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07-11-2006, 02:27 AM
Since this happened to me at work, I'm putting it here in GWC. Mods, feel free to move it, if needed. :)

Anyhoo, I went to the hot foods department to get a cleaning rag. It was on a ledge over one of the sinks. As I was grabbing the rag, I accidentally knocked over a huge container of some sort of seasoning. Not wanting it to hit me, I jumped backwards to get out of the way. For some reason, my hand went UP instead of BACKWARDS with me, so SLAM into the ledge of the sink.

There's a line from the ledge still visible on my hand (and it happened almost three hours ago!!!!!!), some swelling and pain. I filled out an incident report, just in case, because when it happened, it swelled and hurt (and there were a few tingly feelings at the time).

Enough about MY story, anyone else have any hurt at work stories?

07-11-2006, 03:19 AM
I have never hurt myself at work, but that sounds like it really hurts. I hope it doesn't cause you any problems!

07-11-2006, 03:27 AM
Oh, I've got a good one! I was coming out of the back room with 2 40s of beer in my hands. My right elbow hit the door, funny bone. My right hand flew open, dropping one of the bottles. It shattered, glass and beer everywhere. Then I felt the blood running. I looked down at my legs and both had deep gashes. Left one was right below my knee, right one was lower calf. It was a Friday and VERY busy. I got some paper towels from behind the counter to try and stop the blood, but customers just kept coming. Meanwhile, my socks and shoes were filling with blood. I was just about to call the owner when he walked in. He took over the register so I could get cleaned up enough to continue. Then he went back and cleaned up the beer and glass for me. I have scars from this one!

07-11-2006, 05:20 AM
I'm lucky to never have fallen off a ladder. (knocks repeatedly on oak dresser!!) I've had a fair share of cuts to my left hand from my box cutter. I have a bruise on my left bicep from running into the corner of a metal wire rack.

On Saturday I succeeded in getting a stuck midstock (hinged) door open. The edge of it was sort of caught on a bracket of the post of the next section. The doors are pressboard and are somewhat flexible. I grabbed the edge of the door and gave it a good hard yank. I'm not sure how my thumb got in the way :lol: but it was wedged briefly but very painfully between the door edge and the post. So far no bruising and only a tiny piece of skin was scraped off but my thumb is pretty tender. -sigh- I miss the sliding midstock doors...

About 4 months ago one of the cashiers, 'R' tripped on a hand basket and ended up needing a few stitches above her eyebrow. Fortunately R's glasses weren't broken and the store/corporate paid the medical bill.... And for her sake, I am always picking up empty baskets and putting them away.

07-11-2006, 06:01 AM
Way back at my second ever job, it was part of my job to pull/and or make all the pies for the resturant. Certain ones were just in the freezer and I could bring them out to thaw, others, like the strawberry cheescake and the strawberry pie I had to make, which consisted of just baking the crust and putting strawberries and sauce ojn the top.

Once when taking the hot pies out of the oven I brushed the side of my arm against the inside of the oven and had scars for quite awhile that looked like alien eyes (seriously LOL)

and then, the other time I hurt myself I was using a steak knife to pke holes in the frozen crust so it wouldn't bubble in the oven and I pushed too hard and poked all the way through the crust, the foil and deep into my hand. That one bled for quite awhile, but it ended up stopping on it's own.

07-11-2006, 03:45 PM
Well, at my summer job, I was wheeling in an ice cream portable and the big heavy metal thing that says the name of the company whose portable it was fell down and hit me on the head. Knocked me down. The manager of that said company asked if I was alright and I said yea. So we kept bring it in. Her manager then asked if I was alright and I said yea. I touched my head and pulled my hand away to find blood on it. Got sent straight to the doctors (thank God I work at such a huge place that has its own medical staff onsite) and the end result: I had a concussion. My parents had to come in since I was only 17. My mom drove me home and my stepdad took my car home. Never thought to sue them or anything for faulty equipment. Didn't get any bribes or nothing to keep me quiet. I blame that on the concussion itself, couldn't think straight at the time.

07-11-2006, 04:01 PM
while i was a cna i did some major damage to my shoulder while pulling on patients. off for two weeks the first time and over 6 mos the second time.
had to have surgury on my shoulder after that. was my dr ever happy to see me get off the floor and into tele


Retail's Bitch
07-11-2006, 06:43 PM
Hmmmmm... Has RB ever hurt herself at work!?

Is that a trick question?

Apart from various paper cuts and non-emergent injuries...

Tim Horton's - Third Degree burn on my arm from catching a hot, direct from the oven, cookie sheet on my forearm.

Discount Store. Broke my arm falling down the stairs.

Grocery store - Broke my finger falling UP the stairs.

Portrait studio. - Twisted my ankle 2 times. Once tripping over a customer... (ASSHOLES!) who was standing RIGHT behind me when I was shooting a session. And once when a child threw a prop ball at my feet and I didn't notice it, and I tripped over it.

Portrait studio - Two consecutive concussions. I was underneath the sales desk getting some paperwork when I walked backwards to get out from underneath, I misjudged and slammed my head on the underside of the table. HARD! Then later on that same day when I was still woozy from the concussion, I bent down to pick something out of the printer and slammed my head off the back of the passport chair.

Nothing hospital worthy lately though. *knock on wood*

07-11-2006, 06:55 PM
What's even worse is managements complete lack of compassion when an employee gets hurt.

What you should get: "Does it hurt too much to work ? you need to go home if it does"

What you REALLY get: "Bandage it up, forget about it and get back to work"

One time I smashed my fingers really bad, I couldn't help but utter "Shit !!!!!!!" And rather then do the proper thing and ask if I was ok, all I got from my PIC was "You better be glad Tom (the store director) didn't hear you, you would have been written up!"

I was like, thank you SO much, Aaron..your sensitivity is overwhelming, really it is. Asshole.

Irving Patrick Freleigh
07-11-2006, 07:11 PM
Two months ago I pinched my finger in the circle rack I was building. I thought I was going to lose my entire fingernail. It bled a lot and turned black and blue, and there was like a hole in my fingernail. That hurt a lot.

07-11-2006, 07:56 PM
The worst I've probably done to myself was with a box cutter. I was working at the Warner Bros. Studio Store and Gallery (i loved that job, even with the all the kids stuff...sad it closed down..but I digress) and got to do my favorite part of the job: stock! So I'm in the back, listening to the radio and breaking down boxes, putting up stuff on the shelves, taking stuff to the front...all the fun stocky stuff. Then while I was breaking a box down, I started to notice some red stuff on the side of the box. Thinking nothing of it since sometimes boxes are labeled with red marker, I kept going on with my work. I only stopped cause I started to notice that the red stuff was on the box cutter. I looked down at my hand and saw a pretty big gash that I could only guess the box cutter had made. Now I've got a scar that I can say I got from a knife fight...

07-12-2006, 01:46 AM
LOL...we were joking around today. Some of the shelves in the warehouse are a little low, and most of the guys have bumped their heads at one time or another.

I looked across, and one of the guys was holding his head.

I asked if he was OK, and he knew I cared, but then I jokingly said, "So you hit your head. Suck it up, put on a bandaid and get back to work. I've worked for this company for 19 years and never bumped my head. You guys are just careless.":p

Of course, it helps that I am only 5 feet tall. :D

I said, "I am so tired of these whiners, "Waaah...I cut off my arm, I won't be in to work today."
Yeah, I'm a pretty sarcastic person.

The guys knew I was joking. I care if someone gets hurt, but they are always doing stupid stuff that flaunts all the rules of safety. :mad:

07-12-2006, 01:52 AM
Too many little incidents at the gas station to remember........although I do remember climbing in the beer cooler to stock it and having a bunch of 30 packs collapse underneath me and bring me down with it.

At the factory...
I've already ran my toes over multiple times with my carts.
I've already hit my nose pushing a cart onto the end of the machine.
And I've already ran into the door about 10 times
(they are safety doors, in which only one side can be opened at once....so if one person is going in on one side, the other can't get in until the other door shuts. I tend to forget that)

07-12-2006, 02:35 AM
Grocery store - Broke my finger falling UP the stairs.

If you don't mind my asking (I seem to be a little dense today), how did you manage to fall UP stairs?

My worst on-the-job injury involved a box cutter at 7-11. Two stitches in my finger were necessary (cut was right in a knuckle crease on the palm side of a finger).

Retail's Bitch
07-12-2006, 02:48 AM
If you don't mind my asking (I seem to be a little dense today), how did you manage to fall UP stairs?

My worst on-the-job injury involved a box cutter at 7-11. Two stitches in my finger were necessary (cut was right in a knuckle crease on the palm side of a finger).

LOL how do I manage to NOT kill myself at work is more the question...

I was walking fast up the stairs, slipped slightly, grabbed at the railing and smashed my finger on the end of the railing. My finger snapped forwards, and touched the middle of my wrist... Snap... Broken pinky...

07-12-2006, 02:56 AM
My first post was just what happened to me yesterday. (By the way, the swelling has gone done, but now there's a pink patch where the pain is. That's odd:eek: )

I've cut my left middle finger twice (in almost the same spot...there's still two cute little scars) while slicing veggies.

I've also got a cute scar (kinda C shaped) on my right ring finger from a meat slicer. They made me go to the ER for that, but I didn't need stitches. Woo hoo.

If I wanted to go into my other injuries, though, I'd have to start a thread in Off Topic, unless someone beats me to it. :)

07-12-2006, 03:02 AM
On Saturday, half the beer in the cooler fell on me. I was OK, though.

Spiffy McMoron
07-12-2006, 03:08 AM
This isn't as bad as some fo the other stories here, but I've got a pretty angry-looking scar on my back after I hit the corner of a shelf...while falling off of a ladder. Oops. But I haven't had anything lately, thank Gord...

07-12-2006, 04:06 AM
If you don't mind my asking (I seem to be a little dense today), how did you manage to fall UP stairs?You've never met RB, have you?

That girl can get hurt using kleenex. ;)
It's not that she's clumsy....well...yes, it is :p

I shouldn't talk, though, because I was going down the stairs at work the other day, and caught the railing bracket with my finger and bent it back so far, I thought I had broken it.
I thought of you, RB.

07-12-2006, 01:30 PM
If you don't mind my asking (I seem to be a little dense today), how did you manage to fall UP stairs?

Quite easily. In my cases of falling up the stairs, it usually involves misjudging the height of the steps. I didn't lift my foot high enough and splat. This is why when no one is looking I go up stairs on all fours. :D

07-12-2006, 06:10 PM
Well, lets see....

When I worked at Wal-Mart many years ago, We were getting ready to board up the place as summer was about over and the outside lawn and garden area was going to be enclosed. We were moving these HUGE plywood walls around and then setting them in place. Well, the sections needed a good jolt to actually lock into place. Us, being the goofy group we were, decided to show off some of our best karate kick moves on the plywood. Dumbassed me goes to kick the stupid piece of wood and has his leg fully extended when he slams into the board. YOUCH!!!! Next day I woke up and couldn't even walk on my leg. Doctors said I had pulled my hamstring. So that was fun....therapy and light duty at work.

A friend of mine actually had it much worse at the hotel we worked at. The rooms are done up very nicely and have four glass window sections. (2 on each side of the door) When guests would lock themselves out or the lock would just break, we would have to unscrew the screws holding one of the windows in, gently grab the window....which was about 4' x 4' and about 1/2 an inch thick, and set it down somewhere so we could crawl through and unlock the door from the other side. Unfortunatley only one window had screws on the outside, and it was one that was up about chest level. Well this glass is not polished and is rough cut. This made for some very jagged edges. Well, during one of our incidents, my friend and I were doing this very trick when the glass slipped and went straight down. I managed to get out of the way, but my friend was not so lucky. It hit the back of his leg, as he fled, taking an extremly large chunck of flesh with it. It was nasty and to this day it makes me cringe just talking about it here. He had to be taken in for treatment and we found out just how lucky he was. The glass had missed his achillies tendon by a mere millimeters. That would have been soooooo bad had it struck the tendon.

07-12-2006, 09:44 PM
Latest injury was a few months back--I got clocked in the face and shoulder with a steel bin door. Hurt like an SOB for a couple of days and I had a nice little shiner, but no permanent damage.

Most of my injuries tend to come from dull knives. I usually end up carving a chunk of my thumb off. It bleeds fairly freely, I wash it up and put on a bandaid, all done. I have worse scars from my tetanus boosters than I do the knife cuts! :rolleyes:

07-13-2006, 12:42 AM
Sprained my ankle while carrying cafeteria food back to the office for my boss and his boss. In a business suit, in the middle of lunch, my feet just slipped on the tile, and down I went, food flying everywhere.

It was really great when, the day after this happened, and I was hobbling around with my foot all ace bandaged up - that the cafeteria serving lady told me that I probably wouldn't have sprained my ankle if I weren't so fat. Mind you, this woman was no Heidi Klum herself and I was about 20 pounds overweight.

Ahhh... good times.... chicken fettucini with cream sauce all over my brand new suit.... good times!

07-13-2006, 01:07 AM
When I was working at the lovely (read: decrepit) discount theater in my hometown, we had an ice/pop machine that had a leak somewhere and was rotting out the wooden floor. The employees had mentioned several times to the manager that we needed to get someone in there to fix the floor. The typical response was, "I'll call the RM and let him know it needs fixed."

Well, one Friday night I was getting ready to go sweep out the auditoriums after a show had let out. Right before I left from behind concession to go clean, a lady came up to get a drink refill. I walked up to the drink machine *BANG* foot went through the floor. I pulled my foot out of the hole, got her refill taken care of, grabbed my broom and bucket, and on my way out I yell "T, I just went through the floor. You might want to be careful around the drink machine." (She was about 100lbs heavier than me, if my foot went through the floor, we would have been pulling her out of the basement)

While I was cleaning with a couple other guys, she came out and said, "I thought you were joking that you went through the floor, are you okay?" I said I was fine and went about my duties.

Worst part was, the floor was "fixed" only to rot out again 3 months later! I was not so polite when I informed her that the floor needed to be fixed correctly that time.

07-13-2006, 04:44 AM
I've never had anything major injuries at work...stabbed myself with the sharp end of ink tags and ticket guns plenty of times. I've cut my shoulder open by the end of shelves--management jokingly thanks me for finding out these hazards before a customer does. :rolleyes: Yesterday I dropped the tape dispenser (those kinds filled with sand to keep the bottom heavy) and it hit my ankle at a funny angle and it actually hurt quite a bit and I have a nice bruise from it. I seem to be constantly tripping over my own legs. :confused:

At my other job, I regulary cut myself with knives. Sometimes, you can't see what's on the bottom of the sink and I've to learn (painfully) to not just dive my hands right on in to start washing. I've burned myself with grease, on the stove (once the cookers forgot to turn off one of the stoves and I slipped on my freshly mopped floor and reach out to steady myself--right on the still blazing hot stove top. That. Hurt.), cut my forehead open when I was standing up and caught my head on the metal edge of the sink, and various other minor stupid injuries.

So, I am known as a clutz at both jobs and have had my fair of injuries. I am just grateful that I've never been injured severely.

07-13-2006, 06:14 AM
I cracked a rib once while answering a phone... Leaned over the front desk counter from the guest side, and cracko! Boy, did that ever hurt... a deep stab that was so painful it was almost an itch. It's hard to describe, but thankfully it healed up nicely over the next few weeks.

07-13-2006, 06:47 AM
It won't be enough merely to fix the rotted floor; you have to fix the LEAK! Stupid RM....

Let's see... I have a nice scar on my thumb from shutting it in the safe door, got a purple foot once from the 4-in-1 newspaper box falling on me (got xrays for that one, thinking it was broken), picked up the tomato slicer without first looking to see what it was and grabbed it by the blades (nice parallel cuts from that running across several fingers) but the oddest was from a bun tray. I was carrying a couple of them outside for some reason and stepped off the curb wrong, falling on them. Now, the tall ends lock together and are flat, but the sides have "teeth" an inch or so across each, and one of those scraped my shin. It hurt, but I didn't think much of it, after all, they're plastic and not at all sharp, right? Surprise! When I got home I had to *peel* my pants carefully off. It had scraped off some skin, and the blood had glued my pants leg to my, well, leg. And I hadn't even noticed.

Lace Neil Singer
07-13-2006, 12:19 PM
A few.

At the country park, I was moving a dray with another worker when I got to the right position. I yelled at my divvy co-worker to stop pushing; he continued and broke my wrist. :rolleyes:

At the garden centre, I once accidently stabbed myself in the hand with a pair of scissors while opening up a sack of pet food. Cuz everyone else there was scared of blood, I had to first aid myself.

At the supermarket, I slammed my little finger in the till... and some doofus still comes up to me, when I have a huge blood soaked tissue round my finger and am waiting for the first aider, to ask, "Are you serving?" :headdesk:

07-14-2006, 02:03 AM
Today I hit my ring finger on my left hand and HALF the knuckle is purple and swollen. What makes it even more odd is that I remember hitting my hand, but I have no idea what I hit it on. :headscratch:

07-16-2006, 11:48 PM
Hmm. Injuries in two and 1/2 years at Plaid.

1: Twice had hot coffee spill on my hand that were burned for weeks.

2: Had several cases of glass bottles spill and break on my back.

3: Got electroucted switching a lightbulb in the cooler.

4: Smashed my head on security camera.

5: Wasn't really hurt, but been in four-five fist fights. (... two were in self-defense...=( )

6: If i can think of others, I'll post =)

07-17-2006, 12:42 AM
I got bit by an agressive cat at the animal clinic. We trying to put the cat down for surgery. One tech was restraining while the other was trying to inject the "sleepy juice" in the vein. Cat wouldn't stay still. I was filling out anesthesia paperwork when they called me over to tab the cat's forehead. This distracts cats attention to me so he can stay still for the injection. Didn't workout. Cat turned his head and bit my head and bled profusly. I definently looked on the cat's record to make it had it's rabies. It did. The vet had me fill out a report and recieved paperwork to go to the hospital if I needed to. I did get a little bit of infection, but nothing serious.

07-17-2006, 03:05 AM
I never really hurt myself badly on the job. When I worked in the concession stand at the movie theater, I was carrying some boxes of candy. The floor was a little bit wet. My feet slipped out under me and I landed on my back. They put mats on the floor after that. Other then that...my injuries consist of paper cuts, banged body parts. OOH...when I was interning at a vet hospital I got bit by a dog. There was quite a bit of blood but one of the techs wrapped it up and I didn't need to go to the hospital.

07-17-2006, 09:32 PM
I got bit by an agressive cat at the animal clinic. The vet had me fill out a report and recieved paperwork to go to the hospital if I needed to. I did get a little bit of infection, but nothing serious.
The one time I got "blooded" by a cat at the emergency animal hospital, the vet on duty immediately grabbed a two-week regimen of antibiotics out of the pharmacy for me, and made me swear I would take the whole regimen. I had already jumped at the chance of getting prophylactic rabies vaccinations the first time they were available, so I didn't have to worry (much) about rabies. I really should have my titer checked, just to see if I'm still good.

Other than that, I had my share of needle jabs from the animal moving when I was trying to administer meds or put in an IV. At least I never missed with a B-Euth IV!

Other injuries at other jobs would take another (much longer) post.

07-19-2006, 01:36 AM
When I worked in the meat dept at costco, I had a pallet of meat collapse and come down on me... at first I didn'teven know what happened, then I saw the boxes on the floor and it started to hurt, by the time I made it to the office, I couldn't move my head, I ended up in the ER, not fun..they gave me muscle relaxers, fun. So, still 5 years later I still get headaches because the tensed up muscle pulled my spine( basically all my cervical vertebrae) perfectly straight, so my neck has no curve at all..a few years after my uncle( a chiropracter) x-rayed it, so now I have them hanging on my fridge, you can notice something is off about them right away. It was funny tho because I always kinda had a fear of boxes falling on me, I figured they would kill you tho ( they weigh anywhere from 60-200 lbs, 6 fell, 4 hit me)..I guess not

07-19-2006, 02:03 AM
At my last job, which was making wooden frames for houses. I was hammering a nail, and well, I hammered the wrong nail. Yup, I hammered my thumb, it swelled up, and had to hold my thumb in a shot of Peroxide (which made it feel alot better) oh I left it in the peroxide for about 1/2 hr. Also at the same job, about 2 years ago, I dropped a pressure treated 4x4 onto my left foot twice *pressure treated wood is green, with a bunch of slashes in it*. I also had a in grown tonail, that got pushed in even more

07-19-2006, 02:40 PM
I've been only really injured at work once - thank goodness, because I'm very accident prone...

It was the dumbest thing, too. I was working as material handler on my line at my first factory job, putting boxes together. Pretty easy - hold corner in place, bam, bam, bam with the air-powered box stapler, rotate, hold corner, bam, bam, OW! Seems my thumb got in between the box and the stapler. :(

I was able to pull the staple out, got sent to their outpatient clinic to get bandaged up, and got put on light duty for a few days. I just have no feeling on a small part of my left thumb now.

07-24-2006, 10:13 PM
I can now officially be added to the "hurt myself at work" thread.

I cut my right index finger today at work.

It's pretty deep, and it wouldn't stop bleeding, but it's not serious.
It's right on the joint, and they couldn't stitch it, so they glued it.

Every time I moved my finger, it came open.
Also, I hadn't had a tetanus shot since....probably grade school, so I figured I better get one.
I did it on the rim of a toaster that a customer had returned, and it was pretty grungy looking.

They didn't bring back the original box, and the clerk didn't keep the one from the replacement. (This same lady returned 2 toasters this week and neither one had a box, and the clerk didn't keep the one from the replacement. :rant: )
This was the older toaster and it had been used for several months.
As I mentioned, it was pretty icky looking.

I was trying to fit it into a box, and the damn thing slipped, catching my finger and slicing into it just like a knife.

It didn't hurt when it happened, so that's how I knew it had gone pretty deep.
Once the blood started running, then it hurt like hell.

There was absolutely nothing in my area to use to stop the flow of blood.
I grabbed a bandage quickly from my drawer, but it just bled right through in about 5 seconds.
The floor had blood all over it.

After one of the guys from the first aid team had helped me bandage it, I went back to clean up the mess the best I could.

I got thinking, though, that I probably should have it checked out, since I knew it would probably keep coming open every time I moved my finger, and I figured a tetanus shot wouldn't hurt.

When I got back from the hospital, one of the guys had cleaned up all the blood that I hadn't been able to get to because of the bandage on my hand.

It's throbbing pretty bad tonight. It's hard for me to write and type, since it's my right hand, and I am right handed., but I think I will live. ;)

If that crazy lady brings another damn toaster back without a box, I may throw it at her. :p

07-24-2006, 10:44 PM
If that crazy lady brings another damn toaster back without a box, I may throw it at her. :p
Just remember to use your left hand, Ree. :D

Sorry to hear about that...hope you heal up soon!!

07-29-2006, 11:50 PM
My office is 24/7. I work Saturdays. The weekend people seem to be pariahs around here...I think oftentimes people forget we're here. (Today's a perfect example of that - they haven't bothered to turn on the air conditioning cause hey, it's just the Saturday people.)

So a few times a year the carpet cleaners come out. Now the chemicals they use stink like wet dog and give me a pounding headache...however I'm never given enough warning to actually schedule the day off...and invariably they come out on days when I actually have important things to do and can't leave due to illness. But this is irrelevant to the story.

So last year they come out...first time I've been here while they were working. Joy. My job involved a lot of wandering around the building. Somehow they manage to be in my way everywhere I go...and their cords are all over the building. I just knew I wouldn't make it out unscathed as I'm fairly clumsy.

I was walking at a brisk pace across the lobby where they were working. Carpet was obviously wet...which I compensated for while crossing the tile-only area. Unfortunately it didn't register that the tile was totally wet too. So I slipped and fell on one knee, hard. Also hurt my wrist a bit. I swore, naturally.

The two people who were working turned around, looked right at me, and turned back around! Meanwhile I'm on the ground in all kinds of pain. You'd think common sense would say to offer a hand up or something...nope!

Now I fully admit that this is 99% my fault...however with the tile being black it was hard to see it was slippery, and they packed up soon and wandered off...no signs of any sort indicating caution. I wonder how it would've played out if it had been one of the little old ladies that occasionally wander into the building to conduct business with another company (we don't get customers). I assume she would've just been left there to lie in agony until one of my coworkers wandered across her.

So I immediately went and filed an injury report, and a complaint against the carpet cleaners. Sadly we still hire the same assholes...but now they bring signs, which is a step up.

07-30-2006, 05:37 AM
I was cleaning up a jar that involved glass jar since none of the baggers were available at the time. One of the pieces of glass cut my pinky finger. It was a small cut but it bled quite a bit. My coworker at the service desk put peroxide on it and then a band aid.:cool:

07-30-2006, 03:15 PM
When I worked at Wendy's I was usually in back drive thru window, which means I do the dishes as well. Their dishwasher shoots out water to make them go round and round so all I really have to do is rinse them off. We had a basket that hangs on the side to put knives and stuff in. Everyone knows to put the knives in there, always. So one time someone didnt and the washer was going so i stick my hand in to get the dishes and a knife slices me right on my wrist. :eek: I thought I was never gonna stop bleeding, but it did eventually.I have a nice little scar to show for it.
I also have a realy bad scar from a burn when I burned myself on the oven we put potatoes in.

07-30-2006, 04:51 PM
When I was a stocker at the Vitamin Store (also sold some natural foods), the stock would come in opaque yellow plastic totes, impossible to see through. One evening, the delivery people stacked the totes five high, and put the heavy ones with jars of spaghetti sauce and bottles of water at the very top of the stack. I did not know this until I pulled one down. Ever pull something heavy down from a height of about six feet? Not fun. I immediately felt something go "zing!" in my back, then excruciating pain. Boss made me work until closing, four hours. Four hours later, I am still in severe pain, hobbling around with my back bent around like Quasimodo, gritting my teeth to keep from screaming. Forget about driving home in that condition. I called hubby, he took me to the hospital. I had a muscle spasm, not a severe injury but painful as anything. They gave me muscle relaxers and IIRC, I got a few days off. Don't remember if I had workmans comp (I think I did, but it's been a while), but the boss reamed out the delivery people about placing the heavy totes on top of the pile.

When I was working as an admin temp, I gave myself tenosynovitis twice. First time was an envelope stuffing job which was supposed to be a couple of weeks and got stretched into three months. Second time was a computer entry job with far too much ten-keying. As a result, my right wrist is rather weak, my left is not much better and some nights I have to sleep with my wrists in splints.

07-31-2006, 04:01 PM
Here I am again...

The other night at work I was having one of my "no depth perception" times and I slammed my shoulder into a pallet.

(At work, they like stacking pallets of stuff like paper towels on top of each other. Makes more space, sure, but the second level is shoulder high on me, as my story proves...I'm suprised I haven't dislocated it yet...)

07-31-2006, 04:32 PM
I had to transport two extremely heavy boxes of paper into the basement of the building where I worked. There was an elevator in the building, but, of course, it didn't go all the way down, since visitors weren't allowed below the first floor, or some similarly idiotic thing. At the time, I was spending about three days a week walking with a cane because I'd done some rather serious damage to both my knees in a non-work related series of incidents. So, I had to get these boxes down the chipped, cracked concrete stairs that passed under the asbestos warning sign on their way to the basement.

Not a problem, I think to myself. I'll take them one at a time and just drag them instead of carrying them. A co-irker pointed me at a hand trolley in the corner and suggested I use it. She made a big point about how sturdy it looked.

Great! I'll just lower it down the stairs in front of me!

Turns out it was made of aluminum. I found that out when the metal tore and the cart burst on the way down the stairs. I caught both boxes in an acrobatic feat that cost me a broken finger and managed to get them both put away.

My finger swelled up to almost twice its normal size in the time it took to get back upstairs. My co-irker just sat there and smirked and gloated while she insisted that I fill out an accident report... myself... with a broken middle finger on the hand I hold a pen with.

I responded by nicking a pair of file folder tabs and some duct tape and splinting my own finger. I finished the day without so much as an aspirin and carried four more boxes to the basement. Intimidation works poorly and mostly serves to make me do the impossible, because it's *not* what the person wants. *shrugs*

07-31-2006, 09:09 PM
My worst injury came from cleaning the ovens in the bakery I used to work at. I was using a heavy duty oven cleaner since the things hadn't been cleaned in ages (and the "commercial strength" one we were supposed to use did crap all). As I was cleaning a nice big glob of grease mixed with oven cleaner landed on my arm. I was so into my work that I didn't notice it. But soon it started itching. So I scratched it, which just spread it around more. Then it started to burn at an exponential rate. By the time I got to a sink to rinse it all off (while yelling expletives along the way) I managed to get a nice chemical burn about the size of a half dollat on my arm that left a scar for a few years.

08-01-2006, 03:01 AM
I had to get these boxes down the chipped, cracked concrete stairs that passed under the asbestos warning sign on their way to the basement.

Not a problem, I think to myself. I'll take them one at a time and just drag them instead of carrying them. A co-irker pointed me at a hand trolley in the corner and suggested I use it. She made a big point about how sturdy it looked.

Great! I'll just lower it down the stairs in front of me!

Turns out it was made of aluminum. I found that out when the metal tore and the cart burst on the way down the stairs. I caught both boxes in an acrobatic feat that cost me a broken finger and managed to get them both put away.

My finger swelled up to almost twice its normal size in the time it took to get back upstairs. My co-irker just sat there and smirked and gloated while she insisted that I fill out an accident report... myself... with a broken middle finger on the hand I hold a pen with.

Your co-irker is some sort of sadistic :censored: !!!!!!!!! I hope you told someone (ANYONE!!!!!!!!) in a position of authority about that. Holy crap. If I were you, I would've brought out the trusty woodchipper. :chipper:

08-01-2006, 03:06 AM
At a coffee shop I got a lot of burns & a wasp sting (from out by the garbage - the garbage men said they wouldn't pick up any more garbage until we got rid of them). Then, I was carrying a big crate of milk (heavy, couldn't see the floor underneath it) and someone left a broom on the floor - which I happened to trip over and fall on top of the milk crate - owwww!! And then my oh so helpful co-workers when it came time for their own response to my incident report said they had no idea what happened and hadn't seen it at all - I was SPRAWLED on the floor.......... what do you THINK happened?

08-17-2006, 02:26 AM
I'm kinda like RB; I could hurt myself in a padded room. I've fallen up stairs and I frequently run into the edge of walls and doors; I think its a depth perception thing. But I digress. I used to work for a fire department. At night we'd sleep at the fire station in BUNK beds. Being the newbie I got a top bunk. You can see this being a problem can't you? So did my co-workers. 2am (or whatever), half alseep, lights flashing and alarm beeping does NOT make me more coherant. In fact it generally made me fall right out of bed. After the first time or two of kinda landing on my feet the guys knew someone had to be there to catch me.

One night when we were fairly busy, we went on a call, transported to the hospital and go back to the station everyone gets back in bed. Before we could get back to sleep we got another call. So I attempt to graceful climb out of bed and miss the bottom rung. Ouch. I fall on my butt and my ankle lands kinda funny. It hurt but we had a call to run. We went on the call and again transported to the hospital. We get back to the station and my ankle that had been hurting is now cause me so much pain I'm crying. I had a fun time explaining to the hospital why we were back so soon.

08-17-2006, 02:42 AM
the craft store had its walls covered with long hooks, stabbed myself many a time when I would trip over the rips in the carpet, the other staff did it to, it was almost a daily event

a customer did it ONCE and headoffice got wind and wanted it fixed... so they sent us duct tape..... to tape the carpet to the floor:rolleyes:

I also had a fight with some sharp metal shelving, me and my $90 pants lost, massive bleeding gash, blood dripping down my leg and the store manager didnt want me to put it in the accident book because we were 60 days without an accident

gee thanks boss

Irving Patrick Freleigh
08-17-2006, 04:03 AM
Lately, at work, they've been documenting every injury that happens, no matter how minor. We have a meeting every month to discuss safety and shrink issues, and the minutes of these meetings, along with the reported injuries, are typed up and posted in the break room.

Among of some of our recent mishaps...

-there were two reports of people being hit in the back of the heel by flatbeds. This is really no big deal. I do it all the time. When it happens I just hop up and down and try not to curse too loudly and walk it off.
-somebody was walking backwards and tripped over a flatbed and fell backwards on their butt. :lol:
-somebody else tried to lift a box by the plastic strap holding it shut, and the strap broke and the person punched themself in the face. :roll:
-lastly, somebody else got hit in the knee by a box while unloading truck. Must've been a pretty big box.

08-17-2006, 07:10 AM
This might be a little long....sorry...

Working for Burger King in the late 1980's (my first job) I was washing dishes. I bent down to get the stainless steel iced tea container off the floor. Someone distracted me and I turned my head. My left hand whacks into the top of the tea container between my index finger and middle finger.

Blood starts to gush...I had to ask another employee who was just getting off work to drive me to the hospital to get stitches. Get there and find out that I'm not the legal age of consent to get stitches without a parent. (I was 18...legal age of consent was 19!) Called my mom, got my stitches, went home, didnt sleep and walked to the store the next morning at 6am to fill out the accident report and get breakfast.

Working at McD's I injured myself several times (was there 8yrs). Not every injury was noteworthy.

One day I was making Big Macs, and we had this special toaster that would toast all three of the Mac buns at (heel, club, and crown) at the same time. Toaster must be about 200something degrees. I pull the slider that holds the crowns on the toaster towards myself to pull the crowns off the toaster and onto the Big Macs. Pulled a little too far and it slides all the way off the toaster. Slams into my left arm.

I got a 2nd degree burn that went from my wrist to the elbow, and a nice trip to the Quack-in-the-Box for some burn cream. Had to wrap gauze around my arm for several weeks. Loved that burn cream tho...used it everytime I got a little burn. (Silvadene Cream) worked wonders.

Also at McD's

Was squatting down to get straws from underneath the pick-up window's cash register. Left knee makes a popping sound and an excrutiating pain goes thru my leg. Another trip to the Quack-in-the-Box and I get a nice Ace bandage and diagnosis of Patellar Tendonitis.

Telemarketing job.

Got a nasty paper cut doing a manual order. Gosh those hurt!


Worked in the Fabric's and Crafts department. Sliced my hand on the scissors when some SC yanked some fabric off the table as I was cutting it. (mentioned this before in another thread)

While the store was still being built, I was helping some other employees set up a row of shelving. There was an electrician on a scissor lift working on some wiring in the same aisle. I was just below the lift. Suddenly I felt a horrible pain on the top of my head and heard a ping of something hitting the floor. The electrician had just stripped some heavy gauge wire and clipped the excess off. That piece fell onto my head and gave me a nice little puncture wound. Electrician denied doing anything. Management didnt have any band-aids and wouldnt open up a box from stock. Had to walk around with blood in my hair till I got off work.

The day before our store opened, we had a party and the grocery side cooked up a bunch of food for us. Some dimwit cooked the fried mushrooms in the same vat that someone else did some fried shrimp. I ate the mushrooms...and about 10 minutes later had an allergic reaction to the cross contamination from the shrimp. I'm not deathly allergic (yet) but got lots of hives. Management let me go an hour early, but acted as if I was faking it. How can you fake dozens of hives all over your body?

A week or two later, I was working in my dept, when I squatted down to pick up a piece of paper. (just like I squatted to get the straws at McD's) there was a loud popping noise and a horrible pain shot thru my ankle. I screamed. Several customers and the other person I was working with heard the pop from several aisles over. I could barely walk. Management wouldnt let me fill out an accident report. (no one actually saw me do it) The fact that I could barely walk didnt convince them.

I walked 9 months on that ankle before I got to a doctor. (about 3 months past when WM fired me) I had ruptured my Achilles tendon, and had to wear a moon boot for 4 months before my ankle healed. Ankle has never been the same since. This is the biggest reason I hate WM. I had to pay out of pocket for the treatment.

I found out why my left knee got patellar tendonitis at McD's and why the left Achilles tendon ruptured. I have a previously undiagnosed birth defect that somehow affects my joints, tendons, and some other things. I had unexplained injuries like this my entire life, and never knew why it was happening. It's one of the big reasons I'm not working now.

08-17-2006, 12:43 PM
Thinking back on it more, the worst injury I got at work wasn't bad in the physical sense, just kinda embarassing. Somebody had accidentally smashed a glass jar on the floor, and I was sent to clean it up. As I'm cleaning it up, this lady passes by and gives me a "You'd better put gloves on or else you're going to cut yourslef. Glass is sharp." That annoyed me because I hate it when people tell me how to do my job. I told her I'll be fine, as I had cleaned up glass tons of times before and had NEVER cut myself, besides this was all big shards that are easy to pick up. Two seconds later I stab my finger with the one tiny shard of glass and start bleeding. I go to the service desk to get a bandaid and of course that women happens to be there to see me get the bandaid. "You cut yourself didn't you?" I slink away in embarassment.

Mark Healey
08-29-2006, 03:42 AM
When we moved the bookstore to the space next door I was thinking "I'm a manly man, I don't need to lift properly.". I had no problems the three days we were moving the store. Two day after that I couldn't stand up straight and that lasted a week with several weeks of pain after that. I now know that I'm not a manly man and do need to lift properly.

Retail's Bitch
08-29-2006, 04:17 AM
New Injury!!!!!

I got stung by a bee. I put my arm down in the window-sill at the studio. It felt like someone had stabbed me hard with a thumb-tack or a pushpin. My arm swelled up...

It was not fun... Not to mention the fact that it's been a week and I'm getting a funny itchy reaction around the sting for some reason. If I was allergic wouldn't this have happened like when I got stung?!

08-29-2006, 01:02 PM
Have I hurt myself on the job? Are we kidding? :D

Delivering newspapers was always fun in the winter. Falling on ice really sucks. There was this one house that usually had an icy porch. This was because the owner was too cheap to replace the gutter...which would leak during the day and then freeze at night. At least I could climb up the railing. However, if that was frozen too, I risked falling on the steps, and then bashing my face against the outward-tilting window :eek:

Then there's the time I knocked myself out at camp. I was picking up some things off the floor, when I bashed my head on the soda cooler handle. All I remember is getting up, hearing a "crunch" and then seeing stars :eek: Oh well, at least it knocked some sense into me :lol: and I got to sleep for a few hours.

09-12-2006, 10:03 PM
Hmm. have I been hurt? RB's right. That's a trick question.

1. Non Retail. Working as a CNC saw operator.
A.) Saw blade disintigrates into a million bits of tiny metal. Small chunks in arm, and one bit stuck in my safety glasses. They later used those glasses as an example why you should wear them.
B.) Broken Leg. Forklift operator caused stack of 4x8 plywood to shift and slip off the lift table. Managed to dump it in my direction. I didn't dodge fast enough.
C.) Broken foot. Accidentally had a pallet with a heavy arsed metal die set down on my foot. Much jumping about and yelling "Get it off! Get it off!"
D.) Nice stripe/bruise on my neck: Machine threw a part and caused the wire (bout an inch thick) to spring back and smack me right in the throat. I was hoarse for a week.

2.) Retail. Working at Wal-Mart.
A.) Fell off a ladder. Missed a step halfway up. No breaks, beyond pride.

3.) Retail. Quincey's.
A.) Second degree burns on both hands after trying to catch a pot of coffee. Another server had dropped it and I didn't want the customer to get hurt. I wasn't thinking, and just reached out to catch it like a basketball. Hurt very much bad.
B.) Bumps and bruises after being hit in parkinglot by car. Not sure if this was my fault or not. (maybe my service was bad.)

4.) Non Retail. (Temp work) Paint Company:
A.) Chemical burns over legs and feet. Mixing vat valve broke and dumped concentrated purple power on four of us. I lost all the hair on my legs for two years.

5.) Non Retail. (temp) American Woodmark Cabinets.
A.) Psychiatric treatment for six months. Company suffered a fatality, and I happened to be friends with the maintence man.

6.) Retail: Lowe's. CSA/Head Cashier.
A.) Broken foot. The pallet thing again. This time concrete. Was not my fault. ASM took the blame.
B.) Stabbed knee, cut vein. Ambulance ride. Asm suggested I pull back with the box cutter. It slipped.
C.) Broken foot. (other one). Dropped a box of tile on my foot from waist high. Cussed loudly and for many moments. Management did not say a word. Customer didn't either oddly enough.
D.) Smashed hand. Sliding door did not stop as it's supposed to. Rather, it caught my hand and THEN stopped.
E.) Bruised pride, good laugh, some road rash. Blue cart got away from me, and stupid me tried to grab onto it to stop. It dragged me across the parkinglot.

09-13-2006, 02:45 AM
I have a few injuries but nothing serious.

Was dumb enough to lift a stack of 20 cones and walk about 300 meters to the barn where we put them. It pretty much hurt my back for the rest of the night.

Got hit in the shoudler by a stack of cones while riding in a truck. The truck hit a bump, knocking over a stack which struck me right square on the shoulder.

Almost got my foot run over by a jackass who was speeding around.

That's about it.

10-24-2006, 02:20 AM
I thought I'd bring this thread back. :D

Tonight at work I was opening boxes and breaking them down. While I was in the middle of doing it, I took out a chunk of skin from my left middle finger...

With the nail of my right thumb.

How I did that, I'm sure I don't know.

It takes talent to be me.

Oh, and I got a totally snazzy SpongeBob band-aid.

10-24-2006, 04:00 AM
While at Big Bear and Giant Eagle(same building, different times), I managed to slam the meat of my thumb in the safe several times. Led to muttered cursing and big ole blisters each time... Once while I was taking a piano course... Also slammed my head on innumerable counters and open doors... once while fleeing from a MASSIVE spider. I hate spiders(to the point of making the girls I work with kill them while I cower in a corner.)

Also, whilst getting carts in the winter, I was normally pretty sure footed. Once though while I was getting them, I slipped and fell on my arse. Hurt nothing but my pride, though my coworkers got a laugh out of it, since I was back up in an instant, chasing after the carts that had NOT stopped...

Only real injury happened at WM, when a manager dropped a pallet on my foot. Got away with a broken pinky toe, but WM wouldn't let me put in an incident report since I didn't think anything of it till the next day, and I got a reprimand for slacking on the job when I could, you know, barely walk without being in severe pain...

Yeah... I hate Wal-Mart...

10-24-2006, 06:48 PM
Smashed my hand in a door at Dairy Queen and got a huge bruise from it. Couldn't move my thumb without pain for awhile.

Tore most of the skin from my palm while trying to move a bun toaster enough to plug it in at the Dakota Dome. Spent half an hour trying to find enough band-aids to cover it while bleeding everywhere. Guess what they had me do after that - popcorn. Salt and open wounds, even when covered by band-aids, don't mix.

While doing inventory at Hardees, I turned my head and jammed a corner of a cardboard box into my eye. Uhm, ouch! Didn't bleed but my eye watered for the rest of the day.

Various paper cuts, tripping going up/down stairs and catching my hand/fingers in file cabinets.

10-25-2006, 01:39 AM
I too have a few of these stories

My most painful one was this past April

I tripped over an exposed computer cord landed on the tile floor of my office with ALL my weight on my left elbow.

Much cursing and crying insued and I went to Urgent Care. It was bruised not broken.

It took me a month to get all my range of motion back. Since then I have had intermittent pain in the elbow (it feels like it pops and then aches for hours)

I am now in physical therapy as they think I did damage to the muscle.

I have also tripped over stairs, slammed fingers in doors, papercuts galore and burns from various jobs.

10-25-2006, 01:47 AM
I can honestly say that nothing serious has happened to me...

But, let's see......Been dragged by dogs, pounced on and knocked off my feet.
Hit my head more then once on a steel bar as I was standing up in a cage.
Hmmm,..been scratched by cats, hissed at by snakes, and overall had dogs threaten to rip my throat out.

Which has caused me fumbiling back into a steel cage, banging my back and head.

Had a foot go through a pallet a few times, twisted my ankle, slammed my fingers in between steel and crates, had boxes attack me and customers trying to run me over.

Occasionally bruised from my knees to my upper thighs, making me shy away from wearing a bikini in summer.

I have a bad wrist, so that has been twisted on many occasions, I have now a mysterious bump in my finger that wasn't there, have no clue where it came from, and on many occasions looked down to see my hand cut open.

My brother on the other hand had the back of his hand hit a blade, when he looked down, ..lets just say that I dropped him off at work that morning at 545 am, we didn't get home till 1am, three hospitals and countless doctors later, he sliced his tendon in his middle finger in half. Needless to say, he was in a cast and therapy for almost a year.

Sooo, that being said..Lol, compared to some of yous and my brother, I count myself lucky, bruises and all...and oh yeah...

DON'T GET HURT AT WAL-MART....There policy is to bandage you up and ship you back to work...(But it depends on the managers..we do have some good ones.)

10-26-2006, 12:54 AM
Just did this one a couple of hours ago.

You know how when you're going down stairs, you get to what you think is the bottom, step on air and drop? That's basically what happened to me, except this was coming off the back of a truck.

I was walking close to the edge, with all my weight, I took a step sideways, presumably to the surface but unfortunately into air. This took me over and straight down for the three foot drop. I actually had enough time while falling to think about how many teeth this will cost me. Fortunately, I managed to get both hands out to absorb most of the impact of my upper body. My chin took a healthy wack, but no damage up there. Unfortunately my lower body quickly followed and the only thing to take the impact was my knee. I don't think I broke anything, but it still hurts like a MFer. I'm going to have to see how badly it stiffens up to see if I need to take time off.

10-26-2006, 03:50 PM
You know how when you're going down stairs, you get to what you think is the bottom, step on air and drop?

Something similar happened to me, but since it wasn't work related, I didn't mention it here yet.

Might as well give the short version.

I was upstairs in my room, doing last minute packing for a trip I was taking. The phone rang, so I ran down the stairs to answer it. Missed a step or three, landed, pulled down the phone and answered it.

My ankle wound up swollen, and my foot was massively bruised. A few days later (while still on my trip), at the insistence of others, I was taken to the ER.

Diagnosis? Torn ligaments. I'd been trying to walk on that foot for a few days. I'm lucky it wasn't worse.

10-26-2006, 04:43 PM
I had this thing with knives when I worked at Quizno's. I was wiping a bread knife by holding a rag in my hand and dragging the knife through the rag. The rag moved and I sliced my left ring finger good. Still have the scar. I cut myself quite a few times there, but that was the worst.

The worst here was when I got a piece of dry concrete in the eye.

Bob Blaylock
10-27-2006, 09:27 AM
One (right thumb)
Two (right index finger)
Three (right middle finger)
Four (right ring finger)
Five (right pinkie)
Six (left thumb)
Seven (left index finger)
Eight (left middle finger)
Eight point nine (what's left of my left ring finger)
Nine point nine (left pinkie)

Due to an injury that occurred a year and a few months ago, I get about a 1% error now, when I try to count to ten. I only get to 9.9 instead of 10.

I was working at a thrift store, at the time, and was helping to load a piece of furniture into a cutomer's car. The furniture moved in an unexpected way, causing the tip of my left ring finger to get caught between it and the inside of the car.

Below is a scan of my left hand, made just after I completely removed the bandages and Gelfoam for the first time, a few weeks after the injury. The black mark around the base of the injured finger was meant as a surrogate for my wedding ring, which I was advised not to wear until the finger healed; and which I felt rather strange about not wearing. I've had to give up wearing my ring anyway, because ever since the injury, it seems that my finger no longer remains a constant size. Sometimes, the ring is too tight, and sometimes, it is too loose.

The hand is unusually dirty because I needed to keep the injured area dry, which prevented me from washing that hand very well.

10-27-2006, 02:47 PM
All the injuries I have suffered this year have occured at work. At the restaurant I work at we have a hot water dispenser with a very very sensitive lever. I walked past it one day and sent a stream of scalding hot water down the side of my midsectin while trying to avoid bumping into a coworker. Apparantly the lever was facing the wrong way.

We have a few dishes that requires the use of a portable gas stove. The problem is these dishes are really popular and there are never enough stoves. I had no luck trying to find a working one until my manager comes over to help me. I was holding the stove with one hand while he inspected it. I didn't realize he was going to attempt turning it on until the flame ignited....with my thumb on the grill. We had a good laugh about it since it was my stupidity for not unlocking the safety feature and his for trying to roast my thumb.

10-27-2006, 04:22 PM
One time I smashed my fingers really bad, I couldn't help but utter "Shit !!!!!!!" And rather then do the proper thing and ask if I was ok, all I got from my PIC was "You better be glad Tom (the store director) didn't hear you, you would have been written up!"

In the same vein, I had a 9 AM class the next day and management told me I was too tough to need more than 6 hrs. of sleep so they kept me and had me put up a display (More money for me baby).

I headbutted the warehouse door after a customer pissed me off.

...it won.

..I think I concussed myself.

11-20-2006, 01:24 AM
I was stocking smokey treats at work today, and was standing on the step stool to reach the top shelves, which are over 6 feet off the ground. I was stepping down to help a customer when I completely miss the step and fell like a ton of bricks. It was pretty embarrassing.

I managed to scrape a small bit of skin off my right hand (not really sure how), but am otherwise fine.

The town paramedic was concerned when I told him my fall, though.

I did manage to jump up and yell "WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO I'm OK!!!!!!!" :whistle:

11-20-2006, 01:51 AM
I'm so glad this thread got brought up again. I was thinking about it just the other day because I've been in constant pain for the past week and a half. I cracked my rib at work again.

How, you ask? I was giving my boss a hug.

Her shoulder hit my chest in just the right way because there was that silent gunshot of pain, and I haven't been right since. It was tolerable for a few days though, and then I got it into my head to do six large, heavy loads of laundry and that cracked it a little more and then it was not tolerable, especially when I tried to breath deep. I sneezed a couple of days ago and nearly burst into tears from it.

Thankfully, I'm healing quickly. Two days ago I regained my ability to yawn and take deep breaths without wanting to scream.

Department stores *sigh*
11-21-2006, 06:47 PM
2 stand out in my mind. one my fault and one i feel was more nigh crew fault.

My fault:
i had a new knife that was more like a hunting knife. I was esting how sharp it is b cuting through a wooden box and it sliped and hacked off my knuckle. My pal saw me do it and i pretty much said 'We say i was opening a box with a normal knife.'

One of my 'wtf was I THINKING!?!?' moments that im not proud of and glad i didnt cut my hand in half instead.

Night crew fault:
heavy item + top shelf + irate customer + noobie stock guy = trip to first aid room with blody hand. Wasnt to seriouse but i got a scare from both these scenarios.

11-21-2006, 07:30 PM
I sustained an impacted radial head fracture on my left arm at a restaurant I used to work at. I think I posted about it somewhere on here before.

The restaurant was filling up - I was busy. I was not running, but doing that fast-paced walk. Turned the corner to go into our kitchen and slipped on something. I put my arms out to catch myself and pain shot up my left arm. I thought for sure it was my wrist. So, I stood there, in pain fearful of moving it. I started to move it slowly, then a little quicker and thought "cool! I didn't break it!" then I went to put my arm down and the pain shot right back through my arm.

From what I understand, the fracture is just like it sounds - my two arm bones (I forget their medical names) my lower arm bone and my upper arm bone smashed together when I fell and caused a fracture. Nowadays, they don't use casts for a lot of fractures and breaks. They go for physical therapy. If they would have casted my elbow, I would've been out about 4 - 6 weeks in a cast and then out another 8 - 16 weeks in physical therapy. Instead, I just had 16 weeks of physical therapy.

11-21-2006, 08:56 PM
From what I understand, the fracture is just like it sounds - my two arm bones (I forget their medical names) my lower arm bone and my upper arm bone smashed together when I fell and caused a fracture.

Upper arm = humerous.
Lower arm = Ulna and Radius.

11-27-2006, 02:42 AM
Today while I was at work doing the salad bar thing, I dropped a 5 lb. plastic tub of seafood (or was it chicken?) salad right on the top of my foot. It hurt. No funny story to go with it, though.

11-27-2006, 12:29 PM
Upper arm = humerous.
Lower arm = Ulna and Radius.

Yeah, those two. The Ulna is connected at the elbow to the humerous, right? Well, it was not so humerous when I fell!:rimshot: :lol:

Irving Patrick Freleigh
11-27-2006, 12:33 PM
Yeah, those two. The Ulna is connected at the elbow to the humerous, right? Well, it was not so humerous when I fell!:rimshot: :lol:

If you were acting in Comedy Sportz, you would recieve a groaner penalty! ;)

11-27-2006, 01:44 PM
A few weeks ago I was wrestling with my boxcutter because it didnt want to open a box like I was asking it to, so it decided to fight me over it.

The boxcutter won. I lost.

And for losing I got a deep cut and 5 stitches:lol:

Of course this only adds to all my small nicks and cuts . . . . . so far

Sphinx- who doesnt need a boxcutter, much less at work . . . . . .

11-27-2006, 06:39 PM
My worst injuries ever were not work-related, though they did affect my ability to work. At 16 I broke my jaw when I used my chin to break my fall off a bicycle. The motorists on that road were so kind that when they saw me laying in a crumpled heap on the side of the road they honked for me to get out of their way. And people wonder why I hate New Jersey. Easily the most painful thing I have ever been through, especially with getting my jaw wired shut and all. The good thing was that I worked at an ice cream parlor/restaurant, so had plenty of milkshakes to get me by.

A few years later, while drunkenly riding my bicycle home from an all-night party, I managed to ride right into a parked car, which caused me to land face first on the road and smash my face pretty good. No one around to honk at me then, though.

Also, due to my love of cooking, and my innate clumsiness, I am often slicing my fingers in various new and creative ways. Also, bartending, I managed to do the same thing, so I often am seen wearing bandages on one or more fingers...especially since, with even the smallest cuts, the juice from limes and lemons makes one go AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! when it comes in contact with said minor injuries.

More work related injuries are not hard to come by in my history either. In addition to the many minor cuts and bruises as mentioned above in my serving and bartending duties, when I was a cook (first job), managed to get many burns from the oil in the deep fryer. Anyone who has dealt with that stuff knows that that leaves scars for a long time.

Then there are the more amusing injuries I have suffered. While working for a Phoenix hotel as a banquet server, I managed to slip on the wet kitchen floor and shatter my left wrist. I had to learn how to carry trays with dinners on them with my RIGHT hand, basically completely reversing the way I did things. Also, as I was DJing weddings at the time, this injury caused me problems, as I could no longer lift the two heavy speakers on to their tripods when I was setting up. This problem was alleviated by having a very kind girlfriend who would go along with me to my gigs and help me set up. Clients did not seem to mind the extra person when the situation was explained to them over the phone.

Fast forward to this year. As we have just opened the new restaurant in the hotel, and I my boss is looking to me and the other supervisor to make sure we have everything we need, I mentioned the current lack of rubber mats behind the bar, which we DID have in the old restuarant. Apparently those got tossed. Apparently new ones are real expensive. Apparently the company that manages the hotel is rather, shall we say, thrifty. My boss asked if we could just get by without them. My response was not nice, polite, friendly, or diplomatic. It went something like this: "I have already shattered one wrist because of a wet floor, and bar floors get wet. That is a fact of life. I am not going to break any more bones because this company is too cheap to buy basic safety equipment. Also, don't you think the Health Department might get a bit upset if they notice we don't have anything back there to prevent falls? Isn't that a complete f***ing safety hazard?" Boss is looking into getting mats again. Smart move.

Back to DJing for a moment...this was not an injury per se, but could have been a serious injury or even a fatality. One day, heading from Phoenix to Tucson to do a wedding, an 18-wheeler to my right on the two lane southbound freeway decided he needed to be in the left lane, and so he went into the left lane. Where I was. Where he apparently didn't see or didn't care where I was. This happened so quickly, I did not have time to break to get behind this blankety blank, and he basically ran me off the road onto the (barely existent) shoulder at 80 miles an hour. It was only by sheer luck and some amount of driving skill that I did not end up in a ditch. I was livid, to say the least, but could not catch up to the idiot to get his company name off the truck without risking a serious speeding ticket. He was hauling! I just hope HE got a ticket later on down the road.

Once when I was working at a chain restaurant, I had an amusing incident. Well, amusing to those who saw it, not to me. Right next to the line, we had a monitor which showed you how long each order was taking. When an order was going out, we would "bump" it off the screen. Decent enough system. Well, one day, I was doing something below said monitor, and came up quickly, forgetting where I was. CRACK! I slammed my head hard into the bottom bracket that held that monitor in place. According to the people who saw it, I went down like a sack of potatos. I don't remember that part. Just one minute working, the next being on the floor with a severe pain in the back of my skull. Not fun.

And then there was the Double Careless Maneuver. This one is just embarrassing. I was working at a chain restaurant in Orlando, FL, during my 18 month trek around the country. I was talking on the phone and also fidgeting with a lemon cutter--the kind where you lift the handle, put a lemon in, and bring the handle down to slice the lemon into nice neat wedges. So the blades inside it were, how shall we say, very sharp. Well, this is not a device one should be messing around with while distracted. Did I mention I was on the phone? Somehow, I got my hand in there and the contraption came down, SLICING my palm something badly. No hospital visit needed, just a good bandaging, and here the story should end. Should, but doesn't. A few days later, I was on a beach in Clearwater, FL, hanging out with some people I had just met. Trying to impress the girls in the group, I was showing off my bottle flipping skills. So I picked up a beer bottle from the ground that someone had discarded and flipped it into the air, behind my back, and caught it, in front of myself. Unfortunately for me and the show, it was not a complete beer bottle. So that sliced my OTHER hand something bad. I showed up the next day at my friend's house in a quiet little Florida town with two bandaged hands. She said I looked like a mummy movie reject. I spent three days in that quiet Florida town, basically just reading and recuperating.

You would think by now I would be more careful around sharp objects. You would think. :lol:

11-30-2006, 09:28 PM
If you don't mind my asking (I seem to be a little dense today), how did you manage to fall UP stairs?

It takes a special talent. We klutzes take great pride in our ability to perform unlikely feats of clumsiness.

(Currently sporting three mystery bruises on her left leg, and who has only NOT fallen up the stais recently by dint of avoiding stairs entirely)

12-09-2006, 06:50 AM
Unfortunately (well, fortunately, but not for storytelling!) I wasn't really hurt in either of these, but not too long ago I ran for the door because the window customer's money blew away... and ran smack into it because it wasn't unlocked yet. And once, while closing, I slipped on the floor I'd just mopped, catching myself on the floor with my hand. Which bent backwards almost to the point that my knuckles were touching my arm, which they are not supposed to do. It didn't hurt that much, but at first my fingers wouldn't work, then over the next few minutes they went from not moving at all, to a small range, to normal but weak, to perfectly fine. By which time it *did* hurt, but nothing more ever came of it. I can't even be sure which hand it was.

12-09-2006, 03:08 PM
ive cut myself many times with boxcutters. mostly left hand. only went to the er once,3 stitches. pinkie finger. now i got an awesome scar. actually 2 of them,cause i got myself again,right above the first. i have a small divit in my head from headbutting the bailer. didnt go to the ER that time,though i think i got a concussion. my boss was a lazy bitch. got a scar on my knee from more box cutter shenanigans. probably should have gotten stitches that time as well. boss yet again lazy. i crushed my hand between the walkie stacker and the steel in the backroom one night. that hurt like a sonofabitch. it swelled up for a few days.
ive cracked my head against various things over the years too. and my foot got crushed by a pallet one time as well. probably should have visited the ER on that occasion too. once again,ive got a lazy boss.

my fellow janitor V hit himself in the face with length of pipe while trying to unjam the garbage compacter. fucked himself up good too. looked like he got in a barfight.

another friend,A,done substantial damage to himself in the past. he got 5 staples in his head due to a bailer incident. he fell down in the floor stripper. stoic bastard,though. after falling into the stripper,back first,he got up and went and bought a new shirt and got back to work. last week he was working on one of the scrubbers and ended up cutting a chunk out of his wrist with a utility knife. nicked a nerve and got a stitch. i got to clean up his blood. and a while back he took a shelf to the forehead. hes also got various boxcutter scars from back in his stocking days.

i also almost stabbed myself in the eye with a floor scraper. missed the eye and nicked my forehead. i cant remember the circumstances behind that,aside from feeling really dumb. and one more,i was getting carts and smoking,and i was palming my cigarette cause of the wind. i ended up sticking the lit end on my lip and burning it. needless to say i felt like total moron that time.

also,ive got a scar on my back from crawling under the line while unloading a truck. that,too, was dumb.

12-23-2006, 03:19 AM
I just HAVE to bring this one back...

Today I was walking through the grocery back room (because it's faster than walking the sales floor...less customers, too :D ). One of the guys was walking through pushing a cart. I THOUGHT I got my foot all the way out of the way. I was wrong. He ran over my foot. It hurt. A LOT. It's OK, though, I can still walk.

A few minutes later, I have to go upstairs for some supplies. I pulled down a box, and it just barely touched my foot on landing. Wow, that hurt almost as much as when it was first run over. I admit, when that box landed, I yelled out some improper words. Good thing I was in an employee only area.

You know, I probably should look at my foot and see if there's any bruising.

12-24-2006, 01:22 PM
I just now noticed this thread existed, heh.

Have I ever been hurt at work? Hmmm. Do my wrestling matches count? :lol: If they do, I've got a finger that I'm pretty sure I broke...just sort of taped it back into one piece for a few weeks and now it (mostly) works fine. There's a theory that I once dislocated my neck taking a bad bump over the top rope to the floor but I pushed in back in during my roll through on the ground...something went CRACK CRACK and my neck has never been quite the same...also, I once dislocated my shoulder but didn't realize it until a few months later because it was so barely dislocated that it didn't like, hang off or anything, it just hurt a lot to use it. It seems to be fixed now.

At a regular job, though, I've never done anything more than wang my head on a counter or something, but to be honest, I don't even feel head injuries anymore...

12-25-2006, 02:06 AM
My neck and shoulders are getting all screwed up. Three-four pounds may not seem like a lot, but oh let me tell ya - add a few pounds to your head, move your neck all around whilst you animate and your body will notice the difference. Your neck is accustomed to whipping around for 24 hours the weight of just your head ; add a few pounds for an hour, and your neck will hate you. I absolutely love doing those shifts, but if I have to see the athletic trainer to loosen up my muscles every freaking time I do that shift, then it's a problem.

Also, my wrists are starting to hurt from straining it when I move my hand back. I think I'm going to have the trainer tape it up tomorrow morning...

12-25-2006, 08:45 AM
I haven't hurt myself at my current job yet. However, when I worked for St. Vinnies, I have hurt myself in many interesting ways.

For instance, I managed to lift a 6' barrel full of glass jars into the back of the truck I worked on. It weighed just a little less than I do.
Very bad for my back.

Me and my driver was hauling a oversized mattress out of a trailer for an old lady. It was raining outside. The upper left corner of the bed snagged on the low hanging roof. Which caused the bed to bend and push me back off the porch. I landed badly on my ankle, twisting it rather badly. I am a rather large man. I heard and felt my ankle pop.

The last injury I got there was when I helped remove an ancient xerox machine from a Lakewood church. We thought that it was going to be a relatively small machine. Riiiight. It was very largy and bulky. The doors outside were small. We tried to ease it out of the doors. There was at best 1/3 of an inch clearance on either side of the machine. I was backing out while my driver guided us out of the door. He turned to my right, the machine rebounded off the left side door. Which in turn caught my right pinky between door and machine. My pinky broke the long way. MY hand hurt for three weeks straight. I didn't know about that at the time. I didn't find out until I had a physical checkup.

12-26-2006, 02:02 AM
I just now noticed this thread existed, heh.

Mysty, next time I start an injury thread, I'll PM the link to you. :D

12-26-2006, 04:02 AM
When I worked in a nursing home, I hurt my back by lifting an older lady who was a lot bigger than me. It was either that or have her fall on the floor and I couldn't find anyone to help me in time. I got yelled at, apperently I was just suppose to let her fall and break her hip or worse. :rolleyes:

When I worked in a deli, I cut myself on the slicer more times than I care to remember. Luckily, none of the cuts required stitches.

I hurt my wrist in a job that required me to fold and tuck sandwich bags for 12 hours at a time. I saw their doctor and when I came back to work they put me on a faster machine. I quit. They had the nerve to get mad at me for quitting.

01-13-2007, 02:47 AM
It's me again. :D

I was minding my own business, cutting honeydew melons when I stabbed my finger. Usually when I think I've cut myself, the knife didn't even cut the glove. Not this time. I stabbed myself a good one. (I don't know HOW...my left hand was nowhere NEAR the knife being wielded by my right...) Bled so much that I didn't even have the band-aid properly applied before it bled through.

01-16-2007, 06:48 PM
The only two that immediately come to mind were both burns.

Working in the bakery at IGA (before Loeb took them over up here): part of my job was to bake the pies that we boxed and sold. The top oven's opening was 6' off the ground. I'm 5'6". The bakery manager had been on the shift before me, and had put a load of pies in the top oven (she was 5'10"). I normally only put bread or buns up in that top one, or didn't use it at all unless there was a rush. But for some reason, she got the brilliant idea to put pies (pies are HEAVY) in it. Came time to take them out, and I couldn't quite do it. I pulled the tray and it started falling towards me... so rather than drop six pies and have to pay for them, I stopped the sliding/tipping tray. With my chin. Hot tray. Ow. It actually STUCK to my chin.

Working in a gov't office (believe it or not). My supervisor used to bring her three year old brat (er son) in on frequent occasions (pissing our new boss off, since he doesn't really like having children in the office). This kid was SO rowdy... *sigh* Unfortunately, she let him do whatever the hell he wanted, and warned us that if we didn't do the same, there would be repercussions. Kid decides to play with the water cooler at the corner of my desk. I gave him a cup, told him not to fill it too much, and watched every few seconds to make sure he didn't flood the place while his mom was off chatting. Leave it to the three year old to figure out how to work the HOT water tap (it was one of those coolers that also provided boiling water) that none of the office staff could work. I saw him fiddling with it and said "Jack, don't touch" just as, in slow motion, I noticed the lock sliding home and the toggle beginning to fall.

Before I could even think, I had rolled over and stuck my hand between the hot water tap and him, just as a bunch of boiling water poured out over my hand. Fortunately, the kid didn't get burned, but the entire back of my hand was covered in second-degree burns. His mother LAUGHED. "Well, kids will be kids, right?" I was so stunned I couldn't even speak, and it wasn't until my boss came out of his office to see what was going on and said "Oh my god, your HAND!" that I even moved. ugh.

Other than that, I can't remember anything major. Ever had a paper cut with a file folder though? ow.

01-17-2007, 05:08 PM
Ever had a paper cut with a file folder though? ow.

Of the many unworthy work related injuries that I've gotten, I have lost count of the number of times that I've given myself "paper" cuts from the plastic containers used for the salad bar (most recent time, last Friday...talk about an injury day :( ).

01-18-2007, 08:18 AM
It was my first week at family dollar and I was doing truck and one of the boxes fell off the conveyer belt. I went outside the back door to get it and I wasn't looking down and I forgot there was this very high curb there... Well needless to say I fell off the curb. It hurt sooo bad. I immediately (and embarrasedly) got up and kind of stood against the wall on one leg because my right ankle was killing me.

The truck driver saw me and my manager just heard the truck driver asking me if I was okay. She asked what happened and trying not to :cry: I told her I fell.

My ankle was swelling. We went inside (with me limping) and I filled out an incident report. Now, at the time I didn't have a car. And I had no way to get to the doctors! The manager (she's awesome but I could tell she was pissed that I fell) asked me how I normally got around and I answered by bus. There was no way I was getting on a bus, I was hurt.

So, I called my boyfriend and his best friend just happened to be visiting and had to come and get me. That was just horrible. In the end I was all scrapped up and sprained my ankle.

It was a nightmare... I had to go on workmen's comp for a month or so and I live on the second floor. It was really embarassing. And I felt bad that I had to leave the manager to finish the truck on her own. And let's just say for the remainder of the time I was there I wasn't allowed to do truck because they were afraid I'd fall again. Fine by me.

01-18-2007, 08:28 AM
On the more recent accidents I've smashed my hand in my money drawer. Now, these drawers are different. They roll out and they're heavier than normal drawers. They have eighty thousand dollars in them. They're wooden too. It hurt like hell and took off a good bit of my skin.

I had a friend who worked at KB toys. She was in the backroom and tripped over a toy gun and hurt her wrist. When she was on the phone telling the higher ups about what happened they laughed when she mentioned she tripped over a toy gun.

We used to have these massive drawers on wheels, they had three sections and were heavy and hard to move. Well of course, I ran over my toe. No damage but it hurt.

Oh this one is my newest one. I was going down the employee stairs talking to someone from house keeping and things were normal until I found myself on the ground. I fell weird. I had my back to the stairs going down them but after falling somehow I turned around, fell on my butt and had my back facing away from the stairs. I hurt my thumb. It was tweaked a weird way. I kind of got smushed up against the wall too.

I had to go to security and fill out a report. They took pictures of my shoes--to see the tread. Apparently I had good tread so nobody was quite sure how I fell. At least I had witnesses. But they then told me had I been wearing the company shoes I could've sued for a lot of money. Now why wasn't I wearing those shoes?? Just kidding. It was my fault I fell. I am a huge klutz. :p

01-20-2007, 03:14 AM
I was getting a fork or something from the bottom shelf in our breakroom, and when I stood up I cracked the top of my head on the top of the shelf unit. Hurt like hell and bled a little bit.

My worst work injury was when a woman came to pick up an order of like 96 copies of a book for a school order. I blame the receiver who packed the order for this one. It was in 2 boxes, one longer and flatter and the other closer to a cube. I assumed that they were half and half. I picked up the cube-shaped box and it was heavy but I could just handle it. So I carry it to my register and go back for the other box. Turns out they were split up 1/3 and 2/3...so the second box was twice as heavy. I didn't discover this until after I had wrenched my back so bad I couldn't stand up straight. Had to call the manager and she had to pull the guy working in music out to help the woman carry them out cuz he was the only guy in the store that night. I had to fill out an accident report. After I rested a bit I was ok to finish the night, but the next night I was so stiff I spent slow times lying on the floor behind the cashwrap and went home 2 hours early. Got a hot chocolate on my way out and took a hot bath when I got home. Ahhhh...

A woman I worked with had a stack of calendars slide from a shelf in receiving onto her head. She got a concussion from that and was out for a couple days.


01-20-2007, 09:59 PM
A few years ago, when I worked at the place where my mom still works, I was soldering something and dropped the iron on my finger right under my nail.

I ran to the bathroom and then one of the ladies from the office helped me put burn cream and gauze on it.

I wandered back onto the work floor and saw my mom. My first words to her were, "Don't worry. It's not as bad as it looks." Mom wasn't amused. She freaked out a bit until I told her it was a tiny burn.

I still don't think she's forgiven me for that and it's been at least 6 years. :

01-22-2007, 12:31 AM
No paper cuts from file folders... but from fry cartons, and even corrugated cardboard boxes, yes!

06-01-2007, 02:52 AM
I was wrapping pans today and something above my right wrist POPPED. It didn't hurt for long, but I wonder what that was.

Every once in a while, I'll actually be standing still and my left knee (you should FEEL it...no one wants to anymore :cry:) will try to invert.

If I'm this way now, I wonder how I'll be when I'm 40...

06-01-2007, 04:07 AM
When I worked set crew on a play, I was working in the wood cage, stacking things on top of a huge pile of pallets I monkeyed my way up on top of. Well, I got left back there by myself, and decided to jump down. When I did, I caught my hand on a bench and broke my pinky finger. I walked out of the cage holding my hand, looking stunned, and just taped it up and went back to work. Our director was not terribly pleased. :o

Working at the zoo, I ended up with countless bumps and bruises from running into things, dropping stuff, and carrying heavy things. The closest call was when I was tossing hay from the second story hay loft down onto the pickup truck, and actually tossed myself out too. Luckily I landed on the hay in the truck, and just ended up a little shaken. :)

The one I remember most was when I worked at the vet, and got bitten by a flying squirrel. We were clipping it's nails, one person holding him, one clipping, and I was holding a pen in his little mouth to keep him occupied. I looked up for a sec, and the next thing you know, it had sunk it's little teeth almost all the way through the pad of my index finger. That hurt like you wouldn't believe, and it took everything in me not to cuss out loud.

06-01-2007, 04:12 AM
My first month at my current job i still worked at my old job (i was finishing up training before i put in my notice.) One day when i was scheduled at my first job i was called in early because A (someone ive mentioned before) never showed and they need someone to help the manager at lunch.

At one point we ran out of everything in the front (well the most popular stuff) and where still busy so i ran in the back to grab some stuff.

As i passed a seperation counter/wall i knocked over the Health Department clipboard.
I moved to catch it.
There was the echo of a large slam in the room. I was crying hard and yelped.
I continued to grab the stuff, washed my hands and went back to work.
I noticed soemthing funny.... I COULDNT MOVE MY FINGERS.
Apparently i really damaged a ligament and almost had to have surgery.
I put in my notice after i filed for workmens comp because even if i wanted to work their, it wasnt worth it if i wouldn't be able to do anything for them for monthes but could still work at my new job.

(BTW i still have some problems with that wrist.)

06-01-2007, 05:40 AM
My managers call me accident prone, if there is a way to get hurt, I manage. They joke that I am not allowed around sharp objects. Working in the photo lab, I smashed my finger in the photo machine so bad, my nail bed was damaged for months, and reqiured medical attention for a few months. While opening a disposable camera once to remove the film for developing, I slipped with the scew driver and have a 3 inch scar on the top of my hand. At a job I had at a previous employer, I had 2 memorable injuries. I ran into a large support beam, this beam was painted safety yellow, and had a fire extinguisher attatched to it, how I didnt see it, I will never know, but it was about 9 years ago, and my son wont let me live it down, yes I did break my nose. Also at the same place once when I was leaving for the night, I dropped my car keys, and bent over to get them, the automatic doors opened on my thumb, and it was another nail bed injury.

06-01-2007, 08:19 AM
So far, nearly all my injuries are my jamming my fingers in things. The register drawer, a DVD case, a door jamb as the door closes, my locker door, between the chair and the table as I push the chair in... It's probably a good thing I never followed up on my idea of becoming a cabinet maker, with my luck with fingers! :D

06-01-2007, 08:35 AM
Aside from the usual bumps and bruises, I seem to get burned a lot, like I've got special magnets that only work on hot metal and grease. Let me tell you, pressing your arm up against the side of a pizza oven by accident is NOT fun. No blisters, but it stung like hell for a couple hours.

Andara Bledin
06-01-2007, 08:28 PM
*wince* Cardboard cuts are eeeeevil. Cardstock paper cuts are pretty vicious, too.

My best injury was more of a recreation thing than work, but I was "on duty" at the time.

I was attending a renaissance faire, and one of the things every guild had to do was have a couple of volunteers spend some time at the front gate doing greetings and such for flavor. It's light duty and can be pretty fun, if a bit boring.

The setup at this particular faire had a structure at the main gate with a ladder leading up to a small upper area. There were three of us, and it was nearly closing on Sunday evening. We were tired, a little bored, and feeling quite silly. I kept yelling down to people that they were going the wrong way, and that the shops were behind us. If they yelled back that they were out of money, I'd complain about them wasting my time. It can be fun to heckle.

There were these little pennant flags stuck up at the corners of the tower and we had grabbed them to wave them at people. During a stretch with nobody going by, me and the guy decided to do a little bit of flag fencing. So we fool around a bit, and then I go to set myself in the classic en garde position; one arm back and up, the other forward, and one foot planted a bit behind me.

I go to plant my foot, and it doesn't plant. The very first thought to drift through my head was, "I can't believe I did something that stupid." And, yes, the time dilation made everything happen very, very slowly. The second though was, "This could be bad." Then I started falling.

The really, incredibly stupid thing I had managed to do was try to plant my supporting foot in the space where the opening from the ladder was. As I start falling, I throw my arms out to each side, and press against the deck with the foot that is still above it.

I stop with my shoulders partway through the opening. I figure out which points of support are keeping me from falling the 20 feet or so to the ground, manage to get an arm up so the guy can help me up, and then we have a good laugh about just how bad it could have been.

I get permission to get changed out of my faire garb and back into semi-civilian dress. Taking a look at the damage, I had a nice abrasion bruise along the outside thigh of the leg that fell from when it hit the ladder on the way down. I had another nasty pressure bruise on the inside of my other thigh where it hit the edge of the opening. I had minor bruises on the undersides of both upper arms, also from the opening. And I had a really wicked bruise that was already turning a nasty dark purple on my side from where my body hit the top of the ladder. Thank god for my leather bodice.

I got xrays done to make sure I hadn't broken anything. The doctor told me that I looked fine, but that I would want to take regular deep breaths to guard against the possibility of my lung collapsing from the impact.


06-02-2007, 02:18 AM
I was wrapping pans today and something above my right wrist POPPED. It didn't hurt for long, but I wonder what that was.

Every once in a while, I'll actually be standing still and my left knee (you should FEEL it...no one wants to anymore :cry:) will try to invert.

If I'm this way now, I wonder how I'll be when I'm 40...

Wow. I had the wrist thing happen to me last Saturday.

My knees take turns doing that. Especially when walking up/down stairs.

06-02-2007, 02:53 AM
My first ever retail experience; i worked in a major dept store, during the holidays. I was in the costume jewelry dept, and to open the cases to show things to customers, you had to pull the door up, and slide them in. Then, since they were about hip level, you would bend down, and take out whatever the customer wanted to see.

well one night, i apparently wasnt' paying attention, i lifted up the door, and bent down to get something out. oops...forgot to slide it in, and it came down and cracked me hard on top of my head. it hurt so bad i swear i saw start! they insisted i fill out an incident report, but i only had a headache for a couple of days.

06-03-2007, 03:30 AM
I got a cut on my thumb one time when I was working on a computer. Normally not a bad situation, throw a band-aid on it and you're good to go. Except I did while I was in a pharmacutical lab. So reports had to be filled out, my boss had to be notified, I had to meet with the safety director, etc. One little cut took a couple hours to "fix".

06-03-2007, 03:42 AM
Jack, did you get paid for it?

06-03-2007, 03:54 AM
It happened during regular work hours, and I was on salary, so I did get paid.

06-03-2007, 03:01 PM
Glad to hear that.

06-03-2007, 11:41 PM
I once burned my thumb on the wire on the shrink wrap machine...it got stuck on the side and I was trying to fix it...should have used a pen or something...had a white line on my thumb for a few days.

And numerous times I have picked up a large heavy book by the edge, and felt a painful pull in the palm of my hand. Every time I'd tell myself I wouldn't pick up books that way anymore...then I'd forget...

cinema guy
06-04-2007, 11:49 AM
I burned my thumb on the lights of the popcorn hopper while filling it. They've got steps now, but we used to have to climb up on it to fill it from the top and the lights at the top were HOT! It was burned and blistered for a week and I kept nipping out the back during my shift to run it under the cold tap - fortunately it wasn't a busy night.

Not excatly the worst work injury ever. :)

06-04-2007, 03:07 PM
And numerous times I have picked up a large heavy book by the edge, and felt a painful pull in the palm of my hand. Every time I'd tell myself I wouldn't pick up books that way anymore...then I'd forget...

I used to do that when doing subassemblies for medical equipment. After a few times, though, I decided that pain isn't fun, so I stopped.

06-09-2007, 03:10 PM
:wave: I didn't realize I injure myself so much at work. :lol:

Yesterday I was fighting with a watermelon bin (oversized cardboard box) and while I gave it two good dents, it took a layer of skin off of my right hand. It looks like a burn...which may explain why I was given a packet of burn cream instead of the antiseptic I asked for. :headscratch:

06-10-2007, 05:51 PM
the worst injury i ever had was when i ruptured my knuckle on some shelves. theyre metal, and this one was kind of corroded in place, so i had to use my fist to pound it out. i hit the right side and knocked it loose without incident, but then i hit the left...

blood sprayed from my knuckle like a bubbler (um, drinking fountain for the non midwesterners) i yelled "Oh SHIT!" and shook my hand, sending more blood flying all over the bookshelves, books, and myself. i clamped my thumb over it and told K, who told me to run cold water over it while she fashioned a bandage out of paper towels, bandaids, and antibiotic ointment. stung like a bitch. my clothes were sufficiently blood covered that i had to go home. before i left, i grabbed a wet paper towel to wipe off the blood that had splattered the shelves.

i needed about twelve. i also destroyed seven books that were beyond saving.

right now i have a burn on my right ring finger from the steam wand in cafe. i also once threw my shoulder out when i stiff armed a pile of boxes that were about to fall on me. and i clocked myself in the head on a corner of a table that i was working under and didnt realize till later that i was bleeding.

oh and then theres the time that i dropped the 15lb change fund on my foot. i have a permanent bruise type thing. and the scar from when i caught my elbow on the metal siding of the info booth. and the scar from my former managers desk when i slammed my finger into it. and the scar from the suicide book that lept off the shelf and landed corner first on my thumb.

and getting hit in the eye with a styrofoam quidditch ball thrown by my former manager.

yikes. ive gotten hurt more than i realized. :p

06-10-2007, 06:16 PM
the worst injury i ever had was when i ruptured my knuckle on some shelves. theyre metal, and this one was kind of corroded in place, so i had to use my fist to pound it out. i hit the right side and knocked it loose without incident, but then i hit the left...

Ouch! I hate the metal shelves. Store1 has wood shelves, each held up with 4 little brackets. They can be a pain sometimes but if a bracket gets bent you just get a new one. If the slot for the metal shelves gets bent, or the shelf itself, there's nothing to do about it. You can replace a shelf (assuming you can find a straight one) but if it's the slot in the back of the bay that the shelf fits into, you're screwed. There are many shelves (mostly in the 7-shelf-tall fiction/mystery/romance/scifi section) that are bent beyond repair and some of them can't even have titles faced out because they will just fall right off the shelf. Oddly enough, most of these shelves are the second from the bottom...:headscratch:...and they often have footprints on them if they haven't been dusted in a while...

I have had many a suicide book jump on my head...not to mention the precarious piles of boxes in receiving that have decided to collapse as I walked by...

06-11-2007, 03:06 AM
a bubbler (um, drinking fountain for the non midwesterners)

Almost three years in NJ and I STILL say bubbler. :D No one else knows what I'm talking about. They don't know what they're missing.

06-12-2007, 02:09 AM
4 years, homechicken.

Lady Legira
06-13-2007, 01:03 AM
I have worked at my supermarket for 11 months and in that time I have -

1. burnt my arms on the chicken oven so many times my arms look like I self-harm

2. my knees complain after long shifts because of a long standing knee injury.

3. fell at work about 3 weeks ago and bruised my arm so badly I ended up at hospital the next day.

4. caught my finger in the meat slicer *OUCH* and ended up in A&E having butterfly stitches put on last week.

Not to mention the fact that I seem to be slightly allergic to the chemicals at work so I get contact dermatitis.

:angel: Should I be allowed to work with sharp & hot objects :lol:

06-17-2007, 03:05 AM
4 years, homechicken.

Oh, yeah. Duh. :ashamed: Where does the time go?

06-18-2007, 08:50 PM
Worst injury I've personally had?
Probably the time I slashed my wrist open. I was trying to get the oil drain plug loose, didn't realize it was rounded badly, knocked my hand forward into the metal edge of a skid plate. Then driving to the hospital and waiting for four hours to get it looked at. Good times. ;) Of course, this came after I'd been offered a job with the state, and had given my two weeks notice. Nice little exchange the next day.

Me = Wounded Automobile Warrior:lol:
SM = Store Manager

Me: <SM>, I don't think I should come in today.
SM: Why not?
Me: Well, I've got an open wound now, so I don't think it'd be a good idea to work in the pit for a couple days.
SM: It's okay, people give their notice, they just don't care anymore.

11-19-2007, 03:00 AM
Yeah, I'm bring back yet another thread of mine.

I've missed a few entries, which I won't bore you all with right now...


I burned my wrist today on one of the heat wrappers. Lovely. At least there's no blisters, but it's kind of shiny. :blink:

11-19-2007, 04:24 AM
I put a screwdriver through my hand one time at work.

I was working in a shop in east texas as an assistant mechanic when my boss asked me to sharpen a screwdriver. Never did find out why. I was using the bench grinder and the screwdriver got away from me whipped around the wheel and planted itself in the back of my left hand and poked its head out the other side to say hi.

11-19-2007, 04:26 AM
Somehow I just came across this one, and must add my own. :D

I've managed to not hurt myself at my current, paying job, given that it's in a call center, but I've had several other jobs that caused injury.

When I was working at the zoo, I had countless bruises from climbing on top of cages and slipping after I hosed down the penguin habitat. I also cut up my hands a few times cutting up fish for my otters. Smacked my head a few times, either with a broom or on an overhang in the low exhibits. Multiple little injuries over the year I was there.

As far as the animal hospital goes, I got scratched across the cheek by an angry kitty once, and I had a flying squirrel bite through the pad on my right index finger to show me that he didn't appreciate getting his nails clipped. I also got my fair share of bruises there, from wrestling with the "shop" dogs, particularly Beau, a feisty bull mastiff. :)

The most severe and most memorable of my injuries have occurred during my time in theatre and film. There was a very good reason they didn't allow me to use the nail gun when building sets. :o

-The first major incident occurred while striking the set of the musical my senior year of high school. I was in the wood cage, on top of a 10-12 foot high stack of platforms, helping load stuff up for storage. Everyone left me in there, so I jumped down on my own, and caught my right hand on a bench. Either broke or dislocated my pinky on that hand, and to this day, it still cracks sideways. At the time, I just wandered out of the room with a dazed look on my face, got painkillers and tape from the guy with the first aid kit, then got right back to work. Our director was actually quite peeved when he saw me later and found out what happened.

-The more recent injury occurred on set, filming for a TV show we're working on called Off Loop. I was actually just there to script supervise and keep continuity/production notes for the director, but while moving a chair, I managed to sit down in it without getting my (stocking) foot out from under the leg, which was thin and made of metal. I managed to break my toe and tear off half the skin on it, so I bled a bunch, then spent the rest of the shoot doing my job with an icepack in my sock. :rolleyes:

11-19-2007, 01:43 PM
While attempting to stop a shoplifter at my previous job (who only stole two CDs

He did the following
Headbutted me breaking my nose
Threw me to the floor
Proceeded to punch and kick me whilst on the floor
Then began to stamp on my chest

As I was wearing my body armour (as always, kids don't go out without your vest on! :) ) there was no serious harm but as soon as he started to run I did get back up and (yes I'm a sucker for punishment) grabbed him again and held on until back up arrived. :rolleyes:

11-19-2007, 11:37 PM
Let's see.

Paper Route:
-several dog bites

-flip flop caught in chain, catapulting me over the handle bars. The flip flop stayed put, which brought the bike toppling over on me. Huge gouge on my knee, front wheel of bike is bent to hell and the chain snapped. I was about 6 blocks from my house and only halfway done with the route. Much fun.

-ice ball to the face, thanks to my lovely neighbor hood wanna-be gangstas next door

-glass shards to hand after tripping over large branch (was not paying much attention to where I was stepping and was after a lovely storm hit)

-flu after riding in a trenchial rain and almost being electricuted by the lightning storm that ensued afterwards.


-slicing the top of my thumb knuckle while slicing potatoes into homefries (several times)

-dumping a large pot of frickin' boiling water all down my front, with cooked potatoes following shortly after (also several times)

-burning my hand on pots and pans that were seemingly cold (seemingly as I asked the other cooks and they said were fine)

-slicing fingers open when slicing tomatoes/lettace/meat

-burning hands in burning hot dish water (when I had to take over for the normal dishwasher when she wouldn't show up)

-dropping heavey boxes of frozen meat/dough on toes (again, several times)

-slipped in bacon grease left on the floor and sprained ankle/knee/wrist

And I only worked there for not even a year. I am so glad I am done with that place.

11-20-2007, 03:02 AM
With some of these stories I don't know weather to laugh or wince in pain

I've gotten paper/cardboard/plastic cuts thousands of time and always seem to find the corner of my desk with my hip bone, which really, really hurts.

Best injury was when I worked retail. Our counters had drawers underneath them to put coathangers in. Someone pulled it and left it out. I walk around the corner and straight into the nice sharp corner on the open draw. Ended up with a 15 cm long gash in my leg, bleeding everywhere. I was the only person on the floor so 1 calmly walk to the back of the shop, opened the door to the back and asked someone to take over. When asked why I showed them my leg covered in blood. Someone went out :lol: I got the first accident report for the store since we were new :D

Irving Patrick Freleigh
11-20-2007, 03:40 AM
I smashed my hand at work today.

After I got done auditing all the furniture I decided to straighten up some of the furniture backstocks. I was moving a TV stand and I had my hand on the back of the box. As I was sliding it down off the shelf the back of the box came up and smashed my hand into the shelf above.

Hurt like a bitch for a little while but no permanent damage. I can still use that hand with no problems. It's just got a little gouge that looks like a cut closing up and it's a little red all around that.

No accident report. I won't go to fill one of those out myself unless the injury is truly debilitating, but if management asks me to I have no choice.

11-20-2007, 05:03 AM
Yesterday, I was putting a six pack of water bottles in a bag and it fell on my big toe. It still hurts a bit but not as much as it did when it happened.:ashamed:

11-20-2007, 09:57 AM
I had a brainfart last week and touched a peice of steel I'd just had in a spot welder.
It stung like a mother for a few hours (remember, this is enough heat to instatly melt two peices of 2mm steel together) and left a lovely scar - a perfectly straight line, like you'd see if you pressed a peice of cold metal into your finger and left it there for a while.

I've actually burnt the muscle underneath the tip of the finger, but there seems to be no real damage. Doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing to do, though.

11-20-2007, 10:26 AM
I tripped over my own shoelaces and did a faceplant right into a pile of cardboard boxes. A box corner got me right near the eye and it felt like a black eye for a couple of hours, but there was nothing visible.

Custard Chick
11-21-2007, 04:14 AM
I've gotten cut by the shake machine at the custard stand I worked at a few times. That thing is deceptively sharp! I've shut my fingers in the till before and banged my hand against the marble counter several times.

Also, I have this bone spur on my right hand, just a little bump, nothing serious, but every so often I get into grooves where I seem to hit it on EVERYTHING - which is kinda odd because it's on top of my hand, about an inch above my wrist, just a weird spot to be constantly hitting. One night at work I hit it so often it swelled to about 3-4 times it's size and was perpetually tender and red for about the next 24-36 hours. That sucked.

At my new job I'm positive I'm going to slip on the floor and crack my head, and it'll be my own damn fault because my shoes have noo traction.

Bad shoes + wet floor + slick tiles = one very unhappy and unsteady Custard Chick!

Irving Patrick Freleigh
11-21-2007, 07:11 PM
Apparently I seem to be on a crusade to turn my body into one massive, collective bruise. (remember me smashing my hand a couple days ago? It's bruised from my thumb to about my ring finger)

Last night I was backstocking like a madman and I set a big crock pot on a shelf above me so I could put away something else.

The crock pot fell down because I left it teetering off the edge, and hit my arm.

Got a nice red and purple spot started where it hit.

11-22-2007, 06:34 AM
I don't know which was worse, dropping a copy of "The Physicians' Desk Reference" *think of a book the size and weight of an unabridged Oxford English dictionary *on my foot, or smacking the back of my head on the underside of a table every time a SC hit the customer service bell with whatever book they wanted to buy.

Lil Bunny
11-22-2007, 06:52 AM
While working at Red Lobster, I swear the machinery had a necessity for a human blood sacrifice. Namely mine. What was that one movie with the possessed machinery? The Mangler? Yeah pretty much that but in a pint sized fruit cutting device.

Ok to be fair, it was a regular fruit slicer. You put the fruit in the top and then pressed the lever down to push it through the blades so you got those cute little wedges for your drinks. You bastards.

I still have scars from where my fingers got caught and sliced. The worst time, I brought it down and my finger went into the blade and um...I had to work to dislodge the blade from it. Yes, I had gloves on and yes I tried to use that wonderful cutting glove. And if you've ever used that wonderful cutting glove you KNOW how it doesn't work well for doing actual cutting. You can't grab crap.

I sat there after the um, dislodging of the blade, with tons of napkins and one of those finger cots trying not to draw attention to myself. My boss said basically that since I was still standing I'd be ok to work. I couldn't exactly keep making drinks/cutting fruit/doing set up since the damned thing kept bleeding out but they had no intention of letting me go.


11-22-2007, 08:12 AM
I can't really say I've ever had any great injuries at work... it's been thus far very hard to break me.

I mean my hands are covered in little knicks and slices from moving shelves, pallets, whatever. I trip going up the ladder sometimes and get my foot caught, but nothing I can't shake off. I think the worst I have ever done is concuss myself on the tech bench at Circuit City, but even then it was a little one.

More interesting things need to happen to me at work.

.....Unless you count my stint at Chuck E Cheese's work related injuries, then I could not even begin to count to you the sprained ankles, times I've passed out from dehydraton, and gut punch bruises. ... ... and um bite marks on my arms from kids. Sprained... or something finger from where a kid thought he could pull my finger back all the way. Bloody noses from getting punched in the face by adults.

-curls up into a ball-

11-22-2007, 11:12 PM
I've actually burnt the muscle underneath the tip of the finger, but there seems to be no real damage. Doesn't mean it wasn't a stupid thing to do, though.

Actually, there's no muscle in your hand. All of your movements are caused by tendons that run from your wrist to the tips of your fingers. That's why people who get carpal tunnel syndrome have problems with their wrists as well.

/end random knowledge

11-23-2007, 03:16 AM
Actually, there's no muscle in your hand. All of your movements are caused by tendons that run from your wrist to the tips of your fingers. That's why people who get carpal tunnel syndrome have problems with their wrists as well.

/end random knowledge

Actually there is muscle in your hand... don't forget the interossei in between the fingers. The FINGERS however have no muscle to speak of just connective tissue.

11-24-2007, 09:43 AM
Well there you go. Suffice to say it was pretty deep burn.

I can also add that I now have a huge graze on my left bicep after catching it on the protective cover of a bench grinder. Funny how those little things like grazes and papercuts seem to hurt more, at least to start with, than the biggies...

11-24-2007, 10:07 PM
I burned my wrist on a hot muffin pan the other day. No blister, and not even shiny. Can't even see it unless you know where to look.

02-01-2008, 03:24 AM
I was getting containers for the salad bar and the plastic decided to cut me...twice.

What makes it even worse is not too long after that, I somehow got lemon juice in the wounds.

02-01-2008, 04:51 AM
unfortinatly i have two medium burnt marks, and their still there from about 4 or 7 months ago -- --

Eric the Grey
02-01-2008, 12:08 PM
What's even worse is managements complete lack of compassion when an employee gets hurt.

What you should get: "Does it hurt too much to work ? you need to go home if it does"

What you REALLY get: "Bandage it up, forget about it and get back to work"

One time I smashed my fingers really bad, I couldn't help but utter "Shit !!!!!!!" And rather then do the proper thing and ask if I was ok, all I got from my PIC was "You better be glad Tom (the store director) didn't hear you, you would have been written up!"

I was like, thank you SO much, Aaron..your sensitivity is overwhelming, really it is. Asshole.

Hmmm, That's sad.

I've only had one on the job injury. It was two years ago this past January, I slipped on the stairs and landed hard on my back. I was a contractor and not even a full-time employee of the company I work at (I am now...) but one of their HR reps went to the emergency room, and sat there until they released me with an Ok bill of health. The hospital bill was covered by workman's comp and all, along with the pain killers they gave me, which I didn't use. The HR rep even went over the things I needed to know in order to keep the workman's comp insurance people from taking advantage of me. :D

Almost exactly a year to the day later, I fell and broke my leg and ankle (not at work) and had to take time off... January has been a bad month...

Have I said that the company I work for is awesome? I'm glad they finally decided to hire me.

:cool: Eric the Grey

02-02-2008, 01:41 PM
gawd. how long can my list be?

i've hit my head against a lot of things on the wall, especially while moving cables around. i'm kinda use to it now :p

tho one time i did slip on a wet floor and really hurt my head enough that it needed stitches.

and the other day i had a week of training (so yay for - mostly - not having to go into work) and on the way to my training session i tripped and fell, got a nice road rash on my hand and some bruises.

oh and once, while working, i turned my head quickly... caught my temple on a sharp corner near my eye. no eye damage, but i did get a small cut.

oh. and i sat on a knife once. ... yeah.
i was using a utility knife, put it on a table... was sitting on the table too and scooted back... ow.

:p heh

02-02-2008, 11:18 PM
I just about cut the tip of my finger off on something on the inside of a dash. That was rather painful. I thought I was done until I realized I had left a socket down insode somewhere. I ended up with cuts the whole way up and down my arm before I got done. One of them is still bleeding 6 hours later.

02-03-2008, 07:31 AM
1. Working at Steak 'n Shake, my ex was hanging out by the grills randomly waving a grill fork around. I bent down to grab the trash, and when I came up, put my hand up to stop him from waving the grill fork around. Grill fork went right between two of my fingers, and it was still hot. Pulled it out ran my hand under told the manager I was going to be sick or pass out and went home.

2. Again at Steak 'n Shake. I pulled a hot basket of fries and set it on my arm instead of the rack.

3. I was working at Kohl's Distribution Center with the ex again. We were both just pulling boxes off the conveyor belt, scanning them, then scanning the pallet they went on and stacking. He was pushing boxes down way too fast and I yelled at him to slow down because they were falling off the belt. I bent down to scan something, and the next thing I know a 50 lb box of Sketcher shoes has landed on my right shoulder blade. Filled out an accident report, went home, and never went back.

4. I was working at a factory that manufactures car exhaust systems. I was working on a bending machine that basically bent tubes of steel into tail pipes. The tubes were taller than me. I loaded one into the machine held it in place, and started the machine. The machine jerked my hand under the pipe and between the machine. Mangled my index and middle finger on my left hand. They were swollen and purple, I thought they were broken, but they were just really sore. Filled out an accident report and went home, fired the next day.

About 3 months later I get a call from OSHA regarding the accident. Turns out my wonderful supervisor, claimed he knew nothing about the accident, and that I was completely fine. Turns out he never even turned in the accident report and carried it around on his clipboard instead. OSHA found it and wasn't happy. I guess OSHA was receiving daily complaints about this company and a lot of people were injured on the machine I worked on. There were also major safety issues with the machine and the factory. I filled them in on a few things they should look for and now the company is being hit with massive fines and a huge investigation.

02-03-2008, 03:12 PM
I'm rather afraid for myself if they ever let me work in the meat room. Even the butchers hurt themselves on occasion.

If it happens, though, I'm sure it'll make one hell of a story!! :D

02-03-2008, 06:35 PM
I don't know if I mentioned it before but the pie-oven story reminded me of it (and you'll see why).

I was working in a L shaped kitchen on the short end(pantry). Normally, the Pantry is a cold station as it often fills desserts and salads but ocassionaly, there are some hots plates we have to fill out... like the bruiscetto grilled cheese sandwich with its poached egg. In that kitchen in my section, we have a small two burner stove next to a flat-range that is next to the deep fryer.

So I'm making my sandwich when I hear the guy next to me ask if I can take out a chicken he has warming in my oven. Its ubber busy so I decide to be nice and assist him as my station's fairly slow. As I reach into the oven, there's a loud "FUCK!" from Idjit at the other end of the kitchen. (mind you, it was an open kitchen so the whole restaurant went quiet to stare at the ktichen)

Idjit had picked up the pan without a towel and burnt her hand.

At the scream, my chef (who was just behind me), jumps up and back, bumping into my behind, thus shoving me forward. He's, of course, worried about other idjit...only to freeze.

Because now *I* am screaming because he's got my fucking arm pinned in the oven. AND because he had jumped back when I had begun to open the oven, my sleeve roleld up, got caught on the door and now my skin was fusing itself to the hot metal.

We were both sent to the emergency room for 2nd-3rd degree burns on the busiest day of the week. HER hand peeled, my arm's got a perma pout. (The scar is in the shape of a rather large pair of pouty lips)

I *did* get in trouble because I argued that I wanted to finish my shif.t

02-11-2008, 04:07 PM
On Saturday morning I was minding my own business, and working, if you can believe it, when I dropped a five pound tub of Barley Lime Fiesta salad on my foot.

Fun for all involved. :rolleyes:

02-11-2008, 04:53 PM
4. I was working at a factory that manufactures car exhaust systems....The machine jerked my hand under the pipe and between the machine. Mangled my index and middle finger on my left hand. They were swollen and purple, I thought they were broken, but they were just really sore. Filled out an accident report and went home, fired the next day.

About 3 months later I get a call from OSHA regarding the accident. Turns out my wonderful supervisor, claimed he knew nothing about the accident, and that I was completely fine. Turns out he never even turned in the accident report and carried it around on his clipboard instead. OSHA found it and wasn't happy. I guess OSHA was receiving daily complaints about this company and a lot of people were injured on the machine I worked on. There were also major safety issues with the machine and the factory. I filled them in on a few things they should look for and now the company is being hit with massive fines and a huge investigation.
Karma's a bitch! I hope you get properly compensated. That's a company that deserves a massive hit in the wallet. :devil:

02-12-2008, 03:19 AM
On Saturday morning I was minding my own business, and working, if you can believe it, when I dropped a five pound tub of Barley Lime Fiesta salad on my foot.

When were you planning on tellingme this?

02-12-2008, 03:04 PM
Big sis, I'll tell you when I remember while I'm calling you.


02-12-2008, 06:48 PM
My old job had a hot plate to boil water for pasta. There were two coils, and I couldn't figure out which switch went to which coil. So I flipped one switch and waited five minutes. Then I reached out to hold my hand about three inches over the coil. This is probably the best way to test it, since heat will rise off the active coil but one won't get burned. Anyway, my manager Stacy saw me and screamed, "DON'T!!!" I jerked away so fast I smacked into the wall behind me. Stacy then started lecturing me about a girl who quit before I started. She also decided to test the hot plate...by placing her open palm directly onto the heated coil. Stacy had to physically pry her hand off the element. There was a pretty spiral pattern branded onto the girl's flesh. Stacy drove her to the hospital and paid all the bills up front, in the company's name, and the general manager met them there with papers for this girl to sign saying she wouldn't sue.

cinema guy
02-13-2008, 03:35 PM
The top of one of the pick-n-mix sweet dispensers broke. Rather than remove the top, a co-worker just placed it loose on top of the dispenser while we were filling it. When I pushed dispenser back in place the lid came crashing down on my arm. Ouch!

I have a lovely multicoloured bruise. Minor, but still had me swearing at my co-irkers who thought it was funny.

03-03-2008, 03:37 PM
On Saturday I had a culinary workshop to do. No biggie. It means overtime. :party:

Anyhoo, afterwards I was putting everything away. That involves pulling out the oven and cabinets and pushing the counter back. Oh, and hiding the velvet ropes.

Of course, there are plenty of coworkers watching me, but no one to help. Blah to them.

Sooooooooooooo...I'm moving the velvet ropes and their metal poles when I realize that I didn't move the oven far enough. I set down the poles and as I'm standing back up one decides to wobble and smack me on the side of the head.

It's STILL nice and swollen, with redness. I'd rather have a wicked bruise.

03-03-2008, 03:47 PM
was walking into A&E when a chap in a footbal (soccer) strip came out, he walked up to me and showed me his hand, his middle finger was bent at 90 degrees to the left, so he was showing a talent of being able to point at his thumb while having his hand flat! :lol:

He told me the staff hadn't fixed it and asked me what to do, I laughed and told him to go back inside to get it fixed!

03-05-2008, 09:39 AM
Yesterday I managed to knock myself out. And I still have a knot on my head from it.


On aisle 4, there lives a fire extinguisher, hanging from one of the poles conveniently placed in the middle of the aisle. I was stocking something right by it, bent over to pick up something that was against the pole, and *THUD*.. then it was lights out.

I wasn't out long, only 10-20 seconds or so I think.. and when I opened my eyes my coworkers looked like they couldn't figure out if they should laugh their asses off or be worried (at least, that's what I think I saw through the stars). When I started cussing up a storm (rather loudly) they assumed I was okay, though one of them was wanting me to go fill out an accident report. I told him I would if I didn't feel good after an hour or so (I felt fine aside from a headache for about 30 minutes).

The knot on my head still stings if I touch it. No blood though, damnit.

At my new job I'm positive I'm going to slip on the floor and crack my head, and it'll be my own damn fault because my shoes have noo traction.

Bad shoes + wet floor + slick tiles = one very unhappy and unsteady Custard Chick!

My employer is about to start making slip resistant shoes mandatory - for all departments (for now, it's just kitchen staff that has to wear them). I have a couple of pairs, but holy shit are they uncomfortable.