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11-18-2006, 02:28 AM
Well, it's been almost 3 weeks now since I've been out of my "assigned" store and strangely enough, I'm not missing it.

I've been so busy getting used to different coworkers/managers/neighborhood that, really, I think I'd like to stay where I'm at.

Not a bad store, really. The shopping center is over half-empty There's a Food Kitty, Family Dollar, a barber shop, nail salon and a hair salon. Domino's and a beauty supply store are out front closer to the road. That's it. There's approximately 9 empty spaces there for lease/rent.

I was originally supposed to be over there to fill in for the HBA person, who had been transferred to the new store. This store has a new manager, who started there the week before I came in, who in turn, had an HBA person trasnferred over from yet another store to take that spot (if that was the case, then why the hell did Mohair tell me that they needed help???)

Then, it turned out that the DSD person was going on vacation. Not a problem, as that's what my job codes says I'm supposed to be doing. So from Wed until Tuesday (week before last) I got the vendors checked in/ran front end backstock and ordered/did date list/scanned reclaim.

And also helping out the Scanning Manager w/the price changes on Wednesday mornings. She comes in at 5 a.m. to start putting those up and getting them activated,which we now do w/the Pocket PC's. Just hang up the tags, scan the items and voila, the price is changed in the computer. I may very well be the only person who likes this new way, but anyway . . .

This past week has been "entertaining" to say the least. The front end manager came back from vacation on Monday and put me in the back on the computer for almost 5 hours for *gasp* REGISTER TRAINING:eek:

I was so hoping I would not have to do this. It's like WD all over again. Tuesday, I worked w/another cashier for a few hours. Wednesday, I pulled a 5 a.m. until 4:30 shift (Thanksgiving ad started and we had a buttload of tags to change over.) Had yesterday off (it's so weird now having a day off during the week.)

Worked tonight for a 5 hour shift, then have another one tomorrow and I work straight thru Wednesday (I do have Thanksgiving off. Yay me.) I work for 4 hours on Black Friday (I open) then off next Saturday.

So, aside from Wednesdays working w/the Scanning Manager (who is really awesome) I'm getting most of my hours on the register.

Why do I feel like I'm starting over from the bottom? :wtf: