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04-05-2009, 03:37 PM
I know my life tends to be a bit bizarre. And I know that I live in one of the odder places here in Key West, aka Key Weird. But even factoring that in, yesterday was one of my odder days. And that's saying something.

It actually kind of started the night before when I was hanging out with Gemini Girl, who after kissing me on multiple occasions previously, was commenting on how, the day before, she had not gone out drinking, but rather driven around the island and then went over to a friend's and had sex, and how nice it was for her to be able to have sex with a friend and not have it be a big deal. Um, gee, thanks for the update. Now please stop putting your tongue down my throat. Things were much easier when we were just drinking buddies. I think I need to get it back to that level with her. Still, it was a bit odd to hear that from her and not scream. But I am taking things in a far more relaxed manner than in the past.

But that was only normal weirdness for my life. Yesterday morning, things got really freaky.

So I'm strolling through a parking lot towards the Waterfront Bar (not its real name) and I bump into my friend and coworker, Rick (not his real name either). We chat briefly about my impending trip to Phoenix, and I ask him what he is doing there if he is not working. Without going into great details, he simply says, "My wife is stupid." This is a common phrase Rick will utter about his wife Annie (still not using real names), who also works at the WB. She says the same about him fairly often, but it is all benign, nothing ugly or anything.

So I head into WB, talk to a couple of people about a couple of things, get some beer, and then spy Rick sitting at a table in the open area of the bar. I found it odd he wasn't sitting where Annie was working, but figured maybe he was just getting some sun and enjoying his drink. So I sit down and start talking to him. We talk for about 45 minutes or so, about this, that, and the other. I asked him when the UNC game was that night, and was shocked that he didn't know, as Rick is a huge UNC fan. I introduce him to the newest staff member, Biff (nope, not his real name either), and a bit later Biff comes back over and we have the following conversation:

BIFF: "This is so weird. You said his name is Rick, right?"
JESTER: "Yeah."
BIFF: "Annie is over there saying how much he looks like her husband, whose name is ALSO Rick."
JESTER: "Dude, this IS her husband. This IS Rick."
BIFF: "Ooooohhhh....."

So I wander over to where Annie is sitting and say, "Darlin', what is your issue? That's Rick. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're an idiot!" Annie has the most confused look on her face.

I then rejoin Rick. And we talk some more. At one point, he takes off his shades, and something strikes me. "Rick, when did your eyes get so blue."

"Dude, I'm not Rick."


Before you all think I'm nuts (more than usual), allow me to explain a few things. This guy, other than his eyes, was the SPITTING IMAGE of Rick. Not just that, but his voice, his mannerisms, his way of speaking all were EXACTLY that of Rick's. He was also wearing Rick's type of shades and a green shirt similar to the one Rick had been wearing earlier. And this was not just my opinion, but that of the ENTIRE STAFF. A few of them had gone up to Annie and asked if she and Rick were fighting, since he was sitting way over there.

That's when I noticed the UF hat on this guy's head. Something Rick would never wear, being a loyal Tar Heel. Apparently his name was Tony (still fictitious), and he lived up in mainland Florida. He had gone along with the whole thing not to fuck with our heads, but just because he was a laidback dude and he found the whole thing very amusing. He and I ended up drinking the day away listening to Michael McCloud (the musician's actual name) play and enjoying the hell out of life. But the uncanny resemblance to Rick was creepy. He was literally just about Rick's doppleganger. (Yes, we did get a picture of Tony and Annie together.)

Then I went home, dozed off, and overslept, getting to the magic bar an hour late. Nothing unusual happened there, other than me getting off a classic line to Ginger (nope) who happens to work there. I don't recall the conversation exactly that led up to this, but it was still hilarious.

GINGER: "I do my best."
JESTER: "No you don't, because you're not doing ME."

Later that night, after I left and went downtown to hang out, I was sitting there minding my own business while people around me were talking about some chick the night before who had dozed off at the bar, tried to kick some guy's ass, then got into a scuffle with a police officer in the street, nearly kicking HIS ass. One of them had snapped a picture of her with their phone, and they showed it to me. It was my friend/girl I used to date! I couldn't believe it.

And this morning I was thinking that maybe it was HER doppleganger, because she was not listed on the sheriff's office arrests website. Then again, no one who looked like her was listed, so perhaps the story was exaggerated or for some odd reason the police did not arrest her, though I imagine swinging at a cop would usually land your ass in jail.

There were several other slightly strange incidents, like the woman who sat down next to me while I was eating and, very shortly after introductions, asked me if I would buy her another glass of wine. "Nope." Sorry, but if I want to buy someone a drink, I offer it. I don't buy people drinks who ask for it (other than friends, of course....you know....people I actually KNOW). Not surprisingly, she disappeared momentarily after that.

Little things like that were sprinkled throughout my very strange Saturday.

Can't wait to see what my Sunday off has in store for me! :lol:

04-05-2009, 04:15 PM
Jester...your life...is weird...

04-05-2009, 04:44 PM
At some points of my life, that sounds like a normal day.

04-05-2009, 05:23 PM
Jester...your life...is weird...

Hell, there have been many times that, were I not living through it myself, I wouldn't believe it to be true!