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11-05-2006, 11:00 PM
I was working and taking care of a couple who were ringing up quite a load of items. I asked them if they wanted to apply for our card to save 10% (which would have been well over $100 in savings) and they declined.

Well they ran their card, and I had to call an extension and give information. I apologized for the delay (they didn't look ticked but I apologize anyway).

I give them everything they ask then the person on the phone asked to give the phone to the customer.

After they bantered with the guy on the phone (here I find out they have recently gotten a house/apt/whatever and were furnishing it) for a while he gives the phone back to me and I do what I need to do to finish it.

I apologized a few times and they said...


"don't worry about it, it happens!"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

A nice customer!