View Full Version : She brings happiness with her!

10-25-2006, 05:27 AM
At my old job there was one customer that stands apart from all the rest..and for once, not for suckiness, but for being the most wonderful customer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She was a regular, always pleasant, almost always a big spender, and even if something went wrong, she was never horrible, but always let us take care of the problem for her. Warning- long story!

Starts with the suckiness....
One day in particular was horrible for me. I was running around like a crazy woman all day. We were understaffed and it was coupon expiration time! So, we had sittings out the wazoo to deal with, all people not spending any money, all complaining about only being able to use one coupon, complaining about anything at all just to get more free pictures...utter nonsense. I was getting yelled at left and right. People were just being impatient, and customers were even being nasty to each other!

One woman was so nasty to me when I explained that our coupon policy is that you may only use one per visit. She argued, "But worker at your xxxxx location said I could use two!" So I calmly explained that the policy was written on the bottom of her coupon and to please let me know who she had spoken to because I would need to correct them. She screams at me "You don't need to be snippy! I was going to spend all this money, but now I'm not. You can find someone ELSE to help me." :confused: So I apologize profusely, explain that I really am not trying to be rude, etc. and she just continues to yell at me. I go in the back room and am pretty much in tears at this point. I have been yelled at, sniped at, griped at, and worked to death all day (I was towards the 10th or 11th hour of an open to close day with no break). As my co-workers could attest to, I really never gave customers a hard time; I always did everything in my power to solve their problems and was a very polite and hard working person...I didn't take it very well when customers would be nasty to me, when I knew in my heart I was trying my best to do my job well. (boy, did I use to be naive)

Anyway- enter Mrs. Pure Happiness. I took her family's pictures earlier in the day. I finally get to show them to her. I turn around the photo of her daughter and she exclaims, "you see that there...that is a work of art!" I start to tear around the eyes, and tell her its the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day... I go into the back room, and tell the boss what just happened...Happy woman wanders back while we are printing her photos (she was such a regular that she often talked to us while we reprinted things for her) and asks why I am so upset (she didn't know me that well, but she could see in my face how upset I was). So I tell her all about the day, and the nasty lady calling me rude and snippy...
She comes to me and says, "Why, Designfox, I would NEVER believe that of you. You are the sweetest girl I've met. You don't listen to her, she doesn't know what she is talking about!" Then, not only did she compliment my photography again, she went on to say how wonderful she felt I was in general, and thank me and the other staff members for working so hard for her.
I will never forget that.

Not to mention- from the moment this wonderful person entered our store, the whining, griping, complaining...all ceased. All of the customers all of a sudden started complimenting each other, patiently waiting, telling us to "take our time" that they "understood" that we were working as fast as we could...it was weird...we asked her if we could hire her to stand in our lobby everyday, seeing as she seemed to have brought the happiness in with her!