View Full Version : "There's no "buy button" on the remote!"

02-23-2009, 01:48 AM
This lady at work was telling us in the breakroom how she has Comcast Cable & was trying to purchase a movie from the on-demand menu but couldn't figure it out. I told her step-by-step what she had to do & after me & several other people told her she STILL was confused. She kept saying..."but there's no "buy button" on the remote!"
We told her that you navigate the menus on-screen by using the directional buttons & when what she wants is highlighted then she's to press the center button on the remote to confirm her selection. I told her there is NO "buy button" on the remote. I said it was easy as pie & she said.."that's cause you're young"
I said..."if you can work a calculator then using a remote is a snap". She said.."Not for me it isn't."

We were talking about cell phones & she said she doesn't have one although she used to. She had a cell phone & charged it up like you're meant to after you set it up. She said after 2 weeks it didn't work anymore & she had it serviced. The tech person asked her if she had charged it. She said she had charged it after she bought it. She was told you had to charge it everyday to keep it working & she says..."Why do I gotta charge it if I did it already??" No amount of explaning could convince her that she had to charge her phone on a regular basis. She got rid of her cell phone cause she said..."it's too hard keeping up with this fancy eletronic stuff"/ I was like:lol:

02-23-2009, 06:11 PM
Don't fall for the age gambit.
I'll bet that 40 years ago she wouldn't plug in her new color TV because it was "transistorized"...

And everybody knowed that if it was transistorized, it ran on batteries...

I'm allowed to tell true blonde stories: I were one before I gotted better.