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02-22-2009, 06:41 AM
Got my fed. tax return. :party:
Bought (and got in the mail on Friday) some Metallica tour shirts. Aside from the one I bought myself in Milwaukee, I also have shirts implying that I was at one of the shows in Newark, the show in Dublin, and the show in Bulgaria. :muya:
I want the shirt from the Turkey show. :lol:
Nella, aka Lil Miss, likes to chew on straws. Just like me. :D
I had chocolate pudding for supper.

02-22-2009, 06:44 AM
Just wait til we get our paws on the Denmark shirts.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my shirts! *hugs*

02-22-2009, 03:55 PM
Hey, you were at the show in Newark and you didn't call me??!! (;))

Actually, my brother was at that show (Superbowl Sunday, right?)

My cats like to chew on straws, too. I just mentioned it in another thread, but when they were kittens my Little Miss was playing with a pea and knocked it into a space she couldn't reach into. She rolled around on the floor a while trying to get it out (it was funny; good show), and I finally took pity and tried to get it for her. I couldn't reach either, so I went looking for something that I could use to reach it. ...Bendy straw!! I got it out and they lost all interest in the pea. That straw was the game to play for days.

Just keep an eye on the straw and replace it when it starts getting chewed apart. And be prepared to find them in any closets or other closed doors you may have about the house. :D

02-23-2009, 09:09 AM
Gah. Nearly all of my tax returns went to new brakes (the one auto shop charged DOUBLE what the other one did!) and new tires and for a tail light casing from a junkyard.

I did get to treat myself with a couple hundred, though. Went shopping not this last Friday but the Friday before and got some sexy new heels for when spring EVER comes (and the few and far between weekends where it just might not snow and the roads and sidewalks may be clear?) and some new shirts for going out and a new pair of jeans and some more work shirts. And some new Avon makeup and the newest favorite product of mine.....Magix Face Perfector. Anyone who feels like they are a slave to their oily skin needs to buy this stuff!

02-23-2009, 06:57 PM
Hey, you were at the show in Newark and you didn't call me??!! (;))

Actually, my brother was at that show (Superbowl Sunday, right?)

I think I got the Feb. 1 shirt. Don't know why I chose that over the Jan. 31 one. :shrug:

And when I go back to NJ for a visit (hopefully this summer) half the world will know. And I will expect bidding wars over where I'm going to stay, damn it. Can't let my Jersey peeps treat me different than my family. :lol:

some sexy new heels

I have more than enough heels.

Why do I say that? I buy them but don't wear them. I have bad ankles and I'm not about to go through torn ligaments again.