View Full Version : How to get someone to sing...

04-21-2009, 11:45 AM
This actually involves coworkers outside of work. First off, a little background: most of us are around 18-25 max, then we have the younger and the older staff. So whenever something happens, like a b-day party, we get pretty heavily involved. We're not all like BFF material, but we can party.

Annnnyway, a coworker held her 20th (I think?) birthday party at a karaoke restaurant/bar. She invited people from work, plus her uni friends and I think 1 or 2 people from her hometown. I couldn't go...I had a family thing on the next day and needed to leave early. :( But what I did find out made me laugh.

Turns out that a few of my coworkers turned up. Among them was J, former checkout-turned-liquor boy. He's a fairly decent guy, rocks up to a party here and there normally if he's asked. Perfect boyfriend material if he was my type. However, he doesn't sing. My coworker tried to get him to sing...until later on. Yep, she got him to sing :lol:

Has anybody else had those experiences, where you manage to convince your friend/coworker etc. into singing when they normally don't? Not against their will or anything.