View Full Version : Hi..Who's on your Shirt??

11-02-2008, 02:46 AM
I have too much weird fun on graveyard shift anyways I was helping a group of customers last night. A bunch of guys in studded leathers and band shirts/jackets. So I started asking what band was on their shirt and where the band from. It was kinda fun and they were proud to say it. So about the fourth or fifth guy comes up to the counter:

Me: Hey who's on your shirt and where at they from?
Customer: They are ******* and they are from HELL!
*At this point his buddy, a previous customer, hits him on the back of the head*
Customer: Ow! Okay, they are from Dublin.

:lol: Just little random moments like that make my nights. Wish i could remember what he called the band.