View Full Version : A Neat Phrase I Didn't Know...

04-10-2009, 11:01 PM
...but like very much.

Part of the fun of working in a Library is finding interesting things you never knew existed.

Today, we had researcher who was going through some archival material from the 1930s. Our researcher was Eastern European. Her English was very good but it was clear that English wasn't her first language. She asked about a phrase in one of the documents she was reading. Was it positive or negative?

It was used a typed memo attached to a letter of complaint. The phrase was,

"Sometimes, there's a good kernel inside a nut."

I hadn't heard that before and neither had my colleague at the Ref Desk. A quick reading of the letter made it clear to us and to our researcher. It was positive and negative both. I think the readers of CS will find use for it.

The letter was a long rant. The writer was outraged by the lack of signs indicating the location of toilets for women in the Museum. She was outraged because,

'No true Lady could possibly ask a man [Museum guards] for directions to a toilet for women. Those who did would suffer severe embarrassment. Those who did not would suffer severe discomfort.'

"Sometimes, there's a good kernel in the nut", hit the nail right on the head. Yes, the letter was a long, rambling rant but the Museum really did need to have better signs.