View Full Version : The bulb in our easy bake oven went out.

03-16-2009, 11:52 PM
Working as a coffee slave at the almight Timmy Ho's I will be the donut slinger on occasion. Last night was one such occasion. Now I normally don't work Saturday or Sunday, but the boss lady decided to take the x's on the schedule that mark unavailibility and throw them out the window. We also have a new guy working with us (YAY) and N decided that she was going to train him and I could bake in the back.

So I get all my donuts and bagels and whatnot pre-racked, put into the freezer and everything ready to go to start baking before I go out and have a smoke and get rarin' to go. When I come back in I see that the timer lights are off on the oven. And I thought that maybe I didn't turn it on, so I flip the switch, nothing happens, so I flip it again, and nothing still happens. I call the boss man and wake him up, and try to figure out what might have gone wrong. Finally he says he'll call the repair guy. In the mean time I ask if N can possibly drive to the other store that he and his wife own and bake the donuts there and bring them back, and he says no.

And hour later the repair guy come and tries to see what the matter is while I am feeling like a bum because N and the new guy are ahead in their cleaning and stocking and whatnot up front and I can't do much in the kitchen without being in the way, but I do what I can to make sure that I won't have a ton of crap to do once I get my donuts done, whenever that will be. He finds out what the problem is and has to replace the motor and does an early happy dance... and then the oven starts making a weird noise... turns out the new fan/wheel thingy is hitting on something, but we can't figure out what. So he replaces the new one with the old one and it still is having issues. this goes on for quite a while before he figures out he has to address each fan thingy on it since not every one is hitting.

At a quater to 5 one of the supervisors comes in and sees that there is no donuts and wants to know what's up, so we tell him and he's in a bit of a tizzy. The boss man also calls and wants to know what's up and we tell him that the oven is fixed and is now being put back together. The second that the oven is back together and the donut station is back in place I am throwing donuts into the oven and getting them decorated as soon as i can and out to the showcase.

An hour and 10 minutes later I have all the donuts made and out, and I'm now cleaning up stuff and making sure that everything is stocked for the morning baker that came in at about 10 to 6. As I am trying to leave the supervisor is asking me to take out the trash and cardboard and one of the crew is asking me to grab a box since she can't lift anything too heavy, and the asst. manager is making comments about how EVERYTHING better be done up front then since the overnight crew is nothing but lazy people and we do nothing all night but eat the leftover donuts and stand around and talk.

So I ignore the asst. manager, have the supervisor get the box for the crew person, and take out the trash and the cardboard only to forget that it's Monday morning and the tash dumpster is FULL and I get some nasty trash spilled out onto the ground, so I pick that up, and take the trash I was going to take out and bring that back inside. I then grab my stuff and say bye to everyone and clock out and pretty much bolt out the door.

My inner quote of the night?
"I'm not even supposed to be here today!"