View Full Version : *Fiery Electrical Death* (ok, not really)

10-30-2008, 11:29 PM
So, Im attending clincals for school in a low income high rise for seniors in my area. Theyre re-cabling the entire building and have been for the 4 wks that Ive been there so far. I was in senior gentlemans apartment with my clinical partner when one of the electricians knocked on the door. The guy lets him in and we get back to talking. The electrician is in the batrhroom drilling some holes in the dry wall and comes out to the living room where we're all having a conversation. Electrician guy begins to measure where the new cable out is going to go.

So, he takes his nice shiny new [metal] tape measure against the wall, somehow gets it caught between the cordless phone plug and the actual outlet...next thing I know my partner is screaming and Im watching 6 foot sparks spray across the room onto this guys furniture (aka us). It threw sparks out about 5 or 6 times, and everytime it did, the girl I was with would scream...(this made me laugh :roll:) I had thoughts of running out the door, unfortunately the sparks were immediately in front of the door and Id have been running through them....

The electrician guy jumps, the guy whos apartment it is jumps up and another electrician guy shows up after hearing the screaming.

I immediately start laughing when I realize everyone is ok and so does everyone else.

The sparks comepletely MELTED the metal tape measure and left the plastic cordless phone plug intact, with a little bit of black burn marks...


And the electrician guys classic response to almost setting us on fire? "I think I need a new tape measure." :D