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11-04-2008, 06:16 AM
I am sure other hotel people have had people come in to check in, not taking notice at what hotel they are at, of course they don’t have a reservation & say something like, “Oh this is the Holiday Inn? I was supsta be at the Super 8!” I have had people look at our hotel name, clearly, and get all angry at me & then give me a confirmation number not even close to ours, then ask if they are at *some other hotel* & I say “no”, point to the hotel name visible everywhere & they go “oh”, want directions to the other place, and never apologize for being bastards. I had something similar tonight, but not sucky.

Lady comes in, I thought she was the lady arrival I had last to come in & asked her if she was Julie…
L: lady

L: No, it’s under *name*
Me: Oh….well I don’t have that name on my arrivals, but let me look around here (sometimes it’s for the incorrect days)
L: (before I could look) Is there a *other hotel name but in same hotel branch* here?
Me: Yes…
L: Oh I am supsta be there, but my GPS couldn’t seem to find it.
Me: ??? :confused: (So you come here instead?) Okay…yeah *our hotel* and *other hotel*…not quite (Yes, I was being a smart ass…but honestly think lady!)
L: Where is it?
Me: (gives directions)
L: Do you have the address so I can put it into my GPS?
ME: Sure…lemme find it here….(finds my hotel cheat sheet for the area, and gives address)
L: *Grabs a napkin*
Me: *kind of chuckle* Do you want a piece of paper to write on rather then a napkin?
L: No, this is fine.

11-05-2008, 08:07 AM
I usually got people who were really nice about it.

'Hi, I'm so, so, sorry, but where is the Hampton?'

I usually just smiled and said if they kept going down the main road for fifteen more seconds, they'd see it. And roll my eyes as they left. But they were usually really polite and knew that they shouldn't have had to ask a competitor for directions.

11-05-2008, 08:41 AM
I don't mind when people can't seem to find places. The ones who get mad at me...oi! :lol: