View Full Version : My Human Resources Manager

11-15-2006, 07:41 PM
I cannot believe how wonderful it has been at my current employer, and one of the main reasons is the HR Manager.

Many of us have had legitimate and upsetting complaints due to the HR department. They are often untrained and unprofessional.

But my HRM is a gem among gravel. She's always professional, helpful, responsive, kind and friendly. It's scaring me a bit.

I had to say something, because someone made a remark to me the other day that when this coworker went to see the HRM about something (yes, she has an open door policy), she felt the HRM was a bit cold. Well, yes, if you're used to the usual, chatty idiots they have in HR, the very same ones who broadcast your personal problems to everyone in the company.

My HRM is professional. This means that when you talk to her about an issue, she is always very careful to not become emotional or to make any comments at the time. She will always say that she will check into it. And she does!

Outside of her office, she's very friendly and funny. And that's the way it should be.