View Full Version : I made a little girl cry (following policy)

12-02-2008, 04:29 AM
:( Sometimes I really hate my job. This little girl and her sister (I assume) came up to my counter to look at some jewelry. They tried them on, and were about to walk away. I didn't approach them (they were too young to understand) but instead talked to the mother. I explained that we could not allow people to walk around with our jewelry (for obvious reasons.) She explained this to the 2 young ones, and even though I explained that the bracelets would be waiting for them when they went to check out, tears were welling up in both of their eyes as they handed me the bracelets and I put them aside.
Note: they apparently misbehaved or something bc I asked the mom if they still wanted the jewelry when she came up and she said no
Note2: It didn't even occur to me to ring them out for the bracelets right away. Not that that might have done any good if the mother changed her mind since we can't give cash back.
However, us cashiers have souls and it pains us to see little kids cry.