View Full Version : Customer Complimented Me On Opening A Register

11-04-2006, 04:48 AM
Yesterday, I saw that one of the checkers had a long line so I opened up in the next register over. The checker told me that I shouldn't have done that since I'm scheduled at the desk and even closed me off. A few seconds later, the other service desk person came out of the office and told me that she just balanced that till. Luckily, I hadn't started any orders at the time. The other desk person told me that the 2 customers I had in the line would have to pay either debit or credit since the till was balanced. The last customer in the line told me that I did the right thing by opening up since it got customers checked out faster.:)

11-04-2006, 10:23 AM
I agree with you, purplecat.
You did a good thing.

Yeah, the till was balanced, but how freakin hard is it to run another balance and count a tray, especially if you only do a few sales on it?

You were giving good customer service.

You saw a long lineup and helped to get them through faster. That probably resulted in lesss whining to the store about the wait time.

The other clerks really shouldn't have been saying saying anything to you in front of the customers, because that just looks bad. The customer doesn't care if a tray has already been balanced. They just want to pay for their stuff and leave.

It's great that the customer appreciated it. They don't always say thanks. Often, they just expect it.