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04-20-2009, 07:37 PM
So I really wanted to be a Frosh Leader next year for numerous reasons. But I will not get the opportunity. I set up an interview for April 19 at 3pm. But there was no place indicated. I didn't realize that until the day of, and assumed the coordinators would be in interviews all day unavailable by e-mail. And neither has a cell phone.

So taking a stab in the dark I run over to where the interviews were held last weekend. The doors to the hallway are locked. So I ask Security. She says the interviews were last week and she is unaware of any today.

So I go talk to the desk worker who is on. She is also completely unaware of interviews that day. And I freak out. She suggests I just e-mail them about the situation. How I couldn't get in the hallway, how I unsure where the interview was, how to reach me by cellphone, and a request to have a make up interview. I mean, they didn't tell me where to go, right? So I do so, and return to my place. Now I guess I should have double checked the hallway where I thought interviews were being held.

This afternoon I get the following e-mail=

Dear Hina,

You did indeed have an interview at 3:00pm. We were there at 3pm, and the doors to the link were opened at approximately 3pm. It troubles me that you were able to send us an email at 3:02, when any King's staff could have let you in. We were in the office between 11-2 and 3-4. We did not see you at any point between those times.

Coordinator 2 and I were barely able to fit in those interview days with our calendars, especially with Coordinator 2's recent hospitalization. We have had a number of people express interest in Frosh week and then not make their interviews. We have denied their requests for a make-up interview.

Therefore, with my apologies I cannot offer you another interview time, as it would be unfair to all those who couldn't make their interview for whatever (possibly valid) reasons. Simon and I are extremely busy, and therefore we cannot have any sympathy for missed interviews because the majority of people who signed up for an interview, showed up for their interview. Furthermore, Simon and I were there at 3pm, with the NAB door open before 3 and the A&A side opened shortly after.

Coordinator 1

I'm really mad. I guess in the end it's my own fault, but I'm really pissed.