View Full Version : wha? What I do?

11-16-2006, 12:41 AM
ok this is short, not sure if it goes here becasue it's not REALLY a sighting because it happened over the phone.

Got a call from a company today to get a street adress off me for a delivery I give the lady the address...and forget something so I said "sorry wait thats level ## ## name of street, name of suburb NSW Sydney Australia (:rolleyes: woops didn't mean to say Australia I'm thinking in my head but MEH) anyways I go silent as I hear her typing it all in..then she asked if I was there..I said yeap I'm here...and she hung up!!:eek: :confused: WTF? What I do...??? She just hung up..no good bye, no confirmation of the details...she just hung up!

I rang back to see what the hell was going on because I actully heard her put the phone down so it wasn't a disconnection...and all I got was internet dial up noices...don't think I will be dealling with THEM again any time soon!