View Full Version : I can see you got way too much

11-03-2008, 05:22 AM
so today my first 2 customers were idiots, but I only remember one, because it was so stupid it distracted me from the other

at my store we are required to ask if they found everything alright, so of course we have our own version of "if it doesn't scan it's free", "I found too much"

some lady comes through with 2 calendars, a total of $7 and change, and only 2 items

me: Did you find everything OK?
idiot: I found way too much

yes, 2 items is way too much. and they're the same thing, so if you found way too much WTF did you come in for? you forgot it. if you say a "joke" out of habit, that's a pretty good clue that IT'S NOT FUNNY! if it was funny at some point in time, you've passed that time if you find yourself in the habit of saying it, seriously