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10-15-2006, 11:58 PM
This happened to me personally so I'm not quite sure where to put it, but Sightings seemed to be the best choice.

Anyway--I had to make a quick stop at the local megastore (rhymes with S-mart) to pick up a few bits and pieces. It was busy, a bit chaotic, but the staff were doing a good job of handling things.

I came up to the register with my stuff, the cashier rang it up and then talked me through using the debit card reader. I already know how, but didn't mind having him tell me. I know he probably gets a lot of customers who have no clue and it's just easier for him if he guides people through it. No biggie.

The time between the clerk bagging up my stuff and our working on the debit card was maybe 15 seconds at the most. We both had our attention focused on the card for that length of time. The clerk gave me my receipt, I went to pick up my bag. No bag. No bag anywhere. It had vanished like snow in springtime, without a trace.

I ended up chasing after the lady who was ahead of me in line. She said she hadn't taken my stuff and we checked her bags to make sure. I honestly don't think she was lying. She just didn't have that vibe. So someone must have grabbed the bag while the clerk and I had our attention on the debit card.

Customer service was terrific about allowing me to replace my items gratis. Even the cashier was pretty cool--he offered to chase down the lady for me, and promised to back me up for customer service if I needed him to. I plan to send an email off to corporate about the staff and how great they were, despite the fact that it was busy.

So has anyone had this happen to them? I've had a bag or two stolen around Christmastime, but never right out from under my nose the way it happened today.

10-16-2006, 02:19 AM
Wow that took gumption and speed. Sure it wasn't malicious demons ?(You did mention S-mart)

But glad to see them help you like that. Thats always good.

IT Grunt
10-16-2006, 01:56 PM
I had something similar happen when I worked as a bagger for a local grocery store during my college days. (Scissors being one of their ad icons). I'd finished bagging up an order, and the lady was putting them into the cart herself. After she'd left, she'd apparently left one of the bags behind. By this time, I was bagging the next lady's order. Just as she was leaving, I noticed the bag. I asked her if it was hers, she took one quick look and said 'Yes!', took it, and off she went. I thought nothing of it, until the first lady comes back looking for it, describing its exact contents. :doh:

Thankfully, the management was cool about it, realized it was an honest mistake and I didn't get reamed out for it. But I really felt bad about it afterwards. :(

Department stores *sigh*
10-16-2006, 03:11 PM
i pst this as complimenting my boss but i'll just say it a bit again.

a customer had used her points to purchase a very nice portable dvd player from our cataogue and had then proceeded to go to a doller store and look at some cards. In the time it took her to look at ONE card her dvd player was stolen. We felt bad but there was not much we could do since we cant just give her a free dvd player couse of bad luck. Fortunatly for her her parents came in the next day looking to buy her a new one so my manager gave them a pretty decent one at about half price :) daughter was very happy.