View Full Version : Wonderful and generous customer

12-02-2006, 02:11 AM
I just encountered a wondeful scene that made my whole day.

A customer came up to my line to purchase 5 gift cards, 5 dollars each on them. For stocking stuffers, she says. A little cheap, that's about two cups of coffee here at Starbucks, but whatever.
Anyway, she decides to purchase another gift card, she says for the person behind her. Now, I thought it was a secret present (dunno why she'd keep five dollars a secret, but whatever) for someone she was shopping with, so I gave her a little wink and put the card in the middle of the pile.

Anyway, after I paid for the card, she turned around, gave the gentleman behind her the giftcard, and exclaimed "Merry Christmas." He was speechless, probably took him by surprise. And then I realized, that the two weren't shopping with each other. In fact, they had never met before. The lady just decided to do something nice for the man behind her, and I thought that was quite beautiful.
It made my entire day. I was smiling for about twenty minutes later (until I got a SC... oh well).

It's nothing extravagant, but it was just something thoughtful. I wish more people could be like this woman.