View Full Version : the car gods hate me

08-05-2009, 06:29 PM
I was just in another accident. Im too tired and will go into details later but the other driver is most likely lossing their license. My brother is getting hand x-rays. I can't find my glasses.

lupo pazzesco
08-05-2009, 06:41 PM
Awww, poor slice!!

<hugs and offers of cookies. Lots and lots of cookies...>

hope everything turns out ok.

08-05-2009, 09:21 PM
ok heres the story. At 8AM my mom woke me up desideing she wanted the car at home today so i wold be take my brother TY to work. I climb out of bed with a grumple after a horrid nights sleep slip on a house dress and my glasses, wonder into the living room tell here when i get home im going straight to bed and slump into an old leather chair and fall asleep for 30 minutes.

my brother gets dressed i get up think about getting my shoes but deside against it go out to my car and slp into my passanger seat and go back to dozing. Im so tired i forget to but on my seat belt.

we drive down the street passsed an out interesticion light with a police directer and are going about 40 in a 35 but my brother is very good at spacial space and had even been able to monivoer well if this lady could see.

so we are about to hit the opening to 2nd Ave, and we see in the left turn lane a big newish grey jeep SUV. Right when we hit the sidewalk border of the intresection the driver hits the gas and turns left. Right in front of us, me and my brother swear, i wake and brace my arm and try to slip back in my seat and he hits the break and swerves right. we dont get away and there is this big CRASH and then there is smoke in my face from my air bags and im alittle confused from hitting my head most likely on my glasses.

i look at my berother ask if hers ok he looks at me with fear and says i cant move my fingers, i fished out my phone and dial 911,shaking, i look out the windshield and i see the dirver get out and i see a woman who obviously wasnt from her car run over to check on her.
i try to open the door but i couldnt a get a good grip until i saw the firefighters show up/

my feet burned on the asphalt so the had me sit on the back ledge and brace my brothers arm we both get scolded for our lack of seat belts. lady got a ticket, my car was towed hers was still operational though would need some body work for her bender.

She claimed she didnt see us, that she thought the road was empty. She didnt see my bright white very noiceable taurus, in the left of her vision. I think shes going to lose her lincese because she obviously has lost some periferal vision.

my brothers, hand and wrist is broken and needs to see a hand specialist, he might need surgery, im bruised a bit scrapped but other wise ok.

i lost a third car in 2 monthes. and my glass are in the car mostlikely. Im still really shakey and i thnk im going to go lay down here soon.