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02-19-2009, 03:11 PM
Ok, don't throw anything.......but I watch the Tyra Banks show while I'm exercising every day, and one day before the commercials, it said "If you know a guy who throws 'man-trums' go online or call the Tyra show" so I went to her website and told the story of my Asshole Ex's temper tantrums and Drama King tendencies...down to the nitty gritty of him stomping up and down the stairs and throwing his debit card at cashiers.

That was probably about a month or so ago I wrote that?

Anyway, minutes ago the phone rang.....

It was someone from the Tyra show! She wanted to know if I was interested in being a guest...of course I said yes......she then asked if we are still in contact. I said we haven't been together in quite a while, that we are no longer a couple and I generally stay away from him. I had to be honest, so I said that what I wrote in my story was how he acted when we were together.....but things since took a turn for the worse and he's been on and off stalking me since October and not knowing the future, something bad may happen in the future and I may need to persue legal action against him..........and there's probably no way he'd agree to appear and I definetly wouldn't be able to use his name....

So I'm out :(

Damn you, stupid ex. I could have gotten a free trip to New York, extra time off work, and a chance to tell the whole female population of America just what a waste of flesh you are.

DAMN IT. Oh well..maybe there will be a future show I could go on.

Edit to add: When I wrote the Tyra show, I figured there'd be NO way I'd be picked or even called. I had no idea my story was that compelling. I figured there were girls out there still dating guys who act like that, or there were worse stories! Oh, and I forgot, it's New York...not Cali.

02-20-2009, 12:21 AM
Since I got pregnant my schedule goes like this when I work late: alarm goes off at 6, husband gets up, I crawl out to the couch (it's darker in the living room). When I wake up, I turn on the TV to see what time it is. If Tyra Banks is on, then I know it's not 10 am yet. ;)

So don't feel bad, I watch it too!

02-20-2009, 01:50 AM
I almost made it on TV too. (Very long)

Back in the 70s when Jeopardy was a day-time show and the host was Art Fleming, my mother (bless her heart) suggested me as a possible candidate for Jeopardy. I got the letter from the producers and I replied that I would come and try out for the show.

What happened next was very interesting. I showed up at the New York City studio and underwent a battery of trivia tests. The first were T and F and short answer tests. We went through a few of increasing complexity. After the morning battery, the facilitators came out and announced that the following people will not be coming back after Lunch. I made the cut.

After Lunch, the tests got harder. At the end of the afternoon, more people were cut. I was still in the running. I was asked to come back the next morning.

The next day, we were paired off to ask each other questions and score the results. Aides were there to record our speech and decide who would sound best on the show. Things were getting a bit difficult. There was a cut at Lunch and a cut at the end of the Afternoon. I made both cuts.

Day three of Jeopardy. It's really getting hard. We're going through more tests to see how we look on camera. I guess I did all right because I was called back for the final test and was told what sort of clothes I should bring. I was given an ID card and told where I should report at about 8:30 in the morning.

I went there and was taken to have my hair and face done. We were going to be on TV and I had to look good. I was given a coat of make-up that would be a decent veneer for an end table.

We were ushered into an anteroom and then into seats in the front of the theater.

There it was! It was the Jeopardy set I'd seen since I was in High School and Hefty Art was there. Soon, I was going to sit in one of those chairs. At that time, Jeopardy contestants didn't stand behind stations. They sat and pushed forward chairs that ran on rails.

When it came my time to go up on stage, I was so tharn, I couldn't even get the chair to move forward smoothly. I didn't answer a single question properly in my on-stage run. The lights, the chair, the pressure from Hefty Art. It was all too much. I was out!

In the end, I didn't get on Jeopardy. I didn't come away with anything. I didn't even get a free lunch or a free cup of coffee. I had to take a week off from work to do this. Do I regret it? No, I don't.

It was a learning experience and, if all truth be told, I enjoyed it very much.

02-20-2009, 02:51 AM
ive been on tv twice, both for the news, once when a boy climbed the power tower near my nana's and me and my sister and brother and a bunch of neighbor kids went to watch the news reportes and when one saw us grabbed us, stuck us behind her and went on to say "these children behind me have gather not to for the press but for the sheer awe of this feat..." i almost burst out laughing.

another when my father took me and a bunch of friends to a the previewq of stuart little and the grand opening of a movie theater only to find out when we got there that a football player had shown up to sign autographs and it was mass chaos. we went wild when he lost sight of us and we where video tapped jump seat and playing tag, then seating nice and quiet eating candy and giggling meanly at the player. what i was like 12

Eric the Grey
02-20-2009, 04:29 AM
I managed to get myself on a commercial once, although you couldn't see me.

It was a car commercial, and we (a bunch of people with 4x4's) drove around in the desert with our cars all covered up with dirt so you couldn't see any emblems or people while they filmed us.

:cool: Eric the Grey

02-20-2009, 04:38 AM
Damnit. blas gets a chance to get a free trip to NY and can't do it? Lame. I definitely would have taken a day trip if you were in the tri-state area.

02-20-2009, 05:03 PM
My boss was even disappointed in me. He said "I would have given you plenty of time off as long as you got me some pictures of Tyra!"

02-20-2009, 08:38 PM
Blas, had I known, I would have pretended to be the guy. I could have worn a A-shirt (I hate the term "wife-beater"), ripped jeans and faked a southern accent. It would have been epic....