View Full Version : Let's hear it!

10-19-2006, 06:35 PM
Had some good times this weekend. I think a few people deserve some praise.

Some customers of ours, whose premises I invaded without their prior knowledge, yet were very gracious and charming.

A chap who came from my region initially and emigrated to the Isle of Man in order to provide me with a fine breakfast.

The staff of the Laxey wheel, who gave me an idea for work (we have a river flowing by our warehouse, and we could go hydro-electric for part of our needs...).

The owner of the B&B where I stayed - good place and it was free broadband at the time (I feel slightly embarrassed for drip-drying on the floor from the shower, but there were no towels in the room...).

Last, but not least, the guy at the steakhouse who remembered me from eighteen months back, as well as his failed attempt to get me to have my steak medium-rare back then. As always, I pimped the site to him and we exchanged many gory tales of the battle lines in customer-facing positions...

A good time was had by me, and that's the bit that matters.