultimate in luxury. They carried only about 120 passengers and offered all sorts of wonderful perks such as alcoholic drinks at no extra cost. It's understandable that she'd name a line like that.

What was her favorite amenity?

Why, the heated safe, of course.

:confused: That's a new one. Who ever heard of a heated safe?

Oh yes, the Lady found it delightful to put her diamonds on for the evening and find them pleasantly warm.

After the conversation, he figured out what happened. The safe wasn't heated. It was sitting on top of the in-cabin refrigerator and the exhaust heat from the fridge lightly warmed the safe.