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12-08-2008, 12:56 AM
These are normal for me, I do not take meds, and sober of all substances, and was told by a psychologist to seek help. Wtf, right?

The Rapist
Last night, I dreamt I was a tall blonde teenage girl, who knew martial arts and had a child. The child-girl's name was Kalie, and she was raised as my mother's daughter / my sister.

I dreamt I had been sexually abused as a small child and grew up strong and not-scarred. The father's brother Joey had come to visit, and was watching Kalie go pee, even though se was trying to cover herself and make him go away (from the potty).

The bathroom was filled with plants, so it looked like a jungle house, and I went in since the door wasn't locked, to find Joey undoing his pants and trying to touch her. He looked up to me and smiled, saying," You grew up real nice.. you want to play,too?" His scraggly appearance reminded me of a redneck trucker. Ruffled, collared red plaid button-up shirt with ripped off sleeves, driver's tan, mussed up dark brown-turning grey hair under his cap, thinned blue jean pants with scratches and frayed ankles, and work boots. Smoking a cigarette.

In turn, however, I threw a towel on Kalie and acted like I was going to punch him, but instead reverse-roundhouse kicked his gut, then axe-kicked his skull into the floor. He half-fell, landing on one knee and holding himself up, so I went to kick his fucking teeth out, when the father and mother walked in.

There was a cutscene where I was talking with father and mother, and mother ran off crying while I told them what I saw. Father bent back in his chair, we werein the kitchen which also as full of plants, though there were mood-shadows everywhere like one sees in movies. At any rate, he sat back until all but his lower torso and legs were in shadow, I could see his round glasses reflecting light at the smoke his cigarette was making.

He smiled at me, and said,"But you used to like to play. Don't you remember our reindeer games when your mother and brothers would go and find us that tree?" I screamed and ran off to my room, crying. This room was a dusky baby blue, and had light grey shelves with knicknacks everywhere. The white door was locked, and I fell asleep, only to awaken at 4:20 a.m.

I grabbed a backpack no one would notice gone, made my bed, and packed essentials, left the cellphone behind. I got Kalie a pack, and held her hand as we walked through a small halway of doors, down stairs, and outside. She was hefted on my backpack, and held on for life as I ran us away from that house, past barns and houses and many days later, we arrived at a large city's suburbs, and made our way to a large and out-of-the-way hotel.

Kalie and I dressed into some fancier clothing, and I acted as though I were entitled to service, with a stolen credit card I had somehow acquired from an open window on the way. The staff gave us no trouble, and we stayed only long enough to leave the card, clean up, remove fingerprints, and change again. On our way out, the uncle Joey was there. I walked toward him, on purpose, with an act like I wasn't noticing anything, I talked loudly with Kalie, to make people know we were there as Joey looked up at us.

The hotel registry fellow looked at Joey as though he knew nothing good would come, and called security, whom called the police. We got close enough that Kalie looked up, screamed, and ran away (where a hotel lady gabbed her and held her shaking body). I stopped, acted like I was scared, and hotel staff and security walked up. Joey yanked out a pistol, shot a few people, and I ran into the women's bathroom.

There, I locked the feeble door, and looked around. Oddly, the bathroom looked like one at a house, with shower, sink, toilet, towel rack, and clothing hamper. I saw nowhere easy to hide, and pulled out a pocket knife (which was extemely sharp), and cut a hole into the wall.

I climbed into the hole, and hid in the wall that was facing the sink, but whose outside-wall-area was the lobby of the hotel. Joey walked in, yelling about me not hiding from him, him touching Kalie, and trying to provoke me out. There was a small scratch I had somehow made that I could see through.

Joey shot holes in the walls until his bullets were gone, missing me by a foot or so. He pulled a mallet out, and began crushing the wall in sections, yelling about his penis and how it had taken the innocence of many young ones.


The police rammed the door down, jumped him, didn't shoot me when I ran out of the hole in the wall, and jumped on the cop-pile. I reached out, grabbed his hair and ripped out tufts until the cops removed me. They held tight until I discovered the officer holding me didn't wear a cup today, and ran to get Kalie.

Cutscene again, and I was in court with lawyers, taking Joey, the father, the mother, and the brothers to justice. The first two for the acts, and the second two for not trying to stop it, for watching and allowing it to happen, for everything that dream-me had to go through.

Kalie was taken care of by doctors, and she and I lived happily ever after.


Zombie Gears

I was running in a luxuriously furnished hospital that looked like a red/gold theme type you generally see on TV. I ran past, and jumped over many people screaming, being eaten alive, or just plain in a panic. Eventually, a hallway came around and I ran into it, my fingers thumping a hollow sound. The hall opened a fall-style door and a man (whom resembled Mr. Sirius Black, pre-OotP) pulled me inside.

My pregnant friend was there, lounging on an ottoman (sp?). She only spoke to me to convey her worries of food.

I had my usual array of drawing utensils, and made the walls pretty while we waited. The room was soundproof, and time went on forever. People died, we lit lighters, and cooked their flesh. More n more died, until it was only my friend, the Sirius guy, and me.

One day, we heard talking outside the wall somehow, we quieted, and listened in horror. The zombies had leaders, intelligent zombies much like those of Chronicles of Riddick, but imagine them more Chinese styled in terms of dress. One such looked like that Bodyguard from Code Geass, and it was he whom opened the fall-door somehow.

Lesser zombies swarmed my friend first, and I watched as they ate her body, ripping out her baby for ther feasting. A smaller group ran at the Sirius guy, and the Code Geass-like high zombie grabbed me before the lessers could advance. He lifted me above his head, and we walked into what was once the E.R., now a zombie royal court, with a hive queen (who resembled the Borg Queen, and the King from Hellboy 2 (movie) and a royal consort (who looked very German, olde world style).

The Chinese Code Geass zombie dropped me, where I ripped out my pens and began drawing crosses all over my body. The Queen freaked, and demanded I be captured and eaten. The zombies were lunging at me, trying to bite, but I can only assume they were darkness element, as the crosses (a major holy element symbol (thank you D&D) were burning their fragile skin away.

I rememer the smell of death, chemical, and dead blood in the air as I fell into a conveniently placed cow trough, and zombies began smacking my pen away. So, I used my finger nails to cut crosses into my skin, and rip on my clothing.

I fell on my back in it, and there was a horrid HHHRRRSSSSHHH and hissing and bone-popping cacophany as the zombie horde tried to get at me... only to be burned by all of the crosses.

I woke when my boyfriend turned up his TV, as a huge high zombie started to face-lunge me, and the noise of the random Locust mobs sounded like the zombies I was tortured by startled me up.

12-08-2008, 08:39 PM
Your dreams are very vivid. I have outrageous dreams also, but never to the amount of detail you have.

Why does this mean you need help?!

The zombie one kinda made me laugh. Sounds like I need to be somewhere near you when the zombie apocalyse comes. lol.

12-08-2008, 09:04 PM
Cheese Body

I was a round slab of American/Pepper Jack/Swiss cheese, with the holes and the pale, pale yellow-cream color. I was sitting on a plain white china plate, and a large sized old-age cheese slicer was nearby my plate on an off-white table cloth.

I do know the table cloth was a cotton and polyester blend, and just sort of sat there enjoying life, when a disembodied hand came out of nowhere and picked up the slicer.

My little cheese body quivered in fear, and I felt genuine agony when the hand and slicer went about making delicious sandwich length slices of me. I wriggled, cried a horrid, quiet moan of," Hhrrrllllllrrr....RRrrrrrrrlllllhhhh..." over and over.

Each time the slicer went into me, I felt like I was literally being sliced up in real life. If you've ever been cut by a serrated knife on the tender nerve-filled flesh on your thumb/palm, you'll know what this feels like. I felt the epidermis being cut, the oddly bright red blood run from the cut, the pulse of my heartbeat in and around the cut, and the death of the severed cheese slice.

Eventually, the hand stopped when I'd been halfway cut, my inside steadily pooling blood onto the plate and now-stained table cloth. The little cheese body whined, and cried for death, and had no discernible body parts, aside from the blood that kept coming out of the open wound, as that damned disembodied hand sat in mid-air holding the cheese slicer.

Caveat Emptor
12-08-2008, 09:05 PM
You want a ********WEIRD*********** dream? A few days ago I dreamt I baked a Cartman (South Park) doll :confused: and it kept screaming "EEEAT MEEEEE!!! EEEAT MEEEEE!!!" :wave: I don't remember what I ate before bed, but I don't think it was anything strange!

12-08-2008, 09:07 PM
You want a ********WEIRD*********** dream? A few days ago I dreamt I baked a Cartman (South Park) doll :confused: and it kept screaming "EEEAT MEEEEE!!! EEEAT MEEEEE!!!" :wave: I don't remember what I ate before bed, but I don't think it was anything strange!

lmao! I can imagine his tiny chunky body wiggling for the sweet mouth!

01-14-2009, 01:12 PM
The N Word

So, I dreamt one of my dearest friends, Shelby, had a white baby. She is a darker African American girl, and her real baby's father is, too. Shelby and I had been talking that afternoon, about what the littleone would look like with a different father (since she inherited a LARGE nose already).

The dream continues:

Anyhow, I dreamt we were out with the baby, and eating in a Pizza Hut. This guy walks over, and we had been waiting on blood work to confirm the baby's health and possible albinism. A man walked over to Shelby, holding her child, and said," What're niggers doing with white babies?"

And, I snapped. Its just not the best idea to insult someone's tender hearted, newly spawned best friend. So, I jumped over the table, sweeping the beatiful white lace tablecloth, and knocking over two lattes in pink and gold china cups, the small cheesecake slice on my side, andher death-by-chocolate slice (also on the sae gold/pink china) to the floor. There mut have been an umbrella attached, because a large white one fell to the floor, as well.

The man was in his 30's, with that shaggy, fad unkempt hair look, and a greying goatee. His dark green shirt, lined in black stitches to a checkered look, twisted a it was tucked in to his stonewashed pants. He turned, causing that twist of shirt, and stretched an arm to deck me, but I pulled the Talon (tm) pocketknife I carry in my pocket, and slit his wrist which was now above me.

He yelled at me, rather gutturally, and my feet kicked at the ground hard to propel my outstretched fist to his groin, which got cut on the slightly open fly >_< The Talon was then used to cut open his jugular and then disembowl the fellow in a quick, semi-Z cut.

His blood sprayed just out of reach of Shelby and baby, and stained m favorite white button-up and black pants. I turned to Shelby, and she said,"What a dick..."

And I woke to my alarm this morning.

01-14-2009, 03:43 PM
I'm amazed that you can remember so much of your dreams.

01-14-2009, 05:38 PM
I do remember a good chunk of my dreams. Some scary, others not. I think this is the one I remember the most from when I was six or seven.

I was running around my school. I was a police officer, and I was fighting against an army trying to take over the school. But I got caught by the bad guy. He put me on a machine, and ripped open my chest. I looked down and saw they cut off my bottom half of my body, and my chest was replaced by a new robot body.

(Small text version}

[|] <---- Like that. The two sides were my sides, and the line was the metal spine.

The bottom part was treadwheels, and I spent the rest of the dream driving down my street in the middle of the night, throwing bombs into my neighborhood's homes and watching and laughing as the people were running out on fire. Then the earth got angry at me, and thunderclouds appeared, lighting striking down at me. So I went back inside my home, and saw the outside world happy and sunshine. So I go out to play in my backyard, and again the clouds appear. The clouds being right where the top of telephone poles are. Blocking me in. I went back inside, and the front door to my house open an a man came in, shot my sister in her room, killed my family, picked me up and went back out front door where I went back to school. Just normal class, but I kept talking to my mom and dad who could talk to me through the magic wall at my classroom.

Then I really did wake up. I really was talking in my sleep to my mom at that wall.
To this day, I rarely dream going outside at night, because those damnable clouds come with lighting and thunder when I do.

01-15-2009, 04:46 AM
I tend to have SUPER vivid dreams. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them to relate right now. Or, as my wife would say, 'fortunately', because I tend to tell them to her.

I joke with her that I have PS3/BluRay quality dreams while hers are B&W TV/Atari 2600 quality. She never remembers ANY details, while in my dreams I can recall more details than what I'd normally notice in real life! Smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, everything! 7.1 Surround sound with 3D 1080p video and Sensoround!

Ooh! I remember part of one! ANd it's work related to it's kinda site-related. Two of my managers were talking and I was refilling a table with sale items. I remember reading details off the packages and comparing UPC codes to make sure the stuff I was unpacking was the same as the sale items.

Why the hell would my brain care enough about dreams to generate UPC codes and SKU numbers?

I also tend to get super-cinematic quality movies with guest stars! Sometimes they're just background people. I'll wake up and tell the wife "I just had the coolest deam! It was like a movie! Will Smith and Ally Sheedy were in it" and go on for half an hour trying to describe everything in it.

My wife hates it when I dream.

01-15-2009, 05:21 AM
I sometimes can remember my dreams, other times no. Sometimes, when I wake up I am not sure if I am remembering a dream or an event from the previous day. Most times it only happened in my dream, but it feels like it really did happen in real life.

When I do dream, I don't see faces or hear voices, but I know excatly who is who, and what is being said.

01-15-2009, 07:44 PM
I'm part of the vivid dream crowd, too. My friends think I'm weird because I dream in color. I think they're jealous. :p

I've had some crazy, crazy dreams, including ones where I 'jump' from being person to being another person in the same scene, as it were. Are these recurring dreams or just one ofs? If they are recurring, then they could possibly point to some sort of repressed memories. My stepmother had some odd recurring dreams until she finally dealt with the sexual abuse she'd suffered as a kid. She still has some recurring nightmares about it, but not as many, and not nearly as often.

I had an 'almost' recurring series of dreams. They all took place at the same massive amusement park, but each dream took place in a different section, i.e. parking lot, waterslides, kiddie rides, roller coasters, mini-golf, etc. They stopped after I gone to every part of the park. What does it mean? Beats me. :shrug:

The only recurring scary dreams I have are about vampires (no zombies, sorry!) where I always wind up watching everyone I know and love drained dry. They always end just before I'm going to get bitten. Every few months I have one and stay up the rest of the night.

I don't know if you need help so much as maybe you just got stuck with an overactive imagination.

01-15-2009, 10:39 PM
I've had some crazy, crazy dreams, including ones where I 'jump' from being person to being another person in the same scene, as it were.

I tend to see mine like from a television scene. Different camera angles that are either like an American TV series, or a Japanese manga.

I don't know if you need help so much as maybe you just got stuck with an overactive imagination.

Ding! Which is why I can't watch "scary" movies. The movies or the happenings don't bother me, its the things my brain twists them into that are scary.

Anyone else ever had a problem, where you're going to bed, turning out the lights on your way, and you have to sortof sprint to the bed because you're imagining things behind you happening?

Blegh. A gift and a curse, for my comics, short stories, and art.

01-16-2009, 03:43 AM
I'm part of the vivid dream crowd, too. My friends think I'm weird because I dream in color. I think they're jealous. :p

Not everyone dreams in color? I ONLY dream in color.

01-16-2009, 04:18 AM
I dream in color, too.

How odd.

01-16-2009, 01:22 PM
The dream(s) I had tonight were of the super-detailed variety.

Two scenes I remember that have those super details:
1) I was in a gaming store, looking through the displays of retro games. There were boxes of old Atari Cartridges, import Japanese games, tons of old cartridges and people playing games.

2) I went into a collectables stall at a fair/convention. Full of knicknacks and comics and collectables that my wife would love. I remember looking at several hand-drawn Legend of Zelda pictures and cards. Tons of stuff all over the walls and in displays and I can remember detail on ALL of it.

01-16-2009, 01:45 PM
Its true people. Some people only dream in black and white. Or sorta a misty color. They say that its somewhat linked to what items are specified as important to our mind. Err... read this and it explain causally what i mean.


Also, intresting note, the reports of dreaming in black and white was drastically decreased when colored television appeared.

02-11-2009, 09:20 PM
Anyone else ever had a problem, where you're going to bed, turning out the lights on your way, and you have to sortof sprint to the bed because you're imagining things behind you happening?


If my BF goes to bed before I do, I can't walk down the hallway and into the bedroom without turning on the hallway light, glance around, shut the light off, then pretty much lunch for the bed. It always feels like there's something behind me as soon as that light turns off.

02-15-2009, 05:06 PM

If my BF goes to bed before I do, I can't walk down the hallway and into the bedroom without turning on the hallway light, glance around, shut the light off, then pretty much lunch for the bed. It always feels like there's something behind me as soon as that light turns off.

Agghh, that's so creepy O_O

02-21-2009, 11:58 PM
If you've every played Final Fantasy 8, you should remember the sewers you had to run around through? Where you had to go and get to Irvine?

I dreamt I was running around through there, had GFs Shiva and Quetzacotl junctioned. I had Quistis and Selphie with me, somehow, and Quistis had Diablo.

We were running around draw points and getting lost, when instead of going into a random battle, one of the Creep mobs started crawling from a corner Selphie was in. It grabbed her boots, and tickles her toes until she peed herself from laughter. Quistis and I thought she was just being silly.

It started ah.. "accosting" her, and we turned as Quistis summoned Diablo to attack it, but the Creep absorbed the shadow energy (even if its technically Gravity element), and got bigger. It raised Selphie into the air and she was terrified. I summoned Shiva and Quistis kept Selphie healed and Protected, Shiva spanked it, and we won the battle. Quistis consoled Selphie, ad I kept watch and scouted a bit.

We cast Protect and Shel everywhere, and I kept Quetzacotl on standby as we walked ahead. I knocked down the ladder, and then we crawled across. Eventually, the end tower-thing came up, and Selphie was on my back, I carried her up the ladder, and Quistis was going to Irvine. I wound my way through the crowds and when Edea came up on her float, I saw the bullet hit her Protect, and Selphie caught fire.

I dropped her, and fell on her, trying to smother the flames, and the crowdwent silent and looked at us, as if we were the headlights and they the deer. Edea yelled,"Lesbians!"

You can imagine where this goes, yes?

The crowd beat us, and Selphie was set on fire again until she died screaming for help. Squall was fighting Seifer, and Irvine and Quistis were killed by Edea. Zell was trying to get to us in the crowd, but was allowed to live as they'd no clue he was with us. I woke up to being tied to a stake at the busy intersection circle, and Rinoa mind-controlled by Edea catching us alfame.

02-22-2009, 05:35 AM
I'm taking actual sleeping pills (generic, OTC), and now I don't have scary dreams.

Just weird ones. :wtf:

I don't remember them when I wake up, but I have this overwhelming feeling of "that was odd..."