View Full Version : And now my ear hurts

02-18-2009, 06:37 AM
There's an ice maker in the break room that's been broken. I finally remember to call Sear's to get it repaired. The tech arrives, says we need a part, pours something in it, and leaves with a $295.38 check.

My boss was sure the thing is under warranty, so we shouldn't be paying anything. Guess who gets to call Sear's and straighten things out.


So I get on the phone and explain the situation. I already have the Serial and Model numbers at hand. I spend an HOUR on the phone, mainly because the ice maker is listed as being sold to a David something in an apartment across town. I don't know if we bought it from him or what, but it took forever to get things organized.

The woman on the line sounded very appreciative that I was being so patient instead of throwing a tantrum or something. I expect she gets that a lot, even for something less annoying. But I had someone to cover phones, so it was okay, if a tad irritating.

Finally, she says to finish paying the tech, and we'll have a full refund on Monday. She gave her name and employee ID and the case number so we (meaning "I") can track it.

On the plus side, I got to watch lint float for an hour.