View Full Version : Rude Lady at my Favorite Gas Station

10-17-2006, 06:34 PM
Yesterday, I was at the gas station closest to my apartment picking up some sodas for the Husband and some juice for myself. (I was craving Sunny D BAD. Pregnancy is fun!) But anywho, as I'm at the coolers making my selection, there was a lady over next to the soda fountain. Apparently, they were out of the soda she wanted. Did she go and politely ask one of the workers to refill the syrup? Oh heavens, no.

Lady: "So, the soda I want is out, and I DO NOT want any of this other stuff, and you guys have crappy cappicino..." Seriously, that's all she said. Loudly. While standing and holding an empty soda cup.

I turn and glare at her, as the one of the employees comes out from the kitchen. (This place makes pizza too.) I go to this station a lot, so I know everybody, and I know it took every ounce of their being not to be rude back to this woman, but give them a medal, everyone was great to her.

The employee offered to refill the syrup if she had a moment to wait. She glares at him and says "You know, that would be GREAT. As long as you HURRY. I have to get to WORK."

At that point, my phone rang, and it was the Husband. He was asking me to pick up something else, and I said "Okay, I should be there soon, depends on how long this RUDE lady holds me up when I get in line." I said this rather loudly, but the lady either ignored me, or didn't notice.

Sure enough, I'm in line with my sodas and juice, and the guy behind the counter does his usual "Anything else?" and she says "OH YES, I think I wanna donut!" and leaves all her crap in a pile to go look at the donut selection. I glare at her, and this time she must've noticed, because she hurried the hell up and got out.

"God, some people got skipped when they gave out the common sense," I said shaking my head, and the guy laughed.

I can never understand how people can be rude to the people at that station. Everyone is so nice and polite there. I love stopping by.