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03-27-2009, 10:21 AM
Could I possibly be THIS lucky? Yesterday, Sir and I went and got help with our electric bill. We're pretty much all caught up with it now, and rent's all paid up. Well, a friend of mine had said she'd drive me to lower Alabama to see my son, seeing as his first birthday IS next month (in about 2 weeks).

Well, not really wanting someone to have to make an 8 - 10 hour drive one way and then again back, I started looking up flight prices. I figured if I could fly into Atlanta, I could get my sister to pick me up, and possibly talk my mother in law into driving my son up to Atlanta, or my sister into driving the 4-ish hours to my mother-in-law's, so I can see my child.

So far, price for flight on Priceline through Delta Airlines started at $209 total, for a round trip ticket, leaving Saturday, returning Sunday. I got the price down to - drumroll please - $62.75, AKA $25 for the ticket, and $37.75 for taxes and fees. If I can get ahold of my mother in law, and my sister, and arrange, if nothing else, a meeting so I can see my child, if only for a few hours (god that hurts my heart to say), I can probably get one of my friends (who has a credit/debit card) to pay for the ticket, and then I'll be able to give them the cash. Can I be this lucky? That ticket is for the weekend of 4/11-4/12. My son's birthday is 4/15. Cross your fingers folks!

03-27-2009, 11:57 AM
*hopes fervently!* I hopeIhopeIhope....:)

You're in my prayers, too.

03-27-2009, 01:06 PM
Good luck, it all sounds very promising!

03-27-2009, 01:19 PM
Two updates (I know I'm throwing them out fast, but i don't want to stop... i'm afraid if I do, I'll wake up from this dream).

1)I moved the dates up to 4/18-4/19, and dropped the total ticket price to 47.75 ($10 for the ticket $37.75 for taxes and fees). Either I'm dreaming, or Priceline has a glitch, cause I'm not allowed to be that lucky.

2) The MIL hasn't logged on to Myspace since 3/11. I'm going to have to call her, or ask my sister to call her.. I have a feeling she's more likely to answer the phone to my sister than to me. (I've posted stories about my attempts to call my MIL about my child). Me moving the dates back by a week gives her 3 weeks to arrange to bring my son up to the Atlanta area, if only for the day so I can see him...

Please let me be this lucky....

katie kaboom
03-27-2009, 03:12 PM
Please let me be this lucky....

I'm rooting for you! Hope all goes well!:)

03-27-2009, 03:25 PM
Good luck! Sounds like it'll be a good thing for you!

03-27-2009, 04:03 PM
Well, I knew it was too good to be true.. I read the fine print and it says "IF your bid is accepted by an airline..." No airline is going to take a $10 bid for a round trip ticket... So I upped my bid to $75, and that still comes out to nearly $100 less than what I would pay for full price... We'll see. I don't want to book a flight til I talk to the MIL and my sister..

03-27-2009, 04:24 PM

Fingers are crossed and sending every good thought I can spare for you!

Good Luck

03-27-2009, 05:29 PM
I hear booking plane flights 2-3 weeks in advance is when you get the best deals. Seems like some good timing on your part. Good luck!

03-28-2009, 02:19 PM
Well, I talked to the MIL. She says that I can have 30 minutes of supervised visitation in ORLANDO FLORIDA on April 11th. Well, that's what she said first. At the end of the call, she said she'd call and tell me a place and a time. She says she's also gotten his name legally changed and taken out the first name that I gave him. He's no longer Dameon Jayden Lee Mathews, but rather just Jayden Lee Mathews. I don't know if this is the truth, as I've yet to see documents stating it. She said she didn't have to send them to me because her lawyer's told her that I have no parental rights. Well, that's not what my papers say, so I'm going to be consulting a legal advocate, who will also get me in contact with a lawyer who will work with me on rates.

Now... how do I get to Orlando Florida... I've got a friend close to Orlando, I may be able to crash at his place for a night...

03-28-2009, 08:58 PM
Your MIL angers me greatly. :mad:

Getting legal counsel strikes me as the best thing. I hope you find someone who'll help you and be gentle with you. Then turn around and be hard as nails when the situation calls for it.

03-28-2009, 10:31 PM
I'm definitely working on the legal counsel. But I did get a new picture of him today. She sent it to my sister, who in turn sent it to me (My sister has been so awesome about all of this, and she knows what I'm going through having lost custody of her kids to an abusive husband as well). When my phone's charged, I'll upload it :) He's gotten SO BIG

03-28-2009, 10:52 PM

hasn't he gotten HUGE?!