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Writer Cath
10-29-2006, 12:04 AM
This was my second stint working at Tim Horton's. This time, there was Lisa working there. Lisa who epitomized white trash. She'd taken it into her head that she didn't like me. Even though we were on the same rung in the corporate chain, she felt the need to criticize me constantly and boss me around, which I didn't take too well to.

One day we were working drive-thru together. I didn't have much experience, and I messed up an order. She immediately starts ragging on me, yelling at me, treating me like crap and stressing me out... which of course will make me a happier and more productive person.

At one point, I messed up another order. My fault, I admit it. Poor Lisa had to make another cup of tea. Woe is her. Now the drive thru window is closed and I can hear her grumbling under her breath. When the tea is done, she freaking WHIPS it at the window, inches from my wrist. She threw it so hard the cup bounced and fell over. :eek:

Now I'm shaking a bit and I go to hand it to the customer. The customer looks at Lisa and goes "That's no way to treat a co worker."

Lisa, smug, with the manager in full view screams "YOU TRY WORKING WITH HER."

Super Customer looks at me and says "I want your store number."

Now keep in mind, this is drive-thru, and we're being timed, so I tell her I can't do that.

As Super Customer is driving away, Lisa -- again in full view of the manager! -- yells out the store number, then smugly turns to the manager and says "That one'll be calling in."

She never did call in.

I was rounding the corner to get something and saw super customer at the front counter. Turns out that we'd gotten her order wrong. But as I'm getting whatever I need to get, Super Customer points and me and tells the manager about how abusive Lisa was being to me and that Lisa's behaviour had been reprehensible.

I was amazed, because she came in to get what she'd ordered, but not only that, she had gone out of her way to point out how badly I'd been treated by my own co worker. I nearly burst into tears because of it, happy tears.

The manager took me off drive-thru, watched me on store front for a few minutes, then left, satisfied I wasn't on crack that morning. But I never forgot how good it felt to have the customer stand up for me like that. And I'm happy that this site gives me a chance to tell that story and to let others know how awesome some customers can be.

10-31-2006, 04:44 PM
That's wonderful! I hope Miss Lisa gets a good talking to by your manager. Nobody has any right to treat you like that...and you're right, the worse you are treated, the more mistakes you tend to make. Big Kudos to that customer!

Writer Cath
11-04-2006, 06:03 AM
You know... I told my family about what happened, because I was upset. One of my sisters said she'd have gotten her fired on the spot and the other sister would have taken her out back. Never mind the fact that Lisa looked like she'd been on the wrong end of a few prison brawls.


I took great satisfaction in knowing that I was there for eight weeks until my triumphant return to college while Lisa was going to retire as a Tim Horton's employee.

It feels good. :devil: