View Full Version : My favourite customer passed away ;_;

11-05-2006, 10:23 PM
Working in a pharmacy with a regular customer base you get used to customers dying over time but some still make me sad. Mr C was one. He was a true english gent. He wore a trilby hat and always said 'good day ma'am' as he left. Nothing was ever a trouble for him and he passed away in the summer aged 94.
I still miss him coming in at his regular time of 3pm but its a comfort to know he passed in his sleep of just old age and didn't suffer.

Another customer came in on a saturday,we had a chat and then she left. The next day a policeman came in and told me she had died the day before. The daughter found a till reciept in her hand and they came in to ask me how she was as the till reciept was timed half an hour before she died. That was really sad. She had been my dinner lady all through first school and it was really spooky to think I was the last person to speak to her.