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10-19-2006, 08:36 PM
I don't know what made me think of this, but this happened about two years ago, I think.

In my town, there's a huge community Halloween event called "Pumpkinfest." They set it up at the park, and there's all kinds of food, activities, merchandise, and some live entertainment. There are also a play area with a climbing wall and some inflatable activities. Admission to the event is free, but you have to buy tickets for the play area. One ticket gets you unlimited access to all the activities except for the climbing wall and one or two other things, which cost extra.

I didn't actually see this, my son told me about it later, when I picked him up from the play area. Some woman took her kid into the play area, without buying a ticket, and tried to hand money to one of the operators. Note that this was not one of the activities that you paid for, it was one of the ones that you bought a ticket for.

The operator gave her a confused look, and asked, "What's this for?" With that, the woman just snapped! She basically called the operator stupid, that he didn't know how to do his job, etc. When she found out she had to buy a ticket, that enraged her even further. She went on and on about how she didn't want to buy a "stupid ticket", and threw a tantrum that would put a two-year-old to shame.

As I said, this is a big community event, probably the biggest community event of the year, and as such, a good portion of the local police force was in attendance. It wasn't long before a few of them were ejecting her from the event, with her continuing her tantrum along the way.

10-20-2006, 01:19 AM
Well, it's bad enough when a kid has a tantrum but when it's an adult especially a parent that's really bad. Anyway I hope they ban her from that event since it's been two years and maybe others. I also hope some of the kids learn a little lesson on how not to behave in public.