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11-06-2006, 01:36 AM
The background:

My husband and I live in an apartment complex in a neighborhood that is not-so-nice. When we moved in, the complex had just been bought by one of the major apartment "chains" you can find nationally (like Post Apartments, but not them specifically). Over the past 11 months, they have been doing things to make this a much nicer place to live, including remodelling the apartments, getting new appliances for said apartments, repaving the terribly jacked-up asphalt that had been there when we first moved in, and getting the gates fixed so we don't have scary people wandering around who don't belong there. This last is not yet complete.

Well, I had been on vacation for 2 weeks (paid! I didn't even know I'd had all that PTO built up, yay for me!) and had been mostly just futzing around the apartment and playing EQ2 all day.

I go back to work a couple weeks ago, just before Halloween. That Friday, I come home and things are amiss. Nothing really ZOMG scary, but our peephole is missing, just a hole in the door where it used to be, and so is the guy next door's. I turn my key in the lock, and I don't get that distinctive *snick* of a deadbolt shooting back. Ho-kaaayyy. I'm a bit nervous at this point. I go in. The door from the living room to the back with our bedroom and the bathroom is open. We keep this closed as we have 2 cats who cannot/will not get along. I make sure to shut it when I leave every day. I call out, "Hello?" Nothing. I wait a minute, just inside the door, in case there's someone hiding. No noises, no fumbling around to get out, nothing. Ok. I walk in and glance around. Nothing missing, that I can see. Both computers where they should be, TV, DVD player and stereo all in place. Husband's laptop is on the table where he left it. Everything looks kosher. I settle down and wait for my husband to come home.

When he gets home, we do the lovey-dovey thing, hugs n kisses, and he sits down on the couch and pops open his laptop to do....whatever he needed to do. :) He then stops, turns to me, and asks, "Where are all of our DVDs?"

I'm suddenly very :eek: and :cry: because now I know someone DID break in, I WASN'T crazy, and oh, dear god, that's about $500 in DVDs gone. More than 2/3 of our total collection. The suckiest part is we didn't have renter's insurance, even though I had been bugging Mah Man (tm) to do something about it since we had moved in. So they're gone and we get nothing. No recourse. Our dumb, but what are ya gonna do, too late now.

So we call the cops, and they do their thing, and we settle down and I'm still rather :eek: about the whole thing. Then I remember that Dad's dad was in the army, and Dad's a USAA member, and hey! so am I! I should call them about renter's insurance! (a little bit "locking the barn door after the horse is stolen", but not such a bad idea since we still have the big ticket items).

So I call, and I'm connected to Andreas, here in the peachy state of GA. And he is so very very very (ad infinitum)...cool. He jokes, he banters, he's a nice guy. He tells me just how very cheaply we can get renter's insurance through them, and he commiserates with our problem, and he tells me about when he was broken into, and he gets even more cool points because he had an extensive sword collection prior to the break in. (mmm...sharp pointies from RenFest) He is, in short, an awesome customer service person, with bonus points for being of the "freaks 'n' geeks" sub-set.

I did pass this on to his manager, letting her know just how much I appreciated all his help, and how this makes me want to do as much business with USAA as I can.

So anyway, dealing with this, and making first payments with USAA and buying a couple things to beef up our security makes us broke. Well, rent is due on the 1st, and we're not gonna be able to afford it. Suck. So my darling husband walks down to the management office to see if we can pay some now and the rest later, we'll deal with the late fee, not their problem, just need a little breathing room, right?

Well, the Property Manager rawks too. Husband tells her what happened, and her reaction is basically, "ZOMG! Burglars! NOES!" She tells him we can pay our rent a week late (next paycheck), she's waiving the late fee for us, and she's sending landscapers out to cut down the view-obstructing bushes that assisted the burglary in the first place, and she's getting new locks for our windows since that's how they got in.

While it completely sucks that we were broken into, I feel very good that USAA is going to take such good care of us, and that our landlords are being so understanding of the situation. Much love for them.

11-06-2006, 01:51 AM
Isn't USAA awesome? The only time I had to call from an accident site, I was extremely stressed out. The lady had everything taken care of before the final accident report was finished, and had the auto shop contact me the next day to have estimates done for the car. The shop did over $2,500 in repairs, I wrote them a check for $250 and went on my merry way.

Also, when I called to have my renter's insurance transferred over to homeowners, they walked through everything with me. They were the ones to remind me that I needed my auto insurance updated when I moved - and called me after I had moved in to see how things were going and make sure that there wasn't anything that I needed from them.

How many places are willing to spend upwards of an hour on the phone going over various scenerios and answering stupid "Well, if I did this, what would the premium be?", all the while staying friendly as can be? I always make sure to comment to a supervisor when I deal with any of the people there.:love:
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11-06-2006, 02:58 AM
DH and I have always had very good results from USAA (we've only had car insurance so far, but are considering adding renter's). He won't consider going to anyone else (no reason to, really, since we get good rates and excellent service where we are).

11-06-2006, 04:18 PM
Long-time USAA member over here too! They're freaking awesome!

The last claim I had to file, was when the Tercel got hit while driving to work one morning. The car wasn't smashed-up too badly, just the left rear corner (bumper, taillight, huge dent, etc.) but at least I could still open the trunk. However, because of delays in getting it fixed--the other driver's insurance took their good old time, so much for "like a good neighbor." However, USAA really came through. At the time, I was afraid they'd simply total the car--when the accident happened, the Tercel was nearly 10 years old, and wasn't worth very much. However, they gave me about $2,000 to fix it! I was annoyed that I had to come up with the $500 deductible, but after seeing the repairs, it was money well spent. I mean, my old car looked like new! Not only did the shop repair the damage, but some other things too, including that damn fender dent that had been on the car when I bought it 6 years prior. While they were at it, they even redid the lettering on the trunk!

I've never had a problem with them. Sure, I pay a little more. But, after getting service like that, I don't care :D In fact, I have my homeowners insurance through them, and will insure the MG (USAA doesn't do classic car insurance) through one of their affiliates.

I also have an investment account with them. If I have a question/problem, they always explain things clearly before I make a decision.

11-06-2006, 06:37 PM
DH and I have USAA also for homeowners and auto insurance.

When I was trying to set up insurance on my new jeep I couldn't get into our account. I know our telephone #, SSNs and birthdays hadn't changed so I had to call them up. Turns out that they still had our Texas telephone number listed on the account and that's why I couldn't get on to the account. I know I changed the number 13 years ago when we moved up to South Dakota but evidently something got missed in the updating.

11-11-2006, 05:43 AM
what kind of weirdo steals a peephole? o_O I'm going on vacation next week, I hope my cats are ok and that my DVDs and peephole are still here when I come home.

11-11-2006, 06:46 AM
what kind of weirdo steals a peephole? o_O
To look through and make sure there are no boobytraps on the other side.;)