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04-11-2009, 05:10 AM
I was listening to the radio while stuck in traffic and they had an interesting choice for the listeners and I'm curious to see if this group agrees with the majority of callers. You were given 3 options and you had to choose 1 to get.

A. An extra 3 weeks of paid vacation per year permanently.
B. Lose 30-40 pounds permanently
C. $10,000 cash right now with no tax

Personally I would have a hard choice between 3 extra weeks of vacation and losing the weight but am leaning more towards the vacation. So what are your choices?

04-11-2009, 05:46 AM
Well, after learning I've gained 30 pounds since I first went to the health center freshman year, and it's only junior year, I'd like to get rid of that 30 pounds and get back to a healthier weight.

04-11-2009, 05:50 AM
I'd pick B also.

04-11-2009, 05:52 AM
I'm caught between losing the weight and having tax free money.

04-11-2009, 06:16 AM
I picked the vacation.

I am not overweight and while the money would be awesome, I get more freaked out over having not enough time to myself than I do when I am low on money.

So I'll take the time.

04-11-2009, 10:12 AM
Let's see... 30-40 pounds would not cure my weight issue. I just lost my job (so I'm on permanent vacation until I can find one *mutters about stupid doctor messing up her medical leave and getting her fired*) and I'm struggling to meet my bills... so... 10,000 tax free please!

04-11-2009, 01:58 PM
It's the vacation for me. Money tends to go quickly and I'd rather have more time away from work.

04-11-2009, 02:25 PM
30-40 pounds forever. I like the amount of vacation I have now, plus weekends off and even though the $10K is really nice, I'm sure I could start working and make more than that if I was in shape. :)

04-11-2009, 04:21 PM
Let me think...

I'll take one third of each, please.


04-11-2009, 05:55 PM
I'd love to lose the 30-40 pounds....but seeing as how I don't know how I'm going to afford to live this summer..money, please.

04-11-2009, 06:12 PM
I like my job, so I don't need the vacation, and I've got pretty much what I want now, so I'd probably just blow the $10k on frivolous stuff. So that leaves the weight. 40lbs would put me in spitting range of my "ideal" body weight.

04-11-2009, 06:23 PM
I chose the weight too. I can make more money as I need it. The printer has some really good ink in it. :roll: I don't need more time at home right now, so the vacation isn't even sounding good at all.

04-11-2009, 06:53 PM
At this point in time, I'd rather have the money (so I can pay down my debts and not worry too much while job-hunting).

04-11-2009, 08:22 PM
The money was very tempting, then I remembered that my weight is one of the primary factors in both my allergies and my sleep apnea.

I'm at 250 and should be about 190. 40 lbs is two thirds of that.

Maybe without the extra weight I'd have enough energy to exercise more off.

04-11-2009, 08:30 PM
I'd lose the weight. I already get 3 weeks vacation ^-^
The money would be nice, but there are other people who need it more than me.

04-11-2009, 08:47 PM
The vacay time. Everything else is doable but I never have enough relaxing time.

04-11-2009, 09:37 PM
Well if I lose 30-40 pounds I would probably die since I'm a freaking bean pole. :lol:

The free money would be sweet, but paid time off is even sweeter! A for me! :yes:

04-12-2009, 12:43 AM
Heck, with 10 grand I could pay a personal trainer and nutritional expert and lose 30-40lbs as well as have a lovely holiday somewhere or something!

I am reasonably sated with the amount of leave I get. I could stand to lose about that much, actually, but know I *can* do that on my own, so ... gimme gimme gimme cash!!! LOL

04-12-2009, 12:49 AM
Either the money or the weight-loss. I need to lose a lot more than 30-40 lbs though, so I'd probably take the money, and use part of it to hire a personal trainer.

04-12-2009, 03:26 AM
Either the money or the weight-loss. I need to lose a lot more than 30-40 lbs though, so I'd probably take the money, and use part of it to hire a personal trainer.
I think I'll go for that option too! 40 lbs weight loss would be a good start, but I'd need to at least double that to get to where I should be. :o

04-12-2009, 03:49 AM
I've already got a lot of vacation, and I don't have 30 pounds to safely lose, so I guess I'd take the money.

If the B option were modified to something like "have ripped abs for life," then we'd be talking. Or "maintain good health," "don't get wrinkly," "never go bald," etc.

04-12-2009, 05:03 AM
I choose the money

its hard not being able to work and that would replace my salary for 4 months or so.
Im currently working on losing weight so I have that under control and K and I have always taken more vacation than is typical.

Amethyst Hunter
04-12-2009, 05:05 AM
Money. Oh hell yes, money can and DOES buy happiness...a helluva lot of happiness... :D

04-12-2009, 05:39 AM
Money. Oh hell yes, money can and DOES buy happiness...a helluva lot of happiness... :D

Quoth Daniel Tosh: "Money can't buy happiness? Cuz it buys a WaveRunner!"

04-12-2009, 05:40 AM
It's a toss up on the cash and the vacation for me....