View Full Version : "I may have lots of money, but I refuse to pay for special treatment!"

11-09-2006, 05:08 PM
I was at a local Super Cuts a few years back, getting a regular old fashioned hair cut. Little did I know I would be a witness to such a ridiculous event.

The next hairstylist in line took me and was very pleasant the entire time. In about five minutes, a middle aged woman, complete with diamond rings on almost every finger, perfect buffont hairdo, clothes that probably cost $500 combined, not including the $200 shoes she was wearing, comes in. (I hope that's enough adjectives for everyone! LOL) She gave her name and then requested the lady who was cutting my hair. The receptionist explained that was not a problem, but that there is also a $2 request fee for that. She exploded, stating she should not have to pay that because the stylist she wanted was busy, and she requested her right now! In other words, my stylist was supposed to stop everything she was doing, kick me out of her chair, tell me to go wait, and take this woman! What a bitch!

The converstion and argument about the $2 request fee went on for nearly five long stretched-out minutes. The receptionist told her that this was the store policy unless she wanted someone else to do her hair for her. Nope, that was not right and nobody ever did that before to her. The receptionist went on to explain that this was their policy and the sign above her head telling her that had been in that same spot for 12 years, and not one word has ever been altered. Giving up, this lady stormed out of the place, and all of us watched her go out and get into her $50,000 all-leather interior late model Cadillac. We were certain she was probably heading back to her million-dollar condo in West Palm Beach, where she stays when not residing at her million-dollar mansion in upper state New York.

Us normal people would gladly pay extra, but not the rich! They're the cheapest people on Earth and can all crawl back under the slimy nasty rock they came from.

11-09-2006, 08:00 PM
Rich people are such oxymorons :lol: