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02-01-2009, 01:58 AM
I'm exhausted and meaner than a snake! Hissssss!!!

My schedule, last week and upcoming:

Sat 1/24 - 9a-10p (normal shift)
Sun 1/25 - 8a-10p (normal shift)
Mon 1/26 - 130p-10p (normal shift)

Let me jump in here and say that back in November, my employer cut our hours by 10 percent, thereby reducing me to a 34.5 hour work week. The above is what is a normal shift for me. I'm off Tues-Friday.

However, thanks to the 'snowstorm' (there is a reason that's in quotations) that hit our area this week, and the fact that I have the capability to work from home, this is what transpired:

Tue 1/27 - 2p-5p
Wed 1/28 - 630a-430p * (see below)
Thurs 1/29 - OFF!!!!
Fri 1/30 - 630p-1030p ** (see below too)
Today - 9a-10p, normal shift
Sun 2/1 - 8a-10p, no superbowl for me!
Mon 2/2 - 10p-8a, 3rd shift
Tues 2/3 - 10p-8a 3rd, again

I know, I know. I should be glad to get the extra hours. But Jesus Christ, I'm exhausted. And I know when it's time for me to pull those 3rd shifts (they sprung that on me yesterday), that I'll be prying my eyes open with toothpicks! :lol:

** On Wed 1/28, I had gone to bed the night before about 3am and this was DESPITE the Ambien I took. :( My phone rings at 620a and I incoherently answered it. When my boss was on the other end. After a couple 'huh? what? what time is it', she advised me that the 'snowstorm' had knocked out power at the main office, and that the generator was providing only moderate power, as generators do.

She asked me to log in and take calls. "Now?" I said. "Yes", she responded, to my utter HORROR.

I informed her that I'd have to ingest at least ONE cup of coffee first, unless she wanted to field phone calls asking why they have a drunk-sounding agent on the phone. :roll:

** The extra hours on 1/30 were due to a big corporate account of ours sending out invitations to 650+ employees, inviting them to attend a big meeting in March. The fun part is they were told that their air had to be booked (by us) By Monday 2/2. The invitation was sent out at 2pm on Friday, 1/30. :salmon:

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant!! I know come paycheck time I'll be glad I did it, but I'm dying right now. :(

Iris Kojiro
02-02-2009, 12:36 PM
*gives hugs to Peppergirl*

If it makes you feel any better, I have to go to school in a few hours, and I'm working a 72 hour week. :cry:

*thinks to self* Time off over the weekend...